Tuesday, June 13, 2017

.getting into summer.

We are heading into our second week of summer vacation and we have stayed relatively sane with all the littles running about the place.  Finn is still the main cause of teasing contention, but we are working VERY hard on helping him think before he acts (not easy for a six year old boy).  We find that being outside seems to help us all get out our excess energy in a positive way.  

Roy set up the hammock, and it has become a favorite place for the littles to laze away the heat of the day.

We have ventured out to a few of our favorite outdoor hikes the past weeks, including Willow Heights.  We failed to take into account that spring hiking sometimes entails snow at the higher elevations.  It was a little bit of an adventure as we scrambled up the trail, occasionally sinking in up to our thighs in slushy snow, but it turned into a perfectly wonderful hike.  We lunched in the meadow on our coats in the sun, and decided it was pretty cool to hike in the snow with shorts and jackets on.

I took Meg to her cousin Grace's play and thinking she would be my child to really enjoy that kind of thing.  She did ok for the first little bit, but by the end she was more enthralled with the treats and the group of teenage girls (none of which we knew) behind us then the play.  Maybe she is still a little too young.

One of my favorite things about this time of year, is how everything comes to life in such a vibrant way.  Laying in the hammock one day, I looked up in awe at the beautiful contrast of the green leafs against the blue sky.  What a beautiful world we life in!

The kids have been very diligent about picking up pine cones since Grandma offered to pay the a penny a pinecone.  It's been a great way for them to make a little extra money.

Roy and Finn enjoyed their campout to white rock in May.  Finn really enjoyed climbing around on the rocks and exploring the small caves that pitted the rock.

E finally completed her potty training chart (no small feat for a girl who poops twice a week), so her and daddy celebrated with her stickers.

It's corn on the cob season, which is fairly frustrating when you're missing your four front teeth.  He still managed to get at it.

Meg finished her first year of preschool, and loved it like nothing else.  Her teachers threw an end of year splash party that she thoroughly enjoyed along with the four slices of pizza.  What?!?!?

We are sad that her teachers are retiring after this year.

For Memorial day we ventured out to the new park down the road.  We had no idea how incredibly epic this park was.  We weren't quite prepared for all the awesomeness, but we made the most of it.

We also ate copious amounts of watermelon...because we could.

Finn completed Kindergarten this year, and is ready to rock first grade.  The requirements for Kindergarten kind of blew my mind, but it didn't seem to phase Finn.  His reading is coming along pretty good, and he is as curious about the world around him as ever.

He thought field day was pretty much the greatest thing.

Last day of school.

My niece J opened her mission call on the same day she graduated.  Anchorage Alaska will be lucky to have her!

Am I the only one who does silly things to their kids just because you can?  I laughed so hard when I pulled E's pj pants up as far as they would go, and she was just strutting around like this.

We decided to kick off our summer with a backyard movie.  The kids, and the cat, loved it.

The kids have requested more hikes this summer, so we are trying to get up to the mountains weekly.  This little nature walk up to Big Springs Hollow, was super easy, but so pretty.

Saturday projects are great too.  Finn is always wanting to lend a hand and be apart of what daddy is building.  This was a roost they were building for our newly acquired chickens.

Cousin J has been trying to take it all in before she leaves on her mission in October, and she has invited our kiddos for solo horse rides.  Last week was Meg's turn, and or course it was pure magic.  We are definitely spoiled by our family!