Thursday, July 28, 2011

.mama bendy.

that's what roy calls me
and I like it,
I like it a lot.
it is my new stage of life
I thought it would be hard to leave my "working with just husband and me" stage,
but really I look foward to my days so much more with little finnigan.
to say that its easy, would be utter rubbish (and I only have one little dude).
somehow, non of the work seems to weigh down my love for my life
in fact it seems to grow
why is that?
maybe its just the fact that im doing something hard
somewhat successfully that makes me feel so comfortable in my new shoes
im mama bendy,
and I like it

Monday, July 25, 2011

.the simple things.

It's the simple things in life that bring the happiest moments.  In this case, Finn found great joy in watching dad sharpen a knife.  Who would have guessed he would enjoy it so much??? What a funny kid!

Friday, July 22, 2011

.long weekends.

Are so nice! They always seem to come at the right time to when you're thinking "man I can't take another Monday morning". Not that we always do what we plan with those free days, but sometimes just the break of the routine is just what is needed. This past week I worked very hard in a lot of areas. It was a good week for being active, losing the poundage, and organizing. I worked on some hobbies, and hung out with Finn, who was more then happy to show me how his tongue makes a clicking noise. We spend a lot of time clicking and talking now. Just now I cheered him on as he took on a particularly hard rolling move(those arms can hang you up sometimes). So what with all the hard work put in over here this week we are looking forward to three long days with Roy. Happiness is being together as a family!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

.6, and half way there.

Finn P.  we've made it to your half year mark.  as crazy and as sad as that all seems, it also has been so fun to watch your grow from cute lump to inquisitive child.  you are soooo mello and even tempered....grandma even called you "sober" which is not really accurate, because you are smiley, gibbery, and as active as they just don't put up too much of a stink when your cranky, for which im grateful for.
you are definitely in the "everything goes in my mouth" stage.  those motor skills of yours have vastly improved and have allowed you to get most anything within your reach to end up in your mouth.  For your 6 month day of days I gave you a taste of watermelon (daddy did not appreciate my choice of fruit), and strawberry.  You gave that fruit a good going over with your especially loved the texture of the strawberry. 
Checking yourself out in the mirror is a favorite past time, and I love seeing your mind work as you see yourself.  In fact i love watching your mind figure out anything about the world around textures, new sights, new games...this really is a fun stage. you have got the rolling bit down, and we are working on your sitting, which might take a bit as you just love to lean forward way too much.
Things that WE like that YOU like to do:
 .suck on your bottom lip.
 .grab and suck on you feet.
.suck on all four fingers for soothing or just for fun.
All in all you are one happy little dude, and in our book we won the lottery with you!

Monday, July 11, 2011

.no sleep for the weary.

I've discovered why I'm not a morning person...morning sleep is just far too good.  I mean it feels like I toss and turn all night, and then finally my body becomes completely relaxed at about 4 and then the good sleep takes over.  Consequently, waking up before 7 becomes very difficult, and its no small feat to convince myself to get up and run at 6.  At least I can count on getting in a few more hourse of sleep after I feed Finn around 4 or 5.  But not today!  My sweet little Finn who always goes right back to sleep after his morning feeding decided that today he would change it up.  I was in and out of his bedroom 5 different times between 5 & 6 trying to get him back to sleep.  I finally nursed him a little bit more and off to dream land that little lad went, and he's still there now at 8:30.  I'm feeling a bit robbed of my extra 2 hours of morning sleep that I so's a good thing that little man is so cute!
Asleep in the tent while camping.

Monday, July 4, 2011

.a natural.


We got July off with a wonderful overnight camp with the fam.  While everyone else camped on top of each other, we were lucky enough to have some connections into a closed camp and spent the night free of the crowds.  That is one thing, in my opinion, that can ruin camping...feeling like you didn't leave the crowds of the city in the first place.  This was Finn's introduction to camping, and of course I was worried how he would handle it all.  I needn't have worried though because, he  was a champ.  He took it all in without too much change of his rhythm.  I realize that 5 month olds are probably easy campers as far as children go...I mean he doesn't get dirty, and there is no anxiety of him getting into the river or other such dangers, but I was pleasantly surprised by his chill-ness as it were.  It made for a great weekend to welcome in July.