Tuesday, February 23, 2016

.pool or germs.

We made it though most of the winter without much sickies...a blessed relief from last year.  But this past week we finally got knocked down by all kinds of good germs.  Finn started it out with a cold, Meg followed suite with the flu (influenza-the real deal), and after a few days, E brought it all home with a wicked case of hand, foot, & mouth.  E being the youngest, and the one that seems to get the worst of the germs, has been miserable for three days straight.  Only drinking (when forced), and not eating a single bite.  She is constantly dripping drool, and looking the hot mess that she is.  We've had bad nights sleeping as well and consequently, I'm running on low.  This to shall pass, but for the time being we are just getting by.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

.finn turns 5.

Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine that I have a child that is half a decade old because there are things I remember about my life before kids.  And then I look at his baby pictures and I remember how that little man completely changed my life the day I found out I was pregnant.   I love that he is all boy and is creative mind who likes to build and knows everything about tractors.  He is usually a big help around the house, but LOVES to tease his sisters...typical big brother right?!?!  He is curious and is starting to ask very thoughtful questions about the world around him, including what do radio towers do and how do bones move.  He has an amazing memory and can recall things that I have even forgotten.  He has started reading, and knows all of the letters and sounds.  He is also very sensitive and doesn't like new invornments with a lot of new people, but once he gets used to it, he adapts very well.
WE love that Little mr!

 Birthday breakfast
 He insisted on a friend party with a construction theme...easy enough
 playing with his buddies and building...two of his favorite things
 It feels good to be 5! (and yes I realize there are 6 candles)