Monday, December 27, 2010

.35 and counting.

Here we are folks...(drum roll please) 35 weeks and counting. Holy CRAP where did the time go? It's slightly mind-blowing to think that in something like 5 weeks, life as I know it, will have turned upside down and inside out. To not say that I'm nervous would be a lie, but I'm far more excited to see what this little bugger is going to look and be like. At 35 weeks, I had made one request for Christmas...although I'm great with child, I refused to play the role of Mary in the Sullivan Nativity, luckily the role was more adequately filled by Emory.
Also at 35 weeks:

Reaching into my kitchen cupboards is hilarious. As long as the item is at the edge I can grab it, but if it is buried in the dark recessed corners, Roy is called into manage the situation.

Changing laundry is a challange. It's always those single socks that get sucked into the back of the washer where a short prego lady can't quite get to. Luckily I keep a water bottle handy for just such instances.
Sleeping is not so much a problem as the getting out of bed in the morning. Ouch on those hips of mine and that dang sciatic nerve shooting pains down my right leg.

I'm proud to report that I can still put on my own shoes and shave my own legs with only minimal additional time and maneuvering.

We are stoked to have this part of the journey coming to an Roy was commenting the other day, "it feels like you've been pregnant forever". You're telling me! Mostly, he just says there is all this anticipation and then you just....*WAIT*. But wait we will until this little dude is done cooking, since he's been doing such a fine job at that.

.happy place.

A Place I love:
Farie Glen- A beautiful little spot in Scotland that really struck my imagination. All those little ridges are created by grazing sheep, and it's such a deep green. Mostly, it was just a quiet magical place!

.a few of my favorite things.

5 Things you LOVE about Christmas:
Christmas trees: I love the smell of pine in my house!
Christmas lights: I love turning on the tree lights at night and just basking in the glow.
Snow: I have a really hard time with no "white" Christmas's. I loved that last year it snowed sooo much on was pure magic!
Being with my family: It's all about really is!
The Nativity: I know that technically the birth wasn't in December, but it's such a wonderful thing for us to remember and celebrate that because of our Savior's birth we all have the chance to be saved!

.day 23.

Share a Christmas memory:
One of my most magical Christmas memories that I can recall is when I was about 9 or 10, which is probably the zenith of Christmas magic for children. We packed the car with kids and gifts and drove down to New Mexico to spend the Holiday with my grandparents. The details of the gifts have all but faded, but the feelings have not. I remember being so excited about Christmas morning that I couldn't sleep. I remember breakfast because my grandma always made the best food, and she had these fancy glasses that she let the children use. But, mostly I just remembered feeling loved and happy to be with my family!

.the fam.

A photo of my family:
This is the most recent of the fam which really isn't that recent. My favorite thing about this photo...Roy's hair!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

.travel times.

A Travel Story:
Good times and bad times...they all seem to happen when your traveling, but it seems that most often things can't go off without a hitch. Luckily those stories, after the years have ebbed away the frustration, can be some of the best ones.

Some of the frustrating moments:

Not realizing I needed a Visa to get into Russia, and having to make a delayed stop in New York where my uncle came to my rescue and helped me get a same day Visa. Consequently, I flew all by myself into St. Petersburg hoping that I could remember my three phrases of Russian.
Having a 14 hr. layover in New York and having no place to sleep except for the ground.

Missing your flight in Dublin after your 14 hr. layover causing another 5 hr. layover.
Getting your finger slammed in the trunk of a car not 20 minutes after you landed.

Some of the good moments:

Seeing real Rembrandt's in the Hermitage
Para sailing

Wearing a shapka while eating Shaverma (sp?)
Dancing without a care...nor a drop of alcohol in a Scottish pub
Dipping in Loch Ness


Favorite Christmas Tradition:
As a child I loved that we not only read the Christmas story, but that we acted it out. Come rain, sleet, or hail the show went on...even the year that I had a black eye I was Mary. There was some explanation about the donkey kicking me. The fact is that we have continued this tradition with our every growing family. We have plenty of kids to play all the parts along with live animals and hay to add ambiance. It really is a wonderful way to remember the true meaning of the season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A hobby:

Once upon a time I used to do a little of this
don't ask me to paint...I'm strictly a charcoal and pencil kind of girl

I also used to play this baby a lot more often then I find the time now, but given a little time for my calluses to build back up, I can still play some good tunes.

