Monday, June 29, 2015

.summer starts.

Summer is upon us and so is the heat.  Most days I hunker down in my basement and only venture outside if need necessitates me to go somewhere.  The last part of May we had unusual amounts of rain and it kept the temperature very cool, which is what I prefer.  So having long stretches of triple digits, like this past week, is kind of hard for me to take.  But with the heat summer also brings long busy days and warm nights, which are also pretty great!  We have been staying busy going to neighborhood park days, trips up the canyon, bbq's, visits from grandparents, and indulging in summer treats of popsicles and watermelon.   Life in general is good.

The wee one of the bunch is starting to really show some personality...some of which is very strong willed.  She has finally started cruising around furniture, and even started walking behind a baby walking toy.  She is a very difficult eater at the moment which causes me some stress, but overall she is a happy dumpling who loves to play ball, and chew on garden bark (I have no idea why???).  I wish I had a good picture of her giant teeth she now has 6 of them.  We all get a kick out her smile, and even her ugly cry sometimes because of her ginormous teeth.
 Roy's parents came to visit us for a couple of weeks and so they got to see Eisley for the first time in person.  She of didn't really want anything to do with them, which kind of broke me heart.  It also didn't help that she had a cold for about 4 days while they were here, so she was extra clingy to me.  But she does give the best snuggles when she is sick.
Little miss M is as busy as ever, and is really starting to enjoy her little world around here.  She requests all things pink and purple, and really likes watching shows.  She is limited most days to just a few, but would easily watch them all day if I let her.  She latches on to anyone who will give her attention.  Daddy is a favorite person whom she can hold onto and love.  Most of the time its all sweetness like this picture on our way to church, but sometimes it can be a little suffocating.
 Roy and Meg take watching frozen very seriously.
 While grandma and grandpa were here, Meg was in heaven.  Someone to color with her whenever she wanted

 And carry her down to the river in the canyon.  Like I said this girl loves to be loved!

Her hair is getting longer and I probably should cut it sometime, but I just think it's so pretty.  I even got her to sit still long enough to do this crown braid one day.  She loved it and kept saying it was Queen Elsa hair...go figure.

Mr. Finn is really growing up so fast.  At the end of May he magically decided he was done with diapers at night.  It has been a total success!  I love that we have one COMPLETELY out of diapers.  He loves building as much as ever, and has really taken off with his lego obsession.  His source of income to pay for his little lego sets come from picking up pinecones in our front yard.  That tree produces copious amounts of pinecones, so he is constantly picking them up for 5 cents a bucket.
 Finn is not a natural risk taker, which I'm completely ok with, but he is slowly stretching his legs as it were and trying new things that are a little scary to him.  Our mini park in the neighborhood is a favorite, especially when grandpa is there to help navigate the monkey bars.
 Among other boy things he loves...throwing rocks...especially when we go hiking in the mountains.
 Finn is my eater and will often eat as much as his dad.  I was a little shocked by this sudden up take in appetite, as he is my first born.   I fear the quantity of food he will consume as a growing teenager...oi!
Last Sunday we celebrated the summer solstice.  We let the kids stay up late watching for the first stars of the night.  They loved eating popsicles around the fire and playing with flashlights in the dark.  It's fun to start doing some family traditions as they get older.  I look forward to spending this summer with my little family!