Friday, February 20, 2015

.hitting deductibles, climbing out of windows, new mattresses, and sunshine.

My really never slows down a bit does it?  Just when I think things start to get into a groove and I can get ahead a bit, something else hits.  I'm just trying to write down some of the things from the last month before I forget everything that happened.  I hate doing month recaps, but it seems all that I'm capable of these past few months.  So here it is in all it's recap-ness.

The BIG thing that happened this month was sick Eisley.  We got our first ambulance ride and everything.  Nothing like meeting your deductible right out of the gate right? (you can read more about that in her 10 month update).

  We are so blessed by good family and friends.  They helped us through all the madness with watching kiddos, picking up cars, and bringing care packages.  We always feel God's love through the kindness of others.  Thank you a hundred times over for your selflessness!!!
someone left us a sweet care package for the kids filled with puzzles, coloring books, and treats.  Finn said it was the nicest thing ever!!! 
Meg, as is well known is our little miss busy body.  She runs me ragged and seems to never stop.  Getting older has only allowed her to get into MORE things, so it's a never ending battle.  In an effort to keep her out of Finn's toy's I tell Finn to shut his bedroom door as she has not quite acquired the necessary height to open the door knob.  The other morning I went in to his room to coax him into getting ready for preschool instead of playing with his legos.  I shut the door behind me so Meg wouldn't come into bother us.  As usual she sat outside the door crying dramatically because she wasn't allowed in.  After a LONG discussion about having to hurry to get ready I got up to go get the girls and me ready.  To my dismay, I realized Meg had locked the door (in our defense we changed the door knobs around so that Finn wouldn't lock himself IN).  So there we were,  Finn and I locked in Finn's room in our pajamas, with Meg crying frantically on the other side of the door.  I panicked a little as I scrambled to find something to open the door.  Finally I realized I would have to go out the window pajamas, bed head, and all.  I can only imagine if any of my neighbors saw me, what they were thinking.  When I got back in the house, Meg was still laying on the ground outside of Finn's door crying like an abandoned child...seriously!!!
sleeping is the only time this one is still...and even then she moves a lot!

We spent Valentines going out on a lunch date, and getting a new mattress.

The best thing about this February has been the absolutely amazing weather. You really can't beat 60 degrees in February!


Miss Eisley, you broke into the double digits of life with flare to say the least.  With older siblings, it's almost inevitable that you get all the germs they come in contact with.  Finn and Meg picked up a pretty wicked cold that led to lots of coughing.  I wasn't surprised, or even at all concerned when you picked it up as well.  About the fourth day of this cold you were still running a pretty high fever and coughing a lot so I made an appointment with the pediatrician Monday morning.  They put you on oxygen right away as your O2 levels were between 82/90 (anything below 90 gets you a trip to a hospital).  Once the dr. assessed you, it was decided that an ambulance ride up to Primary Children's hospital was what needed to happen because you were still too low without the oxygen on.  I felt terrible because I just had no idea how bad you were.  Sometimes being a quiet pleasant baby has its draw backs.
 A first for both of ambulance ride up to Primary's.

Once we got to the hospital they deep suctioned you out and watched your vitals.  The respiratory therapist  seemed happy with how you were doing on the oxygen and so they put is in the observation unit to watch how you did for 6 hours.
finally catching a little bit of sleep in the ER waiting to be taken to the observation unit.
 After about 8 hours in the observation unit, the pediatrician felt confident in letting you go home with oxygen, so dad and I got the run down on how to work the tanks, and packed you up ready to go home.  Momma was so tired, but had to stay up waiting for the oxygen concentrator to show up around 12:30 in the morning.
 Momma got to spend a lot of one on one time with you the next day.  It was nice to give my undivided attention to just you.
At the follow up appointment the next day the dr. was still concerned with the crackle in your lungs, so he put you on an anti-biotic.  Within 2 days you were doing so much better and the dr. said it sounded like night and day since the last visit.  You were taken off the oxygen which made both of us very happy!

first night in a week that you slept without oxygen...beautiful!
 You have bounced back to your usual happy self, and have even started moving so much more.  And amidst all the craziness, you popped out your first tooth.  We are so happy to have you healthy and well again.  It's a scary thing to have sick babies.
 We love you little Eisley, happy 10 months baby girl!

Monday, February 2, 2015

.and then he was 4.

I still can't believe I have a four year old, has it really been that long ago since little man made me a mommy for the first time?  Finn is my boy, and I love that he's the first.  He has really taken off this past year with growing up and learning new things.  He is a big help around the house getting the garbage's for garbage day, cleaning up, and making his bed.
His favorite things to do are playing Lego's and building anything, reading, puzzles, playing outside, hot tubbing with daddy, and watching his shows.
He has learned lots of letters and how to write his name.  We are still working on holding pencils the right way (Meg does better then him).
He is loving his tumbling class, especially his donkey kicks.
He is still a momma's boy and I love it.  He is sensitive and kind, but also a little wild and crazy.  He's great at making messes, and saying funny things like, "the boogers won't let me smell".  We couldn't love this little rascal anymore then we do!

For his birthday breakfast he requested doughnuts and a building project.

Among other things this year, he learned that chocolate isn't that bad.  He requested a chocolate tractor cake again, and ate every single bite.   WHAT?!?!? he wouldn't touch the stuff last birthday.

Finn, Abner, and Lilly broke in his new swords with an impromptu joust.

Happy Birthday Finn!  You are a great source of joy in our lives, and we are so happy you are apart of our family!!!


Happy nine months! You continue to grow and discover the world around you.  It has been a crazy month filled with lots of family of events.  You welcomed in your first new year and tried to figure out what all the fuss was about at Christmas.  You were especially spoiled from Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman who sent you lots and lots of toys.  I think you've enjoyed having the greater variety of toys.
You still have not popped a tooth out or seemed all that curious about crawling or moving yet.  I'm not worried, because I know it is only a matter of time before I won't be able to keep track of you walking around.  The only moving you do is roll around from object to object and you do squirm your way backwards on your back and that seems to satisfy your need to move.
You weighed in at 15.5 lbs at your check up which actually put you on the charts (the first of all my babies),  I think that is because you are strictly formula and food now.  Dr. is happy happy happy with your growth and thinks you are just as pretty as can be.
 Merry Christmas to our happy sweet cheeked baby!

You are loved by all those around you sweet girl and you make our world a brighter place.  Daddy said last night how happy he was you were born, and I couldn't agree more!
daddy gave mommy a heart attack by perching you up on the fridge.  You didn't seem to notice anything different.