Recently I've taken up the art of crocheting, and I'm still fumbling my way around, but amazingly enough...almost by accident I was able to produce this little number.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Put the Ipod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs:
"You Won't Believe"- The Wallflowers
"You like me too Much"- The Beatles
"Come Original"- 311
"Maybe"- Ingrid Michaelson
"In the Garage"- Weezer
"Paper Heart"- All American Rejects
"Fearless Heart"- Nancy Hansen
"Philly Born"- G-Love & the special sauce
"Tremble for my Beloved"- Collective Soul
"Shape of my Heart"- Sting

.sitting N' waiting.

A bad habit you wish you didn't have:
Leaving dishes around, especially after breakfast or cooking big meals. It drives Roy nuts!

.day 16.

Just past my half way mark of my 30 day blog posts, let's get onto some of the fun stuff!

A favorite Youtube video:
A recent find thanks to Roy..."The Evil Eyes"
Oh and this one I never get tired of. I just love when he really gets into it!

Friday, December 17, 2010

.to be done.

Next 3 on your bucket list:
-Go surfing in New Zealand
-Visit the Louvre
-Volunteer at an orphanage
-Have a family
-Go on a cruise
-Climb a mountain
-Swim with dolphins
-Be financially free
-Own a dog
-Take a spontaneous trip
-Go snorkeling
-Visit a foreign country
-Write a song
-Milk a cow
-Kiss the Blarney stone
-Learn to play an instrument
-See the cherry blossoms in DC
-Help someone in need
-Ride a train
-Go whale watching
-Hike the Grand Canyon
-Go to Italy & Australia
-Eat a strange foreign food
-Sleep under the stars
-Read 100 works of classical literature.
- Catch fireflies
-Serve a mission
-Go sailing
-Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
-Eat a pizza in New York

The next three( in no particular order)
Catch Fireflies
Hike the Grand Canyon
Go Sailing

Thursday, December 16, 2010

.dream digs.

Dream House:
It was kind of hard to determine what I would deem my dream house. Whenever Roy and I go driving around I find different elements from different houses that I really like, but I guess if I had to choose a dream house style it would definitely be...
A plantation style house:
What I like most
-the wrap around porch! I can see myself as a porch sitter, as long as it's not in the humid heat of the deep south.
-It's not stucco. I'm so sick of brown stucco houses, I like the color and character of it all.
-The space. I want some land so that I'm not in my neighbors backyard.
Also if i can get this:

A tree lined drive. I don't need or want it to be this extravagantly long, but the idea just finishes off my little vision don't you think?

.whats in the day.

What did you do today?

It's more like what didn't I do...ha ha not really. It was actually a slow day "thing" wise.

woke up at 6:00 and promptly rolled back over and fell back asleep until 6:50.

went upstairs and watched some morning news while I downed a bowl of blueberry morning.

got ready and headed off to work around was an easy drive despite the snow.

sat at work for a very long time.

crocheted a pocket size version of this in blue.

Left work early to get ready for our work Christmas party.

Stuffed my self with a excellent food from Carvers (Roy downed a 20 oz. prime rib...not a small feat).

Cleaned the kitchen and organized all the Christmas cards.

Plopped my stuffed body on the couch and vegged.

Waddled my way downstairs at 10 and quickly dozed off into frequently interrupted dream land.

Not super productive day to be honest, but some days are just as they should be.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Favortie Quote:
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars."- Khalil Gibran
It seems that lately I have been talking with so many people who have/continue to deal with HUGE obstacles in their lives, and I'm constantly amazed with the strength and power that these individuals process. I recently heard this quote and it really hit me about the power of trials that each of us are given and what potential we each have because of what we have to deal with on a daily basis.
"Truth does not become error just because nobody believes it"- Ghandi
This quote is becoming even more applicable it seems as the years pass by. Thank goodness that truth never changes!

