Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gray Happiness

Today is one of those days when you wake up to the sound and smell of rain, and it's glorious! Living in UT, I crave these days. If I wasn't working I would bundle myself up in a blanket, grab a book and sit out on my porch just taking it all in. Man, just thinking about it makes me smile. But for now I'm just content to watch from my desk and listen as it pelts the roof. Ahhhh, beautiful, wonderful, cozy rain...thanks for making me so happy!

Friday, September 25, 2009

From The Archives

While getting ready for the "great carpet cleaning of 09" we were cleaning out Roy's room. I call it that because I don't go in it very often because when I do I have a strong desire to de-junk...I detest clutter! During the purge I happened across dozens of papers filled with Roy's thoughts, memories and the like. I read through them and determined that they would have to make an appearance on the blog because, although it is my blog, Roy is so very much apart of my life that it wouldn't make sense not to. So without further ado, here is the debute of the "Roy Papers"

"I remember lots of stories, and enjoying telling them. I find that I have had some unique experiences, as all of us do. I just enjoy sharing them and vise versa. One of my favorite scriptures is in 2 Nephi and it talks about remembering for that is the key to remaining faithful...remembering what you're doing down here. I think if we all remembered what we all came for things would be a lot different. But that would take all the fun of mortality away. Memory is tied like a web. Each idea is tied to another, so the more things are tied together the easier it is to recall...i.e. I have a hard time remembering music and even learning it. That, I believe, is because I have no way to tie it to anything. Were as if I can relate something to the gospel or to running I will never forget it. In fact I will think of it often. Always thinking, ever sharpening the mind and its reflexes. I remember a lot of things that I wish I could forget, they are dark and unpleasant, but if one learns to gain from these memories or events there is no loss only gain."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ever Changing

For some reason, as I near my thirties, I'm finding that one of the most difficult things to get my mind around is the fact that I will make a pop-cultural reference and it's completely lost in the younger crowd. This concept has been magnified being in the calling I am. The poor young women are completely unaware of the all the coolness they have missed out on. Their universe revolves around the newest phone and face book quizzes. I do have one young women who does share an interest in 80's music, which I think is just fabulous. But beyond that everything is just blank stares. It's been great pulling out Roy's vintage Nintendo that has the original Mario Bro. and Duck Hunt. You wouldn't believe the stares we got when we pulled out the gray plastic gun the size of a shot gun. They were laughing in hysterics at the dark age technology that we grew up with. So yes I'm facing that moment where my references to life no longer make sense to those younger than me, and that makes me the tiniest bit sad. It makes me sad that these kids don't know about John Stockton, Mr. Rogers, The Cure, Bill & Ted's, Nintendo, etc. I guess it's just another one of those growing pains we all inevitably face.

In Preparation

For the coming wintry months we spent our Saturday cleaning carpets (and when I say "we" I mean "Roy"). Consequently, the house looked like this for most of the day.

But now we have fabulously clean carpets to enjoy in the interim. Thanks to Mr. Roy for usually going along with all my cleaning week...the windows!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Epic Relay

Yesterday, the sisters's Sullivan participated in a Marathon relay, and for all intents and purposes it was indeed Epic! Last winter Roy got the idea in his head that all the brothers should do a race together, but for some reason the brother's missed the memo and the sisters took over the idea (sorry Roy). The race consisted of 5 legs each 5.2 miles, thus completing your Marathon distance with only 1/5 of the pain!

First sister up was Helen: (battling it out up front in the gray shorts)

Helen got us off on the first leg and really kicked trash. Roy may have referred to Helen as a freak of nature, but of course in a good way...all legs, and built for running! Thanks also has to be given to Helen for finding us such a sweet race to run.
Second leg was Bendy's to have:

Passing the baton off to sister Kay
Glad I got one of the cooler legs of the day which helped in turning out a decent time of 51 minutes.
The third leg was entrusted to sister Kay: Private Sullivan kicking it in cut off it!

