Monday, March 24, 2014


a few things are happening...or have happened...First our little Miss M has mastered the stairs so that we could take down our child gates.  It may not seem like much, but it feels so much better to not be locked into a living space anymore.  She's already tumbled down about three stairs since, but I figure that is the best way to learn in a lot of ways.  I'm really excited that we'll have a small break between child gate months for baby #3.
Secondly, i'm growing into the idea that we will probably be in this little place of ours for a little longer.  We had a showing about a week ago (our first).  The couple left a survey letting us know that although they liked the inside of the house, the outside left a lot to be desired.  I cried.  I cried in frustration because that is something that is completely out of my control.  I cried even though I knew it was only one showing and that it just wasn't the right person.  But it still made me sad because I want our home to sell so bad.  My sister gave me some sage advice after I vented to her about being angry and sad about the whole thing.  She told me to find something else you want that you can control and work on that instead.  So I did.
Lastly, me...I'm growing...physically getting as big as one pregnant women can get.  I'm feeling so stretched and heavy with this little human.  I don't weigh any more then my previous pregnancies, but I feel so beyond stretched to my limits with #3 both physically and emotionally.  The only relief I feel is when I'm lying on my back.  It gives my bulging belly a break from holding it all together.  Emotionally, my hormones have picked back up and I have quite a few crying episodes throughout the day.  This is especially more apparent as I feel like I'm giving every ounce of energy I have to keep up with Finn and Meg leaving me with nothing to cope with.  Last night,  Finn was especially ornery and tired.  He was crying and screaming about his shoe (which he had kicked off in his first episode) while we drove home from my parents house.  I just sat in the front seat crying from shear exhaustion.  Roy took care of the situation, but all I could was cry.  Heaven help us get through these next weeks.
In happy news though, my contractions have slowed some, and with the help of some iron, my energy has picked up a bit.  This week I'll be at 35 weeks which means only 2 weeks to full term.  There will be a sigh of relief once we hit that mark knowing that baby can come when he/she wants.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

.dinos, busy hands, and 33 weeks.

It snowed this morning, and I cried a little.  Spring in Utah is a roller coaster ride with all it's ups and downs.  Just this past Saturday we spent 2 and half hours outside at the park soaking in all the glorious warmth and sunshine.  We could have stayed there all day except that the babies needed naps.  And then we woke to snow today...can you see why I'm sad?  Oh well, there will be warmer days ahead, and I might as well use some of my indoor time to catch up on what's been happening with the Hoffman's.
As previously noted we have been in potty training mode over here, and as much as I dread saying this out loud in fear that I'll jinx myself, Finn is throughly trained.  We've been accident free for nearly 3 weeks and it feels pretty awesome, especially when I felt many times that it might never happen.

We filled up the potty chart with stickers and went to the dinosaur museum as his reward.  He was SOOOO excited to go until we actually got into the museum, and then it all became overwhelming.  The strange noises, and large looming dino bones seemed to frighten him a bit, and he kept saying, "I want to go home".  It wasn't a complete waste, as he really enjoyed the tinkering exhibit they had and he liked the erosion lab as well.

Needless to say his new motivation for filling up his charts is now a kiddie ice cream cone instead of the museum...that totally works for me too.

Miss M has started to become VERY busy, as well as a little more vocal and dominate in her demeanor.  Finn still rules the nest just because his size, but Meg does not back down from him.  I know it will only be a matter of time before she will be standing up for herself against older out Finn...the reckoning is coming.  Besides being more confident in herself, she has discover my many unlocked kitchen cabinets.  She especially loves the Tupperware and towel drawers.  I never bothered locking those doors with Finn either because I thought it was good for them to discover and play with things like that.  I take it all back now that I'm 8 months pregnant and can't seem to keep up with all the bending over and picking up that needs to take place in order for me not to be constantly tripping over bowls and lids.
 don't let that sweet smile or her old man mullet fool you...she's the master of mayhem.

She gets away with a lot though because she is probably the snuggliest and most lovable baby.  She gives kisses and hugs all the time, and her favorite thing of all is to snuggle down on a pillow with her daddy.  I can only imagine what she will do to with the new baby...probably smother him/her in love!

Baby and I are in our 33rd week.  I've been having more and more Braxton hicks contractions (which is normal I suppose).  I worry a little just because I never know which contractions are actually doing the work versus the ones that don't.  At my last appointment I almost had my mid-wife check me, but decided that I didn't want to start anything by checking.  I'll hold off until about week 36 for a check and hope that baby stays put for a little while longer.  I've been trying to get as much Iron into my diet as I was a little anemic and the nesting is hitting hard this past week.  Unfortunately, my energy is just not there to do all that I want to.  Luckily Finn is still taking naps most days (after his terrible antics a couple months ago) so I still get a chance to rest in the afternoon.  Roy has also been a lot of help with picking up the slack with laundry and dishes and wrangling the kids in general.  I will feel less stressed out as soon as we hit full term at 37 weeks and know that baby has not decided to show early, but until then, I will just try to take it as easy as I can with nesting and two crazy kids!
Meg and momma at 33 weeks

We made brownies one day, and Finn, who doesn't like chocolate, licked that spatula and the beaters clean.  Apparently he likes brownies!

Meg, who loves shoes, just had to give daddy's boots a try.