Monday, December 13, 2010

.you call this literature.

Favorite Books:
"Man's Search for Meaning"- Read it if you haven't, it will inspire!

"The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"- It's a mouthful, but an easy feel good read! Makes me want to go visit this little island.

"To Kill a Mockingbird"- Of course a classic that you can't go wrong with.

"The Hobbit"- This book was pure magic for me as a child. My sister used to read it to me and my younger brother, and I never got tired of hearing about Bilbo's adventures. I still love it!

"The Book of Mormon"- Really the the most important and life changing of the bunch. It truly is another testament of Christ!!

.comfort food.

Favorite Recipe:
This is an easy yummy recipe that is a variation of twice baked potatoes. This is a go to recipe for me, especially around this time of year when I want warm comfort food.


2-4 large russet potatoes washed and poked with a fork. (you can really use whatever potatoes you like)

l medium squash (any variety works...I like butternut or acorn)




salt & pepper

* Cook the potatoes and squash together in a 400 degree oven for about an hour (this is the longest part, but I usually put them in and do other tasks around the house until its all cooked). When the potatoes and squash are tender pull them out of the oven. Slice the tops off the potatoes and scoop out the innards into a mixing bowl (save the skins). Also scoop out the meat of the squash into the bowl with the potatoes. I do the rest of this just to my liking (I always hated when I would ask my mom to give me specific measurements and she would just say some of this...a little of that, and now I'm doing the same). Depending on how much you made, I usually add anywhere from a half to a whole stick of butter (less if your health conscious), about 1/3- 1/2 cup of milk, cheese to your liking, and salt & pepper to taste. Mix all together until you get the consistency of mashed potatoes. Scoop mixture back into potato skins and sprinkle with cheese and throw back in the oven for 10 minutes. You will have left over potato/squash mixture, but I just keep for a side. Serve with your favorite green beans, broccoli, whatev....

Anyways it's way yummy and fairly simple. Sorry if it doesn't make sense because I just wing it as I make it usually, but I never mess it up and that is saying something! Oh and I should also add, Roy won't touch squash with a ten foot pole, but he devours these potatoes. So it's even good for those picky eaters out there.

.movie time.

Favorite Movie:
I couldn't choose just one so...

"The man who knew too little"- One of Bill Murray's best movies...very very funny!
"The emperor's new groove"- full of sarcasm and all around good humor!
"Italian Job"- I love the mini coops in this movie.

Friday, December 10, 2010

.good tunes.

A Favorite Song (s):
"Follow the Sun"- The Beatles. Love that George Harrison wrote and sang it (even though Paul is my favorite). It's a simple happy tune that never fails to make me feel good.
"Omaha"- Counting Crows. This entire album is a keeper, but I LOVE this song the most. It's got a great beat that I always tap my foot to.

"Somewhere Only We Know"- Keane. Of course I had to have some of my glum rock in here. This song brings back great memories of Colette and I making our way through the streets of Scotland.

"Freckles"- Natasha Bedingfield. Just a great tune about loving the little imperfections each of us have. Makes me feel good about being me!

.it's good to want.

Roy always says that when me or the nieces and nephews are whining about wanting things. Our friend Chelsie once retaliated by saying "it's good to get". So here's to the
A Haircut. Need to get this one taken care of before baby comes. That's the last thing I want to worry about.

New shoes. I'm not normally a shoe person, but it has been so long since I bought a pair that I truly loved...the last being a pair of Rocket Dogs that I have worn out almost completely. So some of this, and
Some of these, and

some of these should do me for awhile. (this last shoe is the orignal one I've worn to oblivion...maybe I should buy one in each color!)
Just a sampling of what's left to be wanting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

.shiny & new.

Something you bought recently

Ipod touch: It's my Christmas gift to me!
Target Rug: A little something to add some color to baby Hoffman's room.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.that bugs.

