Saturday, March 26, 2011

.new projects.

I generally fail at all things crafty...I'm talking F minus, minus. I'm not really upset about, I've just come to except that certain things are not in my strength basket as it were. However, having said that, suddenly I've been feeling the creative juices wanting to flow. It stems mostly from these cute onesies that Hayley dons Mikey with. You know the little onesies with ties for little boys...
I wanted one for little Finnigan, but after looking at the Etsy site, I thought to myself "self why spend $12 on one shirt that you could probably make yourself." So I ventured to the fabric store and purchased the goods to make Finn his own tie shirt.
It you can see it was a tight fit from the beginning and cant be worn anymore...we are passing it on to our newest cousin on his way in July. After such success I couldn't stop, and with all the babies on their way in our ward I thought these are my new baby gifts. This is for a mystery baby due next month. Don't look close at the stitching because...Yikes...not so good, but I figure the baby won't be wearing it for too long anyhow.

But the one that I love best is for a wee girl due at the end of summer. The stitching is near perfect...yeah. I wish I could make one for Finn to wear, but it's a bit girly. I might rate myself in the mid B range for these bad boys. I might turn out to be crafty after all.

.operation lose the girth.

The time has come to commit myself to losing the girth. I'm actually only about 5 lbs away from pre-baby weight, but closer to 25 lbs away from where I want to be. So I'm beginning the healthy eating and workout strategies full on this coming week. This would include eating no sugar; eating more raw veggies & fruit; eating less name just a few things. The working out will come along as it does usually 3 times a week of cardio plus some strength training thrown in for good measure. There it is...30lbs...I'm coming after you!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So we are almost finished with this week of work, and there are definately things I like and dislike about the whole ordeal. I'm sorry to say that after not so wonderful nights of sleep, that I hand him over freely in the morning (it helps that he is so well taken care of by Lena). Seriously, I think I'm to the point where I will just have to let him cry it out a bit so we can both get some better sleep. Despite his night time antics, I always miss him a few hours after I drop him off and I can't wait for my last day so that I can be with little Finn all day and love on him. However, I can see that I'm going to miss working with Jill. I mean for three years I think I saw more of Jill then I saw of Roy...and that is saying something. Even just being back for 2 short days we have started off right where we left off...and it's nice! But it's time to put that chapter behind me. I think I will have to make many plans to hang with Jill away from work so we can just have some fun girl time though!

and because I can, here is Finn and all his cute squeakiness.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

.top o' the morning.

Good morning mr. Finn...happy st. Patty's!
Someone is a happy camper after sleeping his first stretch of 6 hours.

If only it hadn't been wasted on a sick mommy who tossed and turned on her own. keep up the good sleeping little man!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


two months ago, Finn, you made your entrance into this world...and you have completely changed our lives! We might have gotten more sleep before, but we have decided undeniably, that we want to keep you forever. We love that you have hair everywhere, even your ears. We love it when you stretch really hard after being swaddled all night. We love that you try really hard to suck on your fists, but usually end up hitting yourself in the face (you might be our thumb sucker). We love your little butt that fits perfectly in our hands. We love your little sneezes, but we did not love the cold that came along for the ride. We love how you stare at lights wherever you are. And of course we love how you smile super big and brighten up the moment, even after big blow-outs...we like to call you our little "poopsmith".

You are our little chubby dumpling weighing in at a plump 10.7 lbs (50%)
And one healthy short boy measuring 21.5 in (15%)

You are feeling pretty miserable right now after your vaccinations today, but hopefully you will sleep well and be happier tomorrow!

Thanks for being apart of our little family Finn, we love you!

Monday, March 14, 2011

.yo yo.

Since the beginning of December I had told my boss that I had wanted to come back to work. We had made this decision after looking at our finances and realizing how tight it would be without my fact we wouldn't even be able to afford insurance for Finn and I. Of course we only wanted me to work for a little bit until we could figure out another plan. Since January I have been dreading March 16th, and of course the week has finally come. I have had so much anxiety about finding someone to watch the little dude, as well as thinking about pumping. In fact while Roy was at Youth Conference this weekend I was at my parents, but I was just sick to my stomache and crying randomly. On Sunday, I finally hit the wall and decided that I needed to stay home with Finn...instant PEACE! It was as if a weight had been lifted. I don't know how we will make ends meet, and I don't know how we will insure the little man and me, but I DO KNOW that I need to be home. So whatever happens I have the confirmation of that. I had to talk to my awesome boss today and let him know the change of plans. I felt so bad that I even broke down and cried telling him how sorry I was about doing the whole yo yo thing. Of course he was so understanding and just gracious about working with me...which made me feel even worse for backing out at the last minute. But I definately know that I had to do it. So I will get to spend my days being a full time mom, and I'm STOKED about that. who wouldn't be when you have such a cute little man

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

.all smiley.

We love your smiles Finn!

Monday, March 7, 2011

.visits, blessings, & other good things.

These past weeks have flown by in a flury of events. First off we had a visit from Roy's mom. she got to spend a whole week loving on her first grandbaby. I don't think Finn minded one bit all the attention he got.
Don't you just love this picture where they're gazing at eachother?
As the weeks are passing he is becoming more and more alert. He is definately more aware of what's happening around him. Of course my favorite thing he does lately is smile at you. His little grins are so sweet, but when he really smiles it makes everyone in the room smile. It never gets old!
Finally, Finn was blessed yesterday! Here is the little man with his daddy. I have two handsome boys!
I have a beef with the blessing "outfits" for little boys. I'm not into the little tuxedos or the little knicker pants that, I'm sorry to say, are a little girly. All I wanted was some simple white pants and shirt, but non were to be found. Not to mention that you were looking at spending nearly $60 for something they are only going to wear once. So my sister and I (mostly my sister) just whipped out a simple pair of white cotton pants with a bonus monogrammed back pocket in about an hour and for only $5. They turned out perfectly simple and cute...just the way I like it. Roy said he looked like a little temple worker.
The blessing was wonderful. I kept asking Roy if he was nervous, and of course he was not. I think I was more nervous for him. Finn performed like a champ and slept his way through with nary a peep from him.
On top of the blessing, I was also released from my calling as first counselor in young womens. It may have been a slightly emotional day to say the least. I'm looking forward to a change, since I've been in young womens as long as we've been in the ward, but I will dearly miss hanging with such awesome youth every week.
We have been truly blessed with wonderful friends and family. Roy's Utah family love little Finn as their own (as they have Roy). They came bearing gifts for the little man's big day. They just returned from Disneyland, and have already started to endoctrinate Finn, starting with his first Mickey hat...he has a little room to grow into!
Another thing he has to grow into is that chin...Finn is definatley not missing any meals.