Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.snow and hard floors.

With the crappy weather outside my window today, I thought perhaps would be a good time to lay some pictures down from this past weekend. It was Youth Conference in our ward...that's right Youth Conference. We like to go against the norm in our ward...and it paid off fabulously this year. We spent the weekend up at Aspen Grove above Sundance and it was bEaUtiFUl!!

The lodge had these fabulous common rooms with huge decks on the back that looked out into the winter wonderland.

The kids were taking it all in before dinner.

Apparently kids eat their salad and ice cream all at the same time. Yummy!!

I didn't get too many photos of the team building activities, seeing as I was participating. But here is one of my group and our TaLL freestanding tower.

After our team building activities we headed to bed...where I promptly did not fall asleep. I dearly miss those days where I could sleep anywhere and in any position. One night didn't kill me, but I've been paying for it since.

Here the kids are learning a little bit about standards.

...and quilting quilts for Haiti.

Onto the snow... Roy and Bro. Morgan cross country skiing (I'm sure Bro. M made it some type of competition)

Some of the snowshoeing group (McKenna, B. Pelligrino, Makayla, Emma, and B)

Lynsay and Emma were my morning companions. We saw....lots of SNoW (go figure). Here they are on the roof of a cabin.

We did a lot of jumping.

It's great having Roy in Young Mens. I get to hang out with the kid all the time in our callings!

Emma and I doing a little tromping (pictures by Lyns)

More jumping
Miss Emma and I having a fabulously wonderful time in the snow. Did I mention there was a lot of it. So beautiful!
I think after this weekend though, I'm officially ready for spring to make it's way into UT.

Friday, February 19, 2010

.your hair is everywhere.

After a year and some change of growing my hair out...I finally gave out. You see, long hair isn't my thing. I was telling Jill you have to have the personality to do the long hair look, and I just don't have it. Long hair had it's advantages, mainly lots of full on ponytails, but the bad definitely out weighed the good for me.

So here's one last look at the long locks of strawberry blonde:

That mangy mane of hair has been chopped into something I can dig and deal:

So that was my experiment with long hair (even though my length may have only qualified for medium to long). It was fun, but there really was no hesitation or emotion when those locks hit the ground. Happy am I!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

.its a beautiful thing.

It doesn't take much for you to have things re-confirmed to you. It's so easy to be distracted by the world around us and to feel disillusioned by confusion and pain, but underneath it all, God remains unchanged. He is there in such real ways that you individually know and understand if you let yourself be still and listen. It's a beautiful, and powerful thing to realize that God is completely and intimately aware of who you are. And perhaps that's why I'm grateful for the barriers that God puts in my path. It's when I'm feeling my lowest about myself that God opens the door a little bit and says, "I know you and I love you!" It's a fabulous thing, and one I have a desire to feel constantly.