Friday, August 30, 2013


You are all sweetness miss Meg!  You have just blossomed these last few months, and we can't wait to celebrate the coming holidays with you.  At 8 months you have become nothing short of busy....busy hands and lots of moving.  I expect to see you crawling very soon, and that makes me just a little sad.

 Up on all four
attempting your first downward dog
 Out of desperation to move, you have managed an army crawl of sorts to grab objects close by.  I think watching big brother run around like a tornado, you have no desire to sit still it goes.
crazy brother keeps us all entertained...if not worn out
After months of refusing any kind of bottle or sippy cup, I think you finally got thirsty enough.  While feeding Gavin his bottle one day, you gave it a test run, and haven't looked back since.  It's a relief for your momma since I had a feeling my milk supply was no longer providing you with much of what you needed.  I still nurse you, but after you will drink anywhere from 3-4 ounces.  You are such a big girl, and like to hold the bottle yourself.
As far as size, you are still bigger then your brother was at this age, but not by much.  You have long legs like your daddy, say da da da da, and have the cutest little angry cry.  You sleep through the night, and take 2 good naps through the day.  Finn has become very interested in you this past month, and can't seem to help himself around you.  He is constantly wanting to tickle you and get up in your face.
he seems to always make you smile, no matter his antics
 I think it would bother me, but you seem to love all the attention, so mostly I just make sure he doesn't land on you when he's doing his gymnastics around you.
We all love you so much Meg, happy eight months!
 you like this position a lot lately...turned around to grab some leg fat.  I love it!
You were not in the mood to smile for the pictures, but don't worry, you are a happy girl!

Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend was an emotional mess.  I can't say exactly what was the catalyst for my funk, but I suppose it's just been building for awhile, and finally decided to surface.  The week was relatively normal, and even great in some aspects.  I ran my favorite 4.5 mile loop Saturday morning and watched as the sun peeked over the mountains casting a pink hue onto the looming storm was beautiful and refreshing.

Then I got home and realized I had missed breakfast with all my sisters.  I was frustrated, annoyed, and guilty over the fact that I had forgotten, and hadn't made sure to mark the important event down. I'm very hard on myself for missing details like that, and I do it a lot.  Details, like remembering my phone, purse, or anything else vital to everyday life (even last night I left my purse at my mom's house).  I feel like I'm so busy keeping all the big stuff running, that all the little things, even important ones, get forgotten and lost.  Am I the only who feels like this?  As the day wore on I just became more and more bogged down.  I was stressing out trying to get dinner ready for the missionaries...who never showed because of a miscommunication from the lady who schedules the dinner.  So there I was in a hot kitchen, full of dirty dishes, and more food then we could possibly eat.  You guessed it, I was not happy!  The next time we have the missionaries for dinner I have vowed that it will be take out pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches...nothing to cause me more stress.  I went to bed tired and flustered!
Sunday didn't fare much better.  All I can say is that I just felt unhappy.  I cried and discussed with Roy my frustrations with myself, life, and feeling stuck in our situation that seems to repeat itself in a bad cycle.  Any chance I feel like we might be able to get ahead and do something to change our situation...BHAM...LIFE.  This is nothing new for anyone, so I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but really I would just like to see some sort of direction to follow instead of feeling in limbo.  I hate feeling stuck more then anything.   This is my current trial, and it may seem so trivial to most, but I'm of the believe that it doesn't matter the trial, we are all the learning the same things.
Lest you think that I'm all doom and gloom, Sunday night we took the kids to my parents, and enjoyed, eating fresh nectarines on the grass and talking as the night wound down.  I love my husband, kids, and family more then anything, and I'm blessed beyond measure.  I'm aware that the Lord is guiding and directing our lives in ways I can't even see.  For all of this I'm beyond grateful!
Reading with Finn at night is one of my greatest treasures in life.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

.Florida in a nutshell.

