Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Theme Music

This is the first installment of Thursday theme music. The inspiration for such trivial postages came from songs that randomly left their musical footprint throughout the day. Sometimes these songs spring from mere phrases said during the day, but more often then not the songs creep from some dark corner of the mind and surface in some indiscriminate way. I think I really picked up this habit (bad or otherwise) while living with my friend Colette who, for any of those who know her, frequetly breaks out into song, real or not. I have taken that talent with me to my place of business and my co-worker Jill has followed suite. The following songs are what have made it out to the open today.

Straight up- Paula Abdul
Memories- Cats (musical)
These Boots Were Made for Walking-Nancy Sinatra (this songs ranks as one of my all-time least favorite...lame...not a fan!)
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly theme- Ennio Moriccone (one of amazing abilities of the interent is it alllows us to look up muscians who would otherwise go unnoticed)
Respect- Aretha Franklin
Hooked on a Feeling- B.J Thomas (also performed by David Hasslehoff who is apparently pretty big in Germany)

This is only half a day's summary and I will spare you the details of the playlist from the rest of the week

Friday, October 24, 2008

If you were a 70's song....

So the thought occured to me today, "If I were a 70's song, which one would I be?". This is of course a natural thought. Now seeing as there are so many quality tunes to pick from out of this fabulous decade I had a hard time in the selection process. A few of the early picks included some earth wind and fire, ABBA, and of course the Bee Gees, but none of their songs really fit me. After much deliberation and some great music videos I finally decided on a good fit. I insert a thanks here to my old roommate Aubs who let me know it was cool to indulge in the classic rock every once in awhile.

As a bonus I also give you Jill's 70 song:

So the burning question remains: IF YOUR WERE A 70'S SONG, WHICH WOULD YOU BE?
let me know...I'm curious

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Frozen Fall

I guess you can't expect too much of the weather in Utah. Just when you think Fall is beginning its beautiful phase, in comes winter pushing it's weight around forcing the already brief moment that is fall to end abruptly. I thought before winter could take its true hold on this part of the world I would venture out into the last remnants of fall. And what better place to do that than in Logan Canyon, for old time sake, with my friend Colette.

At trip up the canyon wouldn't be complete
without 7 eleven hot chocolate.

Quality moments of me trying to fly. I love the one with everything flailing: scarf, arms, legs

a rare moment of normal-ness

Its harder with two people. Even when we thought we were in sync we weren't

Finally after close to 100 trys...perfection

We had lots of fun and stayed relatively warm with all the jumping that was done. I'm hoping the leaves will stay just long enough for a trip up Millcreek with Roy, but I guess that all depends on how much winter is willing to push.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I would never categorize myself as one of those dog people who treat their dogs as their children. I don't believe in letting dogs stay in the house or riding in cars on your lap as you run errands (not that there is anything wrong with that)... I just don't do it myself. However, I can say that I am a dog person without hesitation, and being one I am now feeling a void in my life.

Here pictured is our family dog, Suboka. Appropriately named after the Russian word for dog by my bilingual sister Holly. This small mutt of a dog (rumored to be a Pekineses, Husky mix) was as spunky as she was short and has been a part of the fam for the greater portion of my life. And as sad as it is to admit, I think I felt a greater emotional tear with her passing than with my grandmother's passing last year. Don't misunderstand here, I miss my grandmother dearly and have always loved her as only a granddaughter can, but there was just something right about her there wasn't a void left behind. In the case a this little white dog though, I find myself tearing up thinking of not seeing her running to the car when I pull up. It's silly that I find myself waxing poetic for a family pet, but I guess growing up with something so constant its hard to finally let go.