Wednesday, November 24, 2010

.perhaps not.

The blizzard to end all blizzards did not actually come to fruition as most of us wanted it to. This might be because we've never experienced a real blizzard and ones imagination can do wonders especially induced by all the hype. It blew and froze as promised, and looked quite dreadful for about an hour, but then the snow flurry's slowed and eventually stopped leaving only frigid arctic air in its wake. It's that type of cold where the air is heavy with stillness and hurts just to breath. It conjures up memories of a March morning in Russia where the air was almost tangible with the weight of the cold. Or days walking to school in Logan when you would get to class and notice your hair was stiffly frozen because apparently you didn't dry it thoroughly. So although the storm didn't quite deliver it's promised doom, it was nice for just one night not to go anywhere, stay inside, and feel cozy.

bad picture from our deck as the storm was ending

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

.here's the thing.

My belly is getting bigger by the second, but my arms remain the same length. This makes the whole sitting at a desk all day increasingly difficult. My back is protesting at this moment...I think I might go take a quick little jaunt around the office and give the leaning a break.

Winter is flexing his muscles today in UT with a blizzard warning. A blizzard WARNING folks! Yeah that pretty much never happens here. We tend to just deal with what winter has to deal is just what it is. So now we are all scrambling around trying to figure out what one does in the case of blizzard warnings. Schools are closing, people are leaving work early, 72 hour kits are being pulled out. It would be quite the disappointment if this storm came and went without a hitch...only time will tell.

If this storm is everything it's supposed to be maybe...just maybe we will get a free day tomorrow. One can dream of starting their Thanksgiving Holiday early, especially because we get to hang with the Lamberts (our UT family) tomorrow for a little early feasting. I plan on getting some tips on making the best mashed potatoes seeing as there is a small competition between me and my brother in law. Let the best potatoes win!

So besides sore backs, and impending doom all is right with the world!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

.soon enough.

The weekend couldn't have shown up any sooner. My weeks seem to fill up faster then I can schedule them, and frankly I'm feeling a little out of steam. But go on one must, because that is life. This week has been filled with meetings, Dr. Appointment(S), too much money spent, & not enough sleep. This morning as I hobbled my way upstairs (another story in itself), and plopped down with my bowl of cereal. I watched as Roy, my morning person, made his way up even slower then I did. I made a quip along the lines of "you look how I feel". Ha, sometimes the week just runs you over and leaves you staggering. We did finally accomplish the impossible by getting the land bruiser registered. It only took 4 trips to pass. And I finally caved and got my flu shot. It feels a little like someone slugged me in the shoulder *ouch*!
So sorry to drag you all into the mire, but it's an honest snapshot of what my Friday morning feels like. By Monday things will have improved!

Friday, November 12, 2010


and so it's come to this...29 weeks. Those weekly increments of time have continued to tick off sometimes to my amazement, and sometimes to my anxiety. I looked at myself in the mirror last week and thought, "when did all this happen?". Even though I've seen myself everyday for the past 203 days, it still seems so strange to find myself staring back at an every growing gut.
I was recently talking to a friend about the frustration I've felt about wanting to do some of the things I miss and took for working out. I miss having that freedom to just move without thought or concern. I'm feeling completely motivated to get my butt in shape, but now is not the time to undertake anything major. So I will wait...hoping that that motivation is still there when I can do something with it.

You know what I'm loving right now? Ice. It's true, ice goes into nearly everything I drink. oh and suddenly my sweet tooth is running rampant (luckily I'm also craving fruit). I always want something sweet after meals. I've taken to eating the chocolate chips from the cupboard. I have my mom to thank for this. Growing up we didn't just have candy lying around in dishes, but mom always kept chocolate chips for baking. During the day I would sometimes catch my mom grab a handful of semi-sweet morsels to satisfy her cravings for something sweet. Well mom, I watched and learned well.

On top of getting larger by the week, trying to drink enough water (it's never going to happen), and mastering the "waddle", I'm feeling very happy and well. I love watching this little man move his buns around. It really is all amazing to think about and realize what a little miracle we have!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

.one of the last.

Saturday was one of the last beautiful fall days of the year. The weather hovered around 70 and was just all around pretty darn perfect! We spent the morning walking along the Jordan Parkway with the fam. I feel so blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
We continued with our outdoor activities by climbing trees with Lexie, and...

jumping in the leaves.
Thanks Autumn for giving us one last day of joy!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

.new toys and the such.

I have wanted to post seriously 10 different times in the past 2 weeks, but life just happens, and the time never seems to be available to do all the things one wants to do. With that being said, I'm at the slow office today, and find myself with more free time then is needed, so now is catch up time. Where to start??
The Sullivan Halloween party:

We love our Halloween in the Sullivan is just a sample of the good times.
Full moon cresting over the neighborhood
Our GIANT race arch that we just had to blow up to make the neighbors wonder
The Bachands sporting their Wizard of Oz
'Pea in the Pod' Bendy
My mom's clever flower pot costume (I love that Grace is watering her)
and of course Mike and Ang and the Luchedor's...those pink pants already have a special place in next years costumes.

It was a great night filled with spooky food, dancing, slime, and family!

Scary movie night:

I'm not a big scary movie person in general, but once a year I put aside my fear and get into the mood of Halloween by watching a scary movie. We like to make a night of it with dinner and friends. This year the Wards, along with baby Mikey came over for the festivities. Jill made her famous corn chowder, and we just enjoyed the company all around.

New Toys:

This past week Roy sold his mt. bike, which has been on KSL for the past 3 months. After several days of conflicting thoughts and ideas, we finally decided to buy Christmas early this year (we may have got this idea from G-ward and Hayley). Roy has been consumed with RC cars lately. Say what you want, but it's his nostalgic hobby...and honestly, even though I had envisioned a white trash hobby, I didn't have the heart to dash his childhood love.

The great thing about it though is that without fail, every guy he's shown has acted just like a little boy on Christmas morning. They LoVE driving it, and Roy can't stop smiling!

What with Roy enjoying his new toy, I was feeling a little left out. I have been wanting to get a bigger i-pod to hold all of our music, but we had never gotten around to it. We have always been fine with a shuffles for when we worked out. But we finally caved and got the i-pod touch. I don't think I've put it down since this past weekend. I keep discovering something new on it and I just get more stoked about it every time. We will just re-wrap these bad boys come December and be just as giddy then as we are now!

Sorry for the overload, but like I said, time was not my friend this week.