It's been about 2 weeks since we returned from Florida, and I haven't had the time or energy to really get down to blogging about it, so for that reason I'm going to do a short, but sweet sum up of our week in the south.

This was our traveling day.  I had really no stress about the kids flying this time because they are both at a good age for traveling- i.e. Finn has a longer attention span to actually watch shows, and Meg is content to be held and nursed all the time. Besides almost missing our second flight out of Chicago because we stopped to get some pizza for lunch, the traveling went smoothly.  That is until we reached our rental car company.  Why does getting a rental car always take SOOOO long, and you always feel like you just signed away your life savings.  Needless to say the kids were tired, mom and dad were tired, and getting stuck in construction traffic took the last of our patience and energy.

remember that one time when we forgot to pack the pack n' play so meg had to sleep in a chair for a week?  good thing she's such a good baby

The kids were so wiped out, that they slept in until 8:30 the next morning...what?!?!?!

Roy and I drove back into Orlando for Alli's Endowment session, while Grandma and Grandpa had the kids to themselves.
Roy, me, Ryan, Alli, Dani, & Robert
We got to spend a lot of time with Roy's brother Robert and his wife Dani that day.  I especially enjoy catching up with them and hearing Robert and Roy talk about their childhood, and I get along with Dani really well.  My favorite thing about talking with them is realizing that Roy and Robert are pretty much twins separated by 18 months.  It's a little uncanny how alike they are.

Beach day!  We only had a few free days on this trip so we had to make sure to make it to the beach.  We always go to a beach on the Gulf side that is about an hour away.  It's small and uncrowded...perfect for kids.  Finn was in boy heaven with endless sand, water, and birds to chase.
 Roy made sure to bring lots of "tools" so him and Finn could build whatever

 Meg's first dip in the ocean...hello thighs!
 she was a bit nervous, but seriously curious about all the new textures
 Roy really enjoys throwing Finn
 The Hoffman's four
do you see the pure joy on that kids face?

It was another free day so we got out to see some old friends and drive around the places where Roy grew up.  It's one of our favorite things to do when we come visit.  This was also the day where we took the kids to lake Lillian to play at the park and feed the mutant ducks, swans, and turtles while I ran a few miles in the heat and humidity.
 Meg, Grandma Hoffman, and Oscar enjoying one of the many afternoon thunderstorms

Luckily, the weather was not as terrible as I remember it.  It probably had something to do with the daily rain clouds, and hour long down pours.  It's crazy rain!

Everyone came into town that day.  We had a nice luncheon out with the family, and got to meet Randy's wife and son for the first time.
 this is one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.  Finn never just sits and cuddles with anyone, but Grandma Hoffman had the touch.  They sat and watched cartoons like this in the morning, and it melted my heart.
Aunt Gin and Meg meeting for the first time.
That night the boy's had a little party for Ryan, while Roy's mom, me, Beki, and Dani stayed up talking late into the night.  
Wedding day!  We dropped the kids off (thank goodness for dear friends who offered to watch the kids so we both could go into the sealing), and headed back into Orlando.  After the Sealing and few quick photos, we drove back to Ocala and picked up the kids so they could eat and have naps before we headed off to the reception.

 the "twins"
 the ring ceremony
 keeping the kids quiet and entertained during the ceremony
Aunt Dani and Meg...she is so tender with my children.
It was a beautiful wedding and reception, and for the most part the kids did great, with only a few fiasco's of smeared chocolate and spilled punch on church clothes.  and I missed Roy and Meg's first daddy daughter dance because of said spills.  But overall great!!
 Finn and Bella busting a move
 All the Hoffman siblings together for the first time in 5 years
 Finn really loved the cake...especially because it wasn't chocolate.  The kid hates chocolate????
 Meg's first taste was well enjoyed too!

Church, and saying goodbye to everyone.  Roy's dad made a huge pot of spaghetti, and we all sat around talking and playing games one last night.