1. Inappropriate phone use...i.e. texting during church and answering phone calls in movies.
2. School Buses, more specifically when I get stuck behind them. I could just pull my hair out!
3. Clutter and disorganization.
4. Sour dish rags. Roy (bless his good intentions) leaves the dish rags sopping wet in the sink, and before you know it all the rags are forever soured.
5. Sunday drivers...ohh seriously if you can't go the speed limit get OFF road. I have NO patience for this. Something I need to work on.
6. Long nails. They just end up getting gross and nasty anyways, just easier to keep them short.
7. Pot Holes...those UT winters are brutal!
8. Overly opinionated people. You have an opinion, we get it, don't shove it in my face.
9. Low batteries
10. Running out of Staples in my stapler. Aggravation!

Monday, December 6, 2010

.get in my belly.

Something you crave:
Currently...Ice. As mentioned before, I want ice with every beverage I have. And of course if it's pebble ice that is just TOP shelf in my book!

Homemade Bread. Especially during the winter months I crave the warm goodness of good bread!

Pizza. This is never not on a list of what I crave.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

.day 3.

A Favorite Photo...yeah I picked 2

Goblin Valley sunrise: I love the colors, the view, and the fact that I took this with my phone. Can you imagine what a real camera would have captured?
Airplane: I found this one deep in the archives. I love that you can see Roy's undies (ha ha ha) and that we are just having fun!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Day 2:
I've come to the conclusion that I must take more pictures. I was seriously looking for a decent picture from last year this time and there were very few. Same with this year. Oh get 2 head shots because it's all I've got.
The obvious difference from last year: It was just Roy and I, now we have a little guy waiting to make his appearance.
Last year no missionaries.
This year, Roy's younger brother Ryan is preparing to head off into the great unknown of the Salt Lake City North Mission.
Last year we were paying off a car
This year, Fran is ours!
Last year I was growing out my hair
This year I'm happily back to short
Really, there is a bunch of things that have changed, I'm older, wider, slower, and happier! I look forward to the great events of 2011!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm back from my day of death...I spent most of yesterday catatonic on the couch letting my body fight it out. Today I'm feeling, if not completely recovered, then definitely 80 % better then yesterday. So as life creeps back into my veins I've decided to attempt to actually make this blog more journal-esq (at least for the month of Dec). With the help of other more creative people out there, I have a list for 30 days of different posts to give more insight into ME.
Day 1:
5 things about you that nobody really knows.

- I bought my car "Fran" because I wanted to learn how to drive a manual. I knew if I bought a car with a stick I would have no choice. It took me 23 years, but I finally learned, and I really do feel more accomplished.

- A guilty pleasure of mine...70's soft rock. I used to make fun of this stuff, but some of it is seriously good. If "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John comes on the radio, I turn it up and sing out loud.

- Hate wearing dresses and/or skirts. Its never been my thing. 3 hours on Sunday and that's just about my limit.

- Love the smell of gasoline...especially diesel fumes. I don't make it a habit, but gas stations aren't the worst place for me.

- As a kid I loved gum so much that I would take it in form anywhere I found it...on the ground, under tables, in the garbage. It's completely gross when I think of it now, but at the time all I could think about was, "oh, GUM".

So there you go, perhaps more than you ever wanted to know about me!
Day 2:
A picture of you from last year and this year and how you have changed.
Something to look forward to tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

.long december.

My mom has a shirt that says "No Whiners", but I'm totally going to whine today. I'm at work...the last place I want to be. I'm cold, my head feels like it weighs a ton, my nose is running, I'm achy, my throat hurts, I'm tired, I want to curl up in a ball and cry. I want to be home in my bed warm and asleep. I'm trying to have a better attitude today, but I'm lacking any kind of energy to even care all that much. What a way to start off the first day of December! I'm thinking I may be calling in sick for young women's tonight, as we would be downtown in the cold. Amazingly enough, the little man is as happy and content as can be...moving around extra this morning to show momma all is right with him. What a combination we make!