Saturday, October 29, 2011


Isn't October wonderful??? Of course as a child Halloween was pure magic...dress up and candy all in one, but the other reason was because my mother loved the holiday.  She claimed it was because it was less commercialized than Christmas or Easter, but whatever the reason she got behind this autumnal celebration.  I guess it stuck with the rest of us, because my family still loves Halloween.  This past week has kept us busy with last minute costumes, pumpkin carving, carnivals, and harvest parties. so lets get to it.
Pumpkin Hunting at the patch

Our headless horseman pumpkin

scary bath hair....bwahhhhhhh!
 We had a ward Halloween carnival on Wed.  Roy was there all night with the young men so Finn and I went to keep him company for awhile. Finn was a big hit in his gnome costume!

Friday was our annual Sullivan Halloween party.  I undertook the organization of it this year, which actually turned out fairly easy after dividing up all the responsibilities.  We started off playing a few games like who's your Zombie, and Dia de los Muertos bingo, and sharks and minos.
playing an intense game of dia de los muertos
our little family all costumed up: Finn the lawn gnome, Roy the DI, and me as a half done version of Medusa

After the games, we had a proper harvest dinner in the barn.  Following dinner there was a small impromptu dance while grandpa readied the hayride.  I wish I had got a picture of all of us enjoying much fun!
While we were out riding the hay, Roy and the boys built a stunning bonfire.  We probably violated every fire code in the city, but I'm glad we did.  The fire blazed so hot for awhile that we even had to go outside the ring to  enjoy it.

The boys sitting up on the fence watching the blazing inferno

After the fire had burned down we could return inside the ring, and roast some mallows for some smores.
We finished the night off as always watching The Legend of Sleepy Hallow.  We always have such a great time together as family...I'm truly blessed!

Also this past week I finally decided that we needed to get some family photos before our little nugget turns one...I think they turned out stellar!  Thanks Wendy for all the wonderful photos of my little family!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.9 feels like nothing.

Baby boy you're 9 months, and somedays it feels like its only been a week.  I wonder why that is because you have changed so much in these 9 short months.  You have really taken off this past are crawling everywhere.  I had stopped even caring when you would get onto all 4's thinking, "you're just going to fall again", and suddenly, just like that, you were crawling.  We didn't get much of the sitting and playing contently stage, but I don't think that it's in your nature to sit still very long.  Despite what everyone has said about it getting harder when babies become mobile, I have really enjoyed watching you explore your ever growing's fantastic actually!  Now that you're moving around you can make it to your new favorite objects, WHEELS.  Of all the new things you have access to, you always go directly to the office chair just so you can sit and touch the wheels.
We are still nursing around these parts, as well as feeding you as much as you will take in, but despite our best efforts you are just destined to be small.  You weighed in at 15.1 today at your check up...putting you below the charts, but luckily still growing in your own small way.
We love this stage...we love that you sleep though the night, and take hard core naps.  We love that you stick your tongue out constantly.  We love that you splash like a maniac in the tub.  We love that you have an orange nose because you love squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, & peaches  We love that you kick, KiCk, KIcK, and KICK all the time (might explain why you weigh so little).  But most of all we just love you!


Monday, October 17, 2011

.becoming soft.

While driving home from Millcreek Canyon on Sat. I was relating to Roy the story of my first and only flat tire. I was driving my wonderful roomates old beater up to Logan, which I always did because she hated driving. There we were...two girls,in dresses mind you, on the side of the free way. While Emily made sure I was taken care of(giving me a pillow case to kneel on), I got to work getting the car jacked and lug nuts taken off. Whenever I tell that story, I feel incredibly "check out my mad a dress none the less". That was me in college, killing bugs, changing light know, really HARD stuff, but I did it on my own...almost like I had to prove something. I made the comment to Roy, that I'm getting soft. Soft in the sense that I go running to Roy if there's a spider that needs to be squashed, or a light bulb changed. And it's not because I can't do it, it's just easier for Roy to do it. What's happened to me? Am I done proving myself or something? Or maybe I'm just proving myself in other ways...???

Monday, October 3, 2011

.a finn and his dog.

Did I mention that he LOVES dogs?

.fall weekends.

I'm so completely stoked for autumn to be here! I wish I could capture all the wonderful changes of this season and keep it for whenever I get caught in the winter and summer doldrums.  We finally got a chance to take a small hike on Sunday up Butterfield, we rolled the windows down and breathed in the mountains and fall.
 I was sad to see the weekend coming to an end, even in such a fashion, for weekends are our time to be together.  And conference weekends allow us to be together even more.  We worked, we rested, we played, we talked, we listened, and we learned a little more.  Fall and conference...what a wonderful combination for a weekend.

Oh and just because I can...sweet pics of our little guy
There is something about his bottom lip that he just can't get enough of
See what I mean...always sucking on it
Unless he's smiling because he's in a hammock with daddy
Or just being cheeky!!!