The best travel day.  I gambled and booked a later flight so we wouldn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn, and it paid off.  We got lunch and dinner at the airports and had just enough time to sit down and enjoy it, but not too much time where the kids got bored.   We arrived in Salt Lake just in time for bed time, and that was that.

Fun trip, glad to see family, and glad to be back home!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Fa-dumpling (fat dumpling) you just turned 7 months old.

 And I'm growing sadder as the months tick off, for I long to keep you as my sweet new addition as long as I can.  In seven short months you have mastered your roll, sitting up, and sleeping through the night.

I know the next things on the list to perform will be getting yourself mobile in some shape or form, and I know life will get a whole lot more complicated then.  But until then, I will enjoy the sweet moments of quiet playtime while staying in one place.

We have officially determined that you look very much like your daddy.  We love watching you give us the "eyebrow" look, and sly smiles.

You still prefer real food over baby food, but you've decided that the mush stuff isn't all that bad.

Some of your favorites are Avocado, bananas, and pears.  Last night, after you refused any baby food, daddy gave you some of his turkey burger and you were in heaven.  Lately you've decided to be less patient with nursing, and I'm hoping that my milk holds out as you still refuse to drink formula.  We've managed to get you some water through a straw, but still no cups or bottles for you.

You drool A LOT!  Way more then Finn ever did, but we have yet to see any teeth.  But, I think that's all for the best while you are still nursing.  I'm hoping for a repeat of Finn here, your brother didn't break a single tooth until he was a year old.  I think we will both be happier if you could do the same!
Miss Meg, we are so in love with you're sweet spirit and happy personality.  You make us all so happy that we can hardly stand it.  WE SURE LOVE YOU!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

.catching up, and getting back to life.

We have returned from our week long stint in Florida, and I'm happy to report we all survived and did very well with all the traveling and off scheduling.  Amidst all of our travels we hit some mile stones- Meg turned 7 months old, and Roy and I hit 6 years of marriage bliss.  But also along the way we have just been living life so I thought I would do a quick recap of recent happenings.

Finn has recently taken up a love for all things water, which is slightly surprising since at the beginning of the year, he couldn't take a shower without many MANY tears shed.  I attribute this sudden love to his new swimmer float.  It has opened up the world of water to that boy, and he is a fan.  He continually asks to get in the shower or tub, and I can't keep him away from the sink in the kitchen for longer then a few hours (he requests to do the dishes probably 5 times a day).

If we go to the pool, he has to be dragged kicking and screaming when it's time to go.  Where as a year ago, he would play for 10 minutes and be done.  He must have more of his daddy's genes then I thought.

Besides loving water so much he can hardly stand it, he is getting more and more territorial.  "Mine!" has become his new motto.  He's been so sweet and loving of Meg until he recently realized that she was getting to curious in "HIS" toys.  We will see what the months ahead hold for these two as Meg becomes more mobile.
He is such a crazy fun kid though, and although he test my patience hourly, I catch myself all the time just staring and smiling at how cute and clever he is.  I love that kid!

I'll cover more of Meg in her 7 month post, but I have to mention that Meg was the easiest child to travel with.  She was happy, and content most of the time...even being awake for long hours.  She is our squishy relaxed girl...which is good with a crazy 2 year old brother.

Roy and I are in recovery mode from vacation.  Roy is happy to be back in a routine, and get back to skating for the year.  He stays very busy, which is how he likes it.  He is a great husband and father who does his best to be a leader and provider for his little family, and we sure love him!
6 years with (crazy eyes) sweets and completely happy!
A full week of vacation, lots of good food, and only one run equals a pound gain for me (i thought it would be much worse).  Running in Florida, even with more oxygen, is still a feat because of the heat and humidity.  I remember the first time I traveled back with Roy and he would go on long runs and come back soaked through with sweat and I thought he was crazy to run in those conditions.  I still think he's crazy...especially after doing it myself.  So I'm going to kick it in gear this next week with eating and more consistent workouts.  I've gotta break these 140's.