Friday, July 17, 2015

.the ride.

lying in bed this morning I was thinking of all the things I had to get done and things I would like to get done, when I remembered that it's been a few weeks since I had posted about our happenings.  In that small amount of time a lot of things have happened, some good, a lot not so good.  July actually started off really well.  We bought a new truck because we needed one that could haul not only all 5 of us but scouts and other various occupants instead of just one adult.  It was a hard decision but one we felt needed to happen.

We usually try to avoid crowds at all costs, especially with young children in tow, but this year we decided to try another parade.  It was a hard sell after a lack luster showing at the last parade we attended, but the kids were super stoked about the idea so we caved.  It was magical for the kids, with all the loud music, floats, and loads of taffy.  I thought for sure I would have at least one if not all in tears at one point of another, but they were excited and mesmerized by the whole crazy thing.  

our neighbors and their kids came with us and together these 5 had a most excellent time!
Even E loved watching all the craziness with daddy in the wagon.  All together a most enjoyable evening!

so happy for good friends

Meg especially loved the princesses (city royalty), and the ponies.
Our 4th of July was another great day.  We started off the day with our neighborhood parade and pancake breakfast.  Meg had her wave down, and Finn rode under his own power, which was a vast improvement from dragging him all the way down the parade route last year.

daddy and his girls

 We spent the rest of the day relaxing and having a bbq with my family.  The night was capped off with a pretty epic fireworks show with all the neighbors launching ariels simultaneously for about 45 min.  Finn loved it all, the girls were ok as long as their ears were covered, and Roy managed to be hit twice by shrapnel.  All in all a pretty perfect day!

 Roy left for Wyoming the next day for a job.  That night he called to inform me that he had barely made it because the truck's transmission was shot.  The next day he took it to a mechanic in the town he was working and and received the heavy estimate for the repair, $4200 for a new transmission and two days to fix.  Blow to the gut!  As Roy called to tell me this I looked outside to see this massive hail storm ripping through the neighborhood.  It's funny sometimes how the weather can so well mirror our own emotions.

 Our situation felt like a deluge of financial stress, and I felt utterly vulnerable and scared not knowing how this would all work out.  But the truck had to be fixed and Roy needed to get home, so we scrounged together the last of our savings, and a credit card to make it all happen.

The next day I took the kids up to the canyon for a small hike because I needed to feel some amount of peace with a little perspective.

By the middle of the week E was teething and running a fever so she was pretty miserable and wanted to be held 24/7.  Just so you know that's impossible to do with 2 other kids in the mix.  So there was a lot of crying on her part...YAY!
 Oh but don't worry,  Thursday I woke up feeling queasy and by 8:00 I was throwing up and trying to keep the kids from killing each other.  I cried from pure frustration at the week from hell.  Thank goodness for family close by.  My sister came and picked up Finn that afternoon and kept him until well past 6.  The girls slept for 4 hours that afternoon, and by 5 my body had dispelled whatever bug I had.  Roy drove in around 8 that night with the "brand new" truck, and a speeding ticket in hand...awesome!!!  

Friday we still managed to go camping as we had it planned moths ago.  It was nice to get out of our funk and be outside with our kids.  It's still very stressful to camp with young kids, and Meg was especially difficult as she is always so busy and doesn't sit still for anything.
hammock swinging

canoeing with daddy in the morning.  a perfect example of busy pants Meg.  Roy said she would look from side to side and then grab the paddle and try and paddle with roy the whole time.

We got home Saturday afternoon exhausted but happy.  We got things kind of put back in order at the house and were just putting the kids to bed for the night when Roy noticed that the AC wasn't blowing out cold air.  By Sunday morning our suspicions were confirmed...the AC was definitely not working.  Nail in the coffin of our week.  By this point I was just adding things to the I knew there was more to come.  Again we had lovely friends who came to our rescue by having us over for dinner, and having family come over to check out the unit.  I know God blessed us with really great people in our lives, but sometimes you forget that until the crap hits the fan.  By Tuesday we had the AC fixed with a $10 part, I had a part time job at home to help offset the cost of the "new truck", and there was some compensation from Roy's work for the car.  
I know we all have weeks, months, or even years like ours were you feel that the universe is against you.  Those are the times when I know that God is in charge and that all of my efforts are for not if God has other plans.  It's those times when you feel like you're at your lowest and you don't have any answers to what lies ahead, that you can see God the clearest.  I know that He knows me and my families needs and that he will provide.  It never happens in the way that I plan, but it always works out, and always better then I what I plan.  We are indeed blessed beyond measure, and all that we have and all that we are is because of Him!