Thursday, September 29, 2011

.autumn harvest, and other bid-nez.

a small portion of the goods canned
I feel like I've been running. running. running for the past few days, and have just now had a moment to breathe.  In an effort to domesticate myself, I have been gathering and canning fruit for the coming months.  Growing up, I always loved having canned fruit to indulge in, even in winter.  Mom would delegate certain days for canning and employ as many kids as she could to help.  Mom, how did you do it??? Seriously, how did you do it.  It's a ton of work that is hot a laborousom, and if you have young kids in the mix...forget about getting it done on any schedule.  Thankfully, my sisters were there to keep it fun, and ultimately I feel so good looking at all that deliciousness in my cupboards.
On top of canning, life is just plain BUSY!  It feels like some days are just survival mode where there is no time for extras like eating, showering, or cleaning.  I laugh at myself a bit, because I think..."hunny you've got 1 child...count em...1, and you don't work, do you think it gets any easier??? it won't, so you need to learn how to deal with life, or you're not going to make it." 
At least today I feel like I've collected myself a bit and have been able to put some order back into my life...and that feels wonderful.  So I'm going to sit and catch my breathe, and get ready for the next wave of life.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Have you every gone back and re-read your old journals? If you haven't, you should. I spent the past few days Reading my journals and I have to say it's slightly embarrassing and entertaining.
I should really start writing, like really writing a journal again, because let's face it something's are better left to pens and paper.

Friday, September 23, 2011

.2 is better then 1.

Today is the first day of fall, and for that I'm excited, but today also brought in a head cold for this momma.  I wanted to spend the day in bed sleeping and doing nothing, but instead I got up did our morning routine with the little nugget, cleaned both bathrooms...including the shower which is probably my least favorite chore in the entire house, watered the flowerbed, and swept the porches.  After doing all that productivity I felt like I had earned some downtime.  Of course Finn had other plans.  He opted for a short nap and one very long afternoon for me.  I was so happy when Roy walked through the door!  He fed our son and then took him on a long long long run so that I could take a nap.  While I put Finn down, he got dinner, because we all know Roy does not cook.  So while I'm enjoying my Village Baker soup and cranberry juice with lime, I'm thinking how grateful I am to be doing this with a partner.  Because when I'm run down and need a break, Roy is there to pick up the slack and take long long long runs with his little dude so that his little wife can center herself again. I'm happy we're a pair! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

.what's so great about 8.

"pistol pete" Finn,
yes that is drool, bibs have become a constant.
We are absolutely loving life at 8 months with you!  You are such an active kid, that is completely curious about the world around you.  It seems that you have finally discovered animals, and boy kid, you love those animals.  Just this morning over at the Meltons you were squealing with delight over Jupiter the Space donkey.  Even a few licks and wacks to the head from his wagging tail, didn't diminish your excitement. 
don't let the face fool love it...promise
You also get pretty stoked about your dad.  But who wouldn't with all the play time and energy dad brings.  He is greeted everyday with a bright smile and enthusiastic kicks and squirms.  He of course can't get enough of you.
You are sitting like a pro, but you also like to explore by rolling around the floor, and going after favorite toys which include: tags on your stuffed animals, books, binks...just for chewing mostly, remotes, and of course our cell can spot those a mile away.
You LOVE solid food, and always want to taste what's going into our mouths.  You eat almost anything, but you especially enjoy yogurt and green beans.  And now that you eat 3 solid meals a day on top of nursing you are actually starting to gain and grow.  It seems like this past week you have suddenly decided to gain some elevation.  We have had to adjust you walker to a higher setting, and have switched the harness in the running stroller to the next level.
it might be just me, but I think these slipper socks are about the cutest
thing ever!
My favorite things that you do right now: high pitched squeals, clapping, playing with my hair, sing to yourself in the morning, raspberries-ALL THE TIME, and just the fact that you're legs seem to be in a constant state of motion.
Love you little Finn!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

.our labors, a birthday, and a pound.

We've had ourselves some busy days around here lately.  What would labor day be without a bit of laboring on a few family projects.  My mom and dad decided to utilize the brothers and brothers-n-law to do some serious demolition in the my parents back yard. The deck that we built when we moved into the house and the retaining wall had to go. 

While the men-folk were in the yard, I was laboring on a birthday gift for Roy...really my sister Holly labored while I watched and learned. Although Roy needs another shirt like he needs a hole in the head I couldn't help myself.

Don't worry if you don't get it...I only know because I married myself a runner. Fartlek is a running workout that just so happens to sound like a slightly offensive term.  I may have enjoyed it more then Roy...just saying.  After the required tasks were done, we feasted on burgers, fresh corn from the garden, and bite sized pieces of watermelon.
This is what happens when you leave Kay to cut watermelon
Tuesday, Roy's 28th birthday rolled along.  I was simply in a rubbish mood all day...very melancholy, and subdued.  I tried really hard to get excited, and I nearly did when I purchased Roy's gift and something extra for super cheap because there was a sale, but even my giant birthday cookie couldn't break my mood.  Finally, after weeblos, and the condo board meeting Roy told me to go to our stake women's volleyball night.  I almost didn't want to go because I was late, and lets face it feeling sorry for myself, but wouldn't you know it was just what I needed.  When I arrived home Roy said, "you had a good time didn't you."  Yes Roy, you were right, I had a good time, and got myself out of my funk.  What a crappy day for Roy...getting old and having to put up with your wife's sub-optimal attitude.  Lucky for me I married a guy who could care less about birthdays, and even felt like I set the bar high for him. 
Now after all the busy-ness of the week here we are at Thursday.  Today was Finn's big weigh in since his last appointment he didn't gain a single ounce.  The Dr. and I were very pleased to see a gain of a pound for our little Mr putting him at a whopping 14lb 3oz at 7 months. 

We don't mind that he's off the chart as long as he is growing.  Way to gain a whole pound Mr. Finn! Other then his little weight issue, he is doing just amazing, and getting bigger in so many other ways.
With such a busy week, I'm looking forward to another weekend already!