Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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We are well on way into spring, and most days I feel like I drag myself into bed at night exhausted from life with three little kids.  I know I'm not the only mom who feels that we are in WAY over our heads, and it seems like lately there are a lot more days of frustration, tears, and burnout.  And even though I love these little humans with every part of my heart, motherhood seriously smothers me some days.
In an attempt to breath a little I needed to focus my small reserve of time and energy to something productive...not the productive of a clean house that never seems to stay clean, or a mowed lawn that sprouts dandelions the next day, but something I can look at and smile because it reminds of my good things.  So I'm catching up the blog in one fell swoop.

Finn turned 6.  He requested an Oreo cake (strange for a kid who doesn't really dig chocolate) and a night out at an arcade.  I didn't do much research on nickel cades before we drove to the closest one, but soon discovered we had picked the dirtiest broken down one.  Roy and I were totally disgusted, but Finn didn't seem to notice.

Finn has also become a very gross eater...ughhh.  We are constantly working on manners.

Taking E anywhere is a gamble, because there is often a tantrum thrown, and lots of laying down in utter defeat.  Serious drama!

One day in a frenzy of cleaning and organizing,  the girls were left unattended long enough for meg to find a bottle of red sparkly nail polish and gift it to E for a manicure massacre.

Meg is the master of pretend, and loves to put on her "teacher glasses" and  lead all of her imaginary class in preschool songs.

We burn a lot of energy in the hot tub during the cold days of winter.  The goggles are my favorite!

Roy is determined to teach his littles to skate.  I still can't believe they make skates that small.

FEBRUARY-  after a lot of deliberation, we decided to move Finn's room downstairs and the office up.

Finn created this pin the head on the snowman game for some entertainment one day.  He amazes me with his creative abilities!

E is notorious about taking advantage of unsupervised moments.  Like getting into a whole tub of lotion while mom exercises.  At least it was just lotion, right?  Another mom win for me!

Preschool field trip to the fire station, and yes my kids make up half our neighborhood group.  E was clearly not having any of this.

She is incredibly cute though!
 MARCH- we had a sudden warm spell and we took off to the mountains of course.  We have had such a wet year, that for the first time since I can remember, the dry riverbed at the temple quarry trail, was in full spring run off.

The girls and I spent hours just throwing rocks while dad and Finn explored.

Warm days call for doing homework outside, right?

Our really great stove decided to crap out, and through a series of events I ended up not having a stove for about two weeks.  We eventually found a used replacement

APRIL- E turns three and requested a unicorn cake.

Meg had her Easter party at school.  She really enjoyed the bunny hop game, but completely melted down when she found her allotted 6 eggs first and had to watch all the other kids find their eggs.  She kept yelling, "they're cheating!"

 Spring Break we spent a day downtown at the Planetarium, and having lunch with daddy.  Another day we park hopped.  E found a favorite slide and rode it down close to 40 times.

Finn's favorite park is the old Copperton city park.  It hasn't changed much since I was a kid and played there.  Can you see why Finn loves it?
Another day we did experiments.  An obvious favorite was the slime making.

E was obviously thrilled with Easter.  We had a great time doing a small egg hunt with my family, and enjoyed getting together for Easter dinner on Sunday.

Finn started swimming lessons, and couldn't be happier.  He is constantly flapping his arms or splashing large amounts of water in excitement while the instructor tries to teach.

we started our small garden again with peas.  The kids love watching the plants grow as much as me.

We had a run of rainy days and spent plenty of time inside.  The girls pulled out most of the dressups one day.  E was particularly cute in this little bat costume.

 With Roy's calling as scoutmaster, he seems to be constantly camping.  He often takes Finn with him on the overnighters, which alleviates some of the added stress of him being gone so often.   Last month they camped out at white rock, and really enjoyed climbing around on the rocks.