Monday, April 4, 2016

.spring things.

It seems the farther behind I get on this the less time I want to put into it, but I want to keep up with just a few of the things if just for a memory.  Spring is in full force here and we are enjoying all the sunshine and vitamin D we can handle.    E is mustering up more courage to hit the slides and enjoying the thrill of it all.
 We had a picnic in the park one night with some friends and E ate her weight in ranch...her condiment of choice.
 Finn and Meg continue to pick at each other.  There are rare moments when the planets align and they get along, but usually it looks somethings like this...Meg with a dollop of yogurt on her face.  It's very exhausting!
 St. Patrick's day we played it up as much as we could missing mom and dad, and Kay's family.  We wore our green, had a grand scavenger hunt, and had an all out good time.  We snagged a picture of Great G-ma Tiede and most of her great Grandkids.
 Roy has continued to stay busy with work as always, and has started helping my sister with their renovation projects at their house.  His main assistant in the projects ahead is my nephew Noble, who is a lot of help! We have started calling it Reno with Roy.
 While daddy & Noble are busy working...Finn can be found inside lounging.
 We purchased our first pet mainly for the kids.  Darby the cat is adjusting to life in a busy house of three little humans, and seems to be pretty happy.  I'm more of a dog person, but cat's are just easier to take care of at this point in our family.
 We are getting closer to the end of Finn's preschool days, and it's making me a bit sad.  I went and helped out at their Easter party and had a wonderful time watching him play and see how much he has learned these past 2 years.  I don't know how I'll be when he starts Kindergarten this fall.
Easter was totally great with the littles this year.  E had know idea there were treats in the eggs, but had a handle on the whole getting eggs in the basket thing.  Once it was revealed to her that there was candy IN the eggs well, she made quick work of that too.
 Finn spent the afternoon flying his kite with daddy and was content as could be!
 We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and remembering the resurrection of Savior Jesus Christ.  Because He lives, we can live with our families forever...that is the greatest blessing their is!