Thursday, June 2, 2016

.sunshine and rain.

Lately...really for awhile, I have felt overwhelmed with life and all that needs to get done, all that gets in the way, and all the falling down and getting back up that inevitably happens.  I know I would be an awesome mother, wife, neighbor, friend, ect. if I didn't have to worry about just trying to survive.  The longer I live the heavier the burden seems to get, and the more I realize I can't do it alone...and I guess that's the secret behind it all is that we weren't supposed to.  It's a lesson I have to keep relearning apparently.  Not to get all down in the dirt, but it's just how I've been feeling lately.

But life goes on and it's a beautiful messy thing.

Finn's Mother's day gift for me was weeding out my dandelions.
E opted for no fork for Mother's day pie
These three sure are something.  I sure love them something fierce!

We spent an evening at Wheeler Farm with some friends and the kids haven't stopped talking about it since.  Being outside and chasing ducks and geese is hard to beat.

We are all so happy for the warmer weather, but I think E is the happiest of us all.  She would spend all day outside if I let her.  She especially loves to swing!

Roy and Finn went for an overnight campout so the girls and I had out own fun.  Painting toes, watching princess shows, and complaints here.

We have had some fantastic spring storms that have kept everything green and happy.  It also makes for some great running.

E finally had her speech evaluation and qualified for early speech intervention.  Her receptive language was 75%, but her verbal was only 1%, which explains why she throws some epic tantrums.  It must be very frustrating to understand everything, but not be able to express very much.  We are all looking forward to helping her develop her voice.

Mr. Finn graduated from preschool, and has really grown in the last year.  He has started reading and is a ball of boy energy.  He preformed enthusiastically, and even gave us all a little surprise solo at the end.

Lucky for us miss M gets these two awesome teachers next year.

Finn and his cousin Abner...