Wednesday, January 6, 2016


December was another busy, but beautiful month filled with only the things that December brings.  Which namely for us is birthdays and holidays.  The kids were excited about all things Christmas and we made sure to do a lot of activities just for them.
We started with Christmas cookies.  We have never really decorated cookies, but Finn insisted that we do it this year.  There was mostly frosting and candy by the end, but they loved it!
Our friend invited us up to the zoo lights this year, and of course the night we went it ended up raining on us.  Finn's spirit couldn't be dampened, as you can see in this picture.  He kept running around screaming "look at these lights!"  Meg, as you can clearly see, was less then impressed and was soaked cold.  Poor girl was miserable and crying by the end.  I think she was sorely disappointed that she didn't get to see any actual animals.
December brought my 34th.  I was spoiled with presents from friends, lunch with family, and a slice of cake from the Chocolate with my little family!  All in all a most pleasant birthday.

the littles running amok at the Chocolate while we waited for our sugar.
By the middle of December we had received our first really good snow storm that dumped 6" of wet heavy snow.  The kids sat mesmerized watching it fall outside all morning.  I of course spent a good few hours shoveling the drive, which I concluded was an excellent workout.
E is getting a lot of personality lately.  She still doesn't say much of anything, but she certainly communicates her will.  I found her under the table one day enjoying her advent calendar treat.  I suppose she was hiding from intrusive siblings who like to take advantage of her.
We didn't have a chance to make it down to Temple Square this year, but we made it out to the tree of life in Draper on a frigid cold night.  Again Finn was ecstatic to see all the lights!  Meg was sure to remind us often that she was quite miserable and didn't want to be out in the cold tromping through snow (she's the life of the party...just not when she's cold.)

We had a ward Christmas breakfast where the kids were able to tell Santa their hearts desire.  Meg froze and merely muttered out she wanted candy.  Finn laid out his toy wish like a well oiled machine.  And E,...well you can clearly see she wanted nothing to do with him.
A few days before Christmas, Finn and I spent a good hour outside constructing snowmen in the remnants of the snow.  The snow was so wet that it made for easy rolling, but not so easy lifting.  Finn enjoyed it so much that he made 3 additional ones by himself.  I sure love that kid!

We started Christmas Eve off with a little wrestling match on the bed in the morning.  These kiddos love playing with their daddy!

That night, we had traditional family nativity, but this year our numbers had grown so much, that we had to make a last minute move to a near by church.  It actually turned out pretty great with enough room for us all, a stage, good food, and warmth to boot.
E was a sweet little angel

the girls were eager to help uncle Bruce sweep up

Christmas with magical!  We were all healthy this year, and the kids are the perfect age where everything is exciting.  With Meg as our alarm clock, we were up at 5:30 and I had to hold in off in our room while I roused the other two.  It was pure joy watching their faces light up with every gift they received!  Of course the best gift for me was being warm and safe inside my cozy house watching the snow drift outside.  What Bliss!
We took advantage of all the fresh snow and took the kids sledding for the first time.  After spending about 45 min getting everyone suited up, we were both a little worried that it would be a bust (especially with Meg's history of whine).  But it was an absolute success.  Finn couldn't get enough per usual and was such a trooper hauling his sled up the hill over and over again.
Daddy and mommy had the arduous task of hauling the girls up after every run, but it was so much fun!
Even in the bitter wind at the top of the hill these girls were smiling!
Miss M's birthday fall's a mere 2 days after Christmas, so we are in constant celebration mode.  We took Meg out for a birthday lunch with just Mom and Dad, and then took her shopping.  She picked out a sparkly purple crown and wore it proudly.  She is very much a pleasure and joy in our family!

getting comfy cozy in her mermaid tail blanket
Lucky for me, Christmas brings people home so I get to see old friends.  This two sisters will always be some of my dearest friends!  As a bonus, I got to snuggle on both of their babies!
New Years we spent the evening with the Bachands eating Chinese, watching Star Wars, and throwing poppers.  We were of course all in bed by 10, but that's just how we roll.
New year day, Roy and I had our first overnight away from the kids since before we had kids.  5 years folks...oh my.  It was perfect way to start our New Year!
Like most years, 2015 had it up and downs.  Through our struggles though, we learned to lean on our Heavenly Father even more.  He has continued to teach me who is really in charge and where to put my trust and faith.  We are truly blessed, and look forward to what the next year will bring for us!