Monday, January 28, 2008


At the beginning of Jan. Roy and I had the opportunity to go down to Mexico for a week. Roy's boss, who has become an avid scuba diver and organized this trip for those who wanted to go. Roy of course being a Florida boy jumped at the chance to get back into the ocean.

Some of the highlights of the trip of course were the scuba diving. I being a person terrified of hieghts in all is varieties could not be persuaded. Despite this fact, I did venture a try at parasailing. Surprisingly it was very quiet and peaceful, and view is spectacular from 300 ft up.
Our resort was beautiful as well with its private beach and all you can drink pina coladas and strawberry dacquiris, virgin of course. We may have indirectly consumed some residual achohol left in the blender though.
We also rented a jeep for a day and spent an hour driving around the island checking out the mayan ruins and downtown cozumel.

Some valuable lessons were learned on our self guided tour.

1. The traffic rules are....there are no rules....your on your own

2. Single lane roads are really two lane roads and bike lanes all in one.

3. Speed bumps are just as bad if you go over them at 50 MPH.

4. Toppe means speed bump in spanish

5. Toppe still means speed bump in spanish

6. scooter capacity is only limited to your imagination.

For not being a summer girl I could definetly get use to that setting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The belly saga

So Roy has recently returned to school and is gone until late on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In order to feel those lonely nights some friends and I turned to the classes offered by the community. These classes range from cooking classes to the fine arts. After perusing the catalog it was decided to add some spice in our life by taking a belly dancing class.

Unfortunately, by the time we had decided, the class was beyond full and we were left to our own devices. Making a run to the local library we picked up a how to book along with an instructional DVD. The DVD is put in and we eagerly await. What proceeded was something of an oddity. 5 girls all clumsily throwing hips and attempting such things like belly rolls and hip thrusts...we looked awesome! The best part of the night was us trying to follow the 12 girls in metallic workout suits as they alternated butt flexes. Pretty much all we could do was try a few and then laugh as the butts flexed unnaturally in unison. Jill commented that it looked like there were aliens punching their way out.

By the end of the night we had laughed most of our way through the DVD, and it can be safely said that we did not get anywhere near looking like belly dancers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

leaving the corner

I'm the worst at this whole keeping in contact with people. I don't want to loose touch with close friends, but I'm definitely one of those people that expects other people to do most of the work and fill in the blanks. After reading Colette's lil blog I have resolved to try and make an effort to leaving that dark cozy corner or expectation.