Tom waiting for mom with Katie...all cuteness

Having served a stint in the military, we knew Kay would be more than capable of running a strong leg. She was awesome!

Fourth runner up...Ang:

The temperature was starting to climb by the time Angie hit the course. But despite the heat, and a minor choking incident at the aid station, she still pulled off a great time of 48 minutes.

The anchor leg went to Honey:

Honey may not be an actual sister Sullivan, but she is definitely an honorary one. She owned the anchor leg even while stopping to provide aid to a passed out runner. She stayed helping the downed runner until the EMT's showed up, and than went on to pass all the runners that had not stopped to help. Just fabulous!

We had originally planned to have all 5 Sullivan sisters running, but with Holly and Bruce returning to Mexico for another dig we had to put that plan on the back burner for a little while.
So although Holly was missed, we officially completed our first sister's Sullivan "Epic Relay"

Much thanks to Katie "freak'n" Shaw, who spent the greater portion of the morning cheering us on and taking care of young nephews. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

And of course to Mr. Roy who took my place for the morning and cheered me on. Thanks for the Love babe!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Snip Snip...

Last nights adventures included an over-due clipping...

Roy's hair has a tendency to grow big and thick, and Roy has a tendency to not care if his hair is groomed to a public standard. I started to comment that he was looking surly and scraggly, but lately I've just told him flat out he's giving me the Chester the Molester Vibe. So when Roy said, "Should I shave my head?" last night, I was more than thrilled to grab the clippers and assist. It seriously felt like I was shaving a thick animal pelt...NASTY!

So for now Roy has dropped his surly persona and has busted out the beanies to keep his naked head warm from the encroaching fall temperatures. Speaking of which, I'm so excited for some beautiful crisp autumnal weather....there is nothing better, in my meager opinion!

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Happy Wall

I have this wall:

When Roy and I moved into our little place we had so many pictures to hang up that I didn't even know where to put them. I just started hanging up anything and everything anywhere. The kitchen to me is one of the busiest rooms in the house and I just felt like it wasn't the room I wanted it to be. Don't get me wrong....Moses and the burning bush is a great picture, but it doesn't show any of our personality (really Roy could care less about this wall, but I thought of his wacky off-center character when I thought of this idea). Needless to say the wall had to be changed. Most of what I wanted to convey on this wall was "our life". It's not a stagnant project, in fact I plan on it growing and taking up more and more of the wall. The idea of seeing that visual progress in our life makes me so stoked! Here is just the beginning of "our life" wall: pics of places we've been, friends, family, etc.

So now I have this wall:

Among the Goblins

Holiday weekends provide us the chance to spend time with the fam and what better place to do that than in the Valley of the Goblins. I've been here before on several occasions but somehow I missed out on the coolest sights. Everything about this landscape is alien and unique which provided us with plenty to see and do.Roy and Casey climbing up through the numerous narrows

on top looking down at the desolation below
Roy and Casey making it to the top as a storm rolls in

All on top
At dusk we made our way among the Goblins. The valley floor is littered with thousands of these mud hoodoosHere is just one of the many smaller squat hoodoos

Making our way among the larger hoodoos

A harvest moon was just rising as we wondered back. I only wish I had a camera that could do it justice. Absolutely amazing!

The sunrise the next day was just as spectacular

The next day we were going to hike little wild horse canyon, but we opted for a safer canyon due to the flash flood potential.

Entering the narrows of the canyon and the amazing sandstone

Roy stretching out between two slaps of rock

I would say a most enjoyable trip was had by all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glum Rock!

It was brought to my attention recently that I listen to glum Rock. As Melancholy and depressing as that sounds it's rather accurate. I confess that I completely enjoy a good listen to the sulky tunes, and perhaps it's saying too much, but this type of music puts me in a rather good mood. My interest was peaked thanks to my siblings who introduced me to the great hits of Morrissey. However, I give most of the credit to a roommate named Aubs and a band named Travis. Since then I have been hooked and I just can't help myself. Take a listen to some of the goodness playing it's way through my life at the present time.