Friday, June 22, 2012

.please pass.

I'm so happy to see this week heading out. It's been our sick week here at La Vista dr., and to say that it's been rough is an understatement. It started Monday with Finn throwing up and LOTS of laundry. Tuesday we were beginning to feel like we dodged a bullet, but then wednesday rolled in and brought with it a southern effect of digestive bugs. So again LOTS of laundry, and LOTS of disinfecting wipes. Thank goodness my morning sickness was so much better that day, otherwise it would have been soooo much worse. I went to bed that night thinking first no more fruit for Finn for awhile, and I think the worse has passed. Thursday Roy woke up feeling rather miserable, and said all day he was fighting an upset stomach. By that night he was feeling better, but that's when I took it on. Aghhh, so miserable to need to keep food down because of morning sickness, but not being able to. I was awake most of night, but then mr. Finn decided to relapse. So at around 2:00am instead of trying to sleep I showered Finn while Roy stripped sheets and starting yet more laundry. When I woke still feeling sick, the thought of caring for a sick baby on top of that felt like too much. Pleading with Roy to see if he could stay home and help, but his work situation wouldn't allow it. After that I just had to call my mom, and of course she dropped everything and came over and nursed us back. She cleaned, cooked lunch and dinner, went shopping for some nessities, and just all around took care of us. I asked her how she did it when she had young kids, and she said, "I just did it. I've blocked a lot of it out, but you can do more then you think you can.". I agree with that, but man I'm soooo grateful for a mother who lives close enough and who loves her kids so much that she will drop everything and help them. Let's hope Saturday brings much health to our home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

.keeping track.

With being in the prone position for most of the last 10 weeks, it's been hard to want to do anything extra like keep track of the experience of this pregnancy, let alone actually keeping house and being momma.  But I knew I would regret if I didn't do something of record, so this time around I'm simplifying a bit and only doing every 4 weeks and it wont be just pictures of me becoming large with child.  Hopefully it's something that little one can look at years from now and enjoy...or at least just me.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yikes...a whole month has gone by with nary a word from this little ol blog. In my defense we've had some big things happening around here. The biggest of which is we are currently baking Hoffman #4 (which means baby number 2 so there's no confusion on the number of children). We suspected something was afoot while we were in Florida, and our suspicions were confirmed when we got home. We were pretty stoked when we found out...even though it happened sooner then expected (estimated arrival jan 8th). Things quickly turned crazy as I was calling my insurance and making appointments. Maternity benefits pretty much suck unless you're on government assistance or a group plan through work, and there is no way to get those benefits after your pregnant. I of course have found this out after the fact. As it became apparent that our options were quickly dwindling, my anxiety rose. Even though I wanted to have an epidural this time around, I just couldnt justify spending $8-10 grand out of pocket to do so. We have decided to go ahead with a naural birth at a birthcenter and midwife. There are days when I have peace about this decision, but I'm still feeling that stress of going natural again. On top of the stress of figuring out how to go about this pregnancy in the most affordable/safe way, I have been just miserable with "morning" sickness. Being pregnant with Finn was easy. Most days I would forget that I was even pregnant. I had energy, no food eversions, my skin was it's just the opposite. Yuck!!! Needless to say this experience has been so different from Finn's, but I'm also aware through all of this how blessed we are. We are happy to have a sibling on the way for little man, and happy that we have other options to help us during this pregnancy. I know the Lord is going to be teaching me many things through this experience, and that we are doing the right thing. We'll keep you posted as we get this baby cooking!