Friday, April 18, 2008

stagger the laughter

So have you ever had those moments when somebody either says or does something funny, and then the next second you have to be serious? Yeah, well those moments happen to me a lot. Such moments include roommate prayer...there was definately moments when I feared the wrath of God would be unleashed because I lacked the self restraint to stall my mirth. Driving in the car is always a bad place to decide to crumple in laughter and blind yourself with tears of laughter. Most recently I have descovered that acting professionaly on the phone at work can be a great effort while stifling laughter. There have been several times when I think I have it under control, but then suddenly a squeak or two escape. More often then not the person on the phone will ask what's funny and if I'm lucky I know the person so its not quite as embarassing. However, I do get the occasionally annoyed person who feels that my lauging on the phone is completely off base and will tell me so (that usually makes the laughter stop). This either proves I have very little self-control or....I like to laugh even if I endanger myself spiritually, physically, or professionally. I choose the latter and affably resign myself to it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

First race

Sorry folks,

These are about a week old, but finally got the pictures downloaded from Roy's race. Enjoy!

Got to strech before the run.

Puffy coat man! This guy had the full-on Artic coat with his lil' runner legs stickin' out the bottom.

Didn't catch a whole lot of pictures of the actual race, (or any pictures for that matter) but here's a shot of Roy running to the swim after the bike portion of the race. I love that they have an actual red carpet leading to the pool. I didn't get any shots of the swim because by the time I got inside, he was already done.

Roy did really good, especially since he hasn't run in nearly 8 months. He got second in his age division, and was satisfied having not given it his full effort.

Seven Oddities

I introduce to you "7 facts about me"...brought to you by Miss. J:

1. I easily attach myself to "things & or people". I don't know why, but I do. I do crazy things like name inanimate objects. I seem to have particular strong connection with my cars. Of course every car I have ever owned or drove has be given a name, and when the time has come to part....I morned the loss. I even have nightmares about people stealing my cars.
2. I fall into the salty category. There are people out there who crave chocolate and sweets and just love dessert, and I'll admit, I can always eat ice cream, but I have to follow it with something salty. Always!
3. I love to travel! Especially internationally. I love to see all the different cultures, try new foods, and just be a part of it all. I too, like Amanda, wish I were independently wealthy so that I would be free to travel when and where I please.
4. Phones bug me. I was annoyed in college when students would answer their phones in class, I'm annoyed when I see children (who don't even need phones) conversing with their friends on the phone who happen to be mere feet away, and I'm annoyed when phones at work ring incessantly. Don't get me wrong I'm not anti-phone, I just wish people a) wouldn't use phones to excess b) wouldn't buy phones for young children who don't need phones c) would learn phone etiquette.
5. I am terrible at world games. I'm no good at scrabble, text-twist, boggle, crosswords, and other various games like unto. Perhaps I've just siked myself from being good at these games, but I really feel I lack the vocabulary, and spelling skills to actually achieve success at these games. I guess I should hone my skills better instead of admitting defeat.
6.I have a hard time separating reality from fiction. This fact underlies the fact that I can't watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, or be home alone if I watch CSI. Roy thinks it's the funniest thing to watch me freeze if he turns all the lights off. I am also very good at carrying on unrealistic conversations that go on for hours, especially with Jill.
7. I like office supply stores. I know this is strange, but I can't help myself. I especially love the pen isle where I can walk down and look at all the different colors and styles. I also get a kick out the office organization tools. Good times!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dr. Strange-love

Yesterday I finally got the chance to go to the eye Dr. after a year hiatus. With my new insurance I had to find a new Dr. and Jill kindly recommend hers. Now I'm not new to this whole eye Dr. business, having worn classes for a great majority of my life. Consequently, I was expecting nothing different or strange about this exam.
The first half of the eye exam went as well as expected, nothing wrong, the usual comment about my long invisible eyelashes, and how I'm rather near-sighted, but then we had to look inside the eye. Now if any of you have had the awesome experience to have the inside of your eyes checked, you know they have to dilate your eyes. Besides looking rather creepy with huge gaping black eyes and wearing the obligatory roller shades outside you also can't see very well up close. Not to mention I don't see very well without my glasses anyways.
So back into the lil' exam room I go. The Dr. proceeds to tell me that he's going to check inside my eyes and that he's going to have to get very close...."sprit, sprit, sprit"! Feeling slightly vulnerable in my blindness I cannot mistake the sound of breath spray being utilized. "How close is he going to get?" I think to myself. He quickly finished the exam, and I appreciated the professional courteous of freshening his breath before he got in my face, but I just had to laugh.
After telling Jill this story she just started laughing as well because he does the same thing to her. Apparently our Dr. is a playa'