Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just sitting here trying to figure out how to put into words the events of the past week. Even if I spent years thinking, I don't think I could quite capture the "Exodus of the Sullivan's". When you have a brood of 15+ all you can pretty much say is...you had to be there. Despite this fact, I think I shall put a few words to page and lots of pics to give you a sample of the week. We began early Tuesday morning making our way across the western deserts of Utah including the salt flats. Having stopped for a quick potty break in the wastelands of Wendover, we encounter our first of many obstacles for the week. Red 4 (my sisters car) carrying a family of 7 decides to not start. After 45 minutes of trying to figure out the problem, Roy discovers it is just a loose battery cable. 2 minutes later, the car is hauling down the road again. Lots of driving later we catch our first glimpses of Lake Tahoe. I would love to own a house here someday. It was a beautiful piece of heaven and we camped right in the heart of it all. I wish I would have gotten more pics of the camp site, but this one will have to do . These are the amazingly tall trees that surrounded our camp. Just makes you feel small and humble to be around. Once at our campsite for the night, we discovered that poor Sophie had not made friends with the "FunV" (what we dubbed the RV). Here Casey is trying to soothe his sick daughter. Not to mention we lost a cover plate somewhere along the way as can be seen in the pic as well.After a good dinner I decided that it would be nice to go down to the lake on the Bikes with Roy. But as fate would have it Roy broke his chain on his bike not 5 ft from the camp. After some bike maintenance, we eventually make it down to the Lake.Sullivan sampling the sand for the first time. It was a beautiful beach with very few crowds, I loved feeling like we had the whole beach to ourselves.
The next morning we made our way back to the beach for some morning enjoyment before we headed out. We ended up spending more time than planned as the FunV decided to spring a leak. So while Sean and Roy busted out their skills again, the rest of us rented some paddle boats for a spin around the harbor.Tillman and I out on the 2-seater. As you can imagine I pulled most of the weight on our little expedition out in the water. By the end I was wishing I had some of Roy's legs in the boat. I kept telling T-man that if he didn't stop telling me how board he was I was going to drop him off on a rock and let him swim to shore. In his defense though he was giving it all his little legs could.The 4-man boat with Sophie taking the helm.After the exhausting outing on the paddle boats the Lucas and T decided they would make sand angles.
Having fixed the FunV we headed back to Carson City for some spare parts...just in case, and lunch. From there we made our way to the city of Lee Vining for the night. Lee Vining has a lake similar to the great salt lake. The lake lies in the center of what remains of a volcano and is home to flies and brine shrimp, but a very pretty lake non-the less. I must also mention that those spare parts came in handy when we had yet another leak in the FunV.
The campsite we stayed out here we deemed had the nicest bathrooms...very posh. The playground had very little in way of toys, but that didn't matter when you have an old speed boat to play on complete with life jackets. The kids ate it up!Uncle Sean adding some drama to the voyage.

Soph at the helm once again.

A short drive from Lee Vining we came to this beautiful place.

This is where we had lunch...just gorgeous!

One of the best known climbs in the world...El Cap...over 3000 ft. of sheer granite. I still can't believe people would climb this without any rope, just absolutely crazy. I thought the trees made me feel small. This was 100 times more humbling .
Roy taking a seat on our way up to Bridalveil Falls.
The kids circling the huge tree (it takes 7 if you were wondering)Lucas and uncle Roy climbing around on the rocksAngie taking center stageand the classic Bachand crack...poor kids...no hips to hold their pants up.
More El Cap up close and personal.Lower Yosemite FallsBoth fallsHalf Dome from glacier point....Amazing!

Yosemite was a beautiful place, really no place like I've seen before.

The next day we headed to Sacramento for the Fam. Reunion. I didn't get any pictures, but the day consisted of a morning stroll down to Folsom Lake, Lunch and family, a swim at Folsom Lake with the Kids, back to Dinner and Fam, sleep.

We thought that we had had our share of bad luck for one trip, but I guess we weren't out of the woods yet. Look what we got to do at Donner Pass.

The kids didn't seem to mind the minor pit stop as it included bananas and granola bars.

All in all a very eventful trip....yes I would definitely classify this as a trip, because vacation implies relaxation. I'm glad I got to see all these amazing places and be with my family, but I feel like I need a vacation now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not a small thing

Quite the horde don't you think?