Thursday, May 22, 2014

.life with three.

Pretty much since the beginning of April, our life has been C-RA-ZY!  I'll get more into the actual moving of things in another post, but right now I wanted to focus on something vastly more life with three little munchkins.  It's much like I anticipated...busy multiplied by three.  Three very young children take all the energy and motivation I can muster.  I'll I want to do at night after they go to bed is sit and do nothing.  Not dishes, not laundry, not excerise.  I become an absolute vegetable.  I know it's a stage that won't last, but it's definately hard not to feel overwhelmed in the middle of it all.  That being said though, I love these three.  They are my life!


I read an article recently about life with little boys.  I was laughing out loud because it was literally Finn to a T.  He loves wrestling, getting dirty, peeing on trees, and being outside doing anything in the dirt.  He is such a momma's boy still, and I kind of love it (except when he's whining and being dramatic).  He wants me to hold him still and sing our songs at night.  It's one of my favorite things we do.  I'll sit and sing and listen to his tender little three year old voice singing along with me.  I want to get it on camera one time, just so I can remember his sweetness years from now.
He loves his sisters and is very gentle with Eisley...Meg on the other hand is free game.  He wrestles and rolls over Meg on a regular basis.  Luckily Meg is a pretty tough thing and tends to play back until he pins her...then she cries...a lot!  Even though he tests my patience ALL THE TIME, I sure do love that little man of mine!

Oh what can I say about miss Meg?  She is a sweet little busy thing.  She is ninja quiet and has the quickest hands I've ever seen.  She gets into anything she can reach, and anything she can't, Finn facilitates for her.  My house is constantly strewn with cans, towels, and single shoes that she drags out from their shelves.  All the garbage cans are up on counters and dressers where she can't dig through them.  For all her busy-ness, she is a sweet little lover.  Roy calls it emotional warfare, because all she has to do is come and lay her head on her daddy or give him a kiss, and it's all over.  He lets her hang all over him because she is just too sweet to say "no" to.  She has here moments when she throws her girl tantrums (full on throwing her self to the ground and kicking legs), but mostly she is just busy sweetness.  She finally lets me do her hair without too much of a fight.  I owe this to my neighbor Wendy who has more practice with little girl hair and wrangled Meg into her first two pigs.  Since then she has been more compliant and actually loves getting her hair brushed.  Her latest words are shoes, ball, and Eisley.  Unlike her brother, she isn't as gentle with Eisley.  She pokes at her eyes (probably because she gets eyes and Eisley mixed up), pulls her feet and hands, and slaps her back as if to burp her.  If Meg is about, Eisley can't be anywhere where Meg can reach swing, floor, or bouncer chair.  One day she will be a gentler older sister, but not yet.

She is becoming more and more alert, and has started giving out little elusive smirks.  She likes to be held, and has started to fuss more and more if she's not being held.  This is hard as you can imagine with two other kids wanting and needing attention as well.  So she gets a fair amount of fussing in during the hectic parts of the day.  She sleeps pretty good doing four hour stretches at night.  It's not much, but it gets us by during the day.  I love her sweet smell and soft skin, and I get sad thinking how fast she is growing up.

Life with three is all craziness and love around here!

Monday, May 5, 2014


This is my third time doing a month to month recap for the first year.  I love doing this and printing my version of a baby book at the end of the year.  I won't lie Eisley, we've been REALLY busy, so busy that I almost didn't realize you were already a month old.  We've brought home our first preemie, sold our house, and bought a house...all in the space of about 4 weeks. Even though I feel quite overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted, I know that this was what we wanted and I'm trusting in God's timing of it all.

In your first month of life little Eisley, you've learned how to breath without oxygen, fully nurse, and sleep through any noise your two older siblings manage to make.  I absolutely love this stage where you smell like sweet milk (only mothers can appreciate that smell) and sleep in any position I put you in.

I wish I could take you in more, but with just how busy life is and with two other children, it's just not a reality right now.  But in the wee hours of the morning, I nuzzle your neck, kiss your soft newborn cheeks, stroke you dark hair, and smell your sweet breath.  These are "our" moments, when nobody else is awake and I can just take it all in.  It's funny because with my first baby, I just hated the late night feedings...I would stress just thinking about them, but now they are precious quiet moments that I appreciate because I realize how fleeting they are.

You are such a precious addition to our family Eisley, and we feel a honored to call you ours!