Tuesday, September 28, 2010

.too much whining.

I'm sad to say that I have been whining far too often lately, and that is rather unfortunate because I'm really so very blessed. We were talking in young women's on Sunday how easily we forget the Lord in our lives. It seems that only in our darkest times are we compelled to remember where our strength comes from. Why is that? Why can't we continually draw on the powers of Heaven without being compelled to?
I was having another episode yesterday feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable because of something someone had said earlier. Roy looked at me, and in no uncertain terms said, "why are you letting it bother? Get over it and move on.". What that kid lacks in sensitivity, he makes up for in direct common sense. I can't linger in my self pity too long with him, and that is oh so great! I wanted to be hurt and offended by what this person had said, but the longer I thought about it, the more I realized it was one big waste of time.
Roy and I spent some quiet time this morning reading our patriarchal blessings (he eating his fruit loops, while I read). And once again, I had a spiritual confirmation of my role in life. I read the word confidence over and over again in the paragraphs feeling each time the impact of that word. Confidence in who I am and who I can become because of God! If we truly understood, and remembered that, there would never be any reason to whine or feel burdened by the trials in this life.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

.everything that could.

...go wrong, did go wrong! I've already said it, but I really can't wait for this week to dismiss itself from my life forever!!!! Let's just hit the high points shall we...
-Roy had to take an entire day off work because the race directors just got the bib numbers, but wanted them back the next day.
-That entire day off was NOT spent programming chips. No, no...instead it was spent dealing with a broken water main at the condo complex (you may recall how much we LoVE condo living).
-Because of that lovely water break we got to stay up until 11:30 doing what we could have done during the day.
-Thanks to the young men of MV 10th, Roy is hobbling around on one good ankle. Roy the gimp, and Beth the prego lady...what a pair we will make Saturday at our race.

-Bristow the land bruiser decided not to work this morning when Roy had to drop off the bibs. Consequently, both Roy and I showed up to work late today.

-To top it all off the house looks like it literally vomited. That's what happens when it's the last thing your worrying about.

I have big plans for when this weekend is over...get my house in order, get the car working, start painting the little man's room...oh and possibly breath!

Monday, September 20, 2010

.weekend happenings.

Such a busy weekend was had by the Hoffman's...I'm exhausted. Friday we took Ems and Luke to the State Fair. Aside from the exorbitant cost of everything, we had a good time. The kids were in total shock from the beginning...so much to see and do, and about a million people (it can all be very overwhelming for two young kids). We of course had traditional fair food...hot dogs and funnel cakes, rode the big yellow slide, spotted about every farm animal imaginable, stopped by the cows made of butter (Emory kept insisting we needed to see the butter cows...she may or may not have been slightly disappointed), and of course finished the night off riding the snake roller coaster. It was the hi-light of my night watching Roy, wedged in between 2 kids, going around the wee roller coaster. Emory was in pure heaven, Lucas had a nervous smile as if to say I think I'm having fun, and Roy just looked mooshed...CLASSIC! After several hours of walking around the fair grounds I was done. I haven't felt the weight of the little man like that. It felt so good just to sit down.
Saturday we got to hang with the Wards and their week old Mikey. He is just dang cute and pleasant to boot! I snuggled on him for about an hour and a half and enjoyed every minute of it. The little man may have gotten a little jealous because he started a-kick'n little Mikey while we were lounging. They are going to be good friends...he just doesn't know it yet!
We made a run up to big Cottonwood after that to hang with some old friends from the 9th ward. It was fun to see the ol' gang and re-live some of the times of yesteryear...Good times! And as a bonus we got to see the leaves starting to transform into their autumn display.
Sunday was meetings as usual for Roy (7am-3pm). He takes it all in stride, but sometimes I think, weren't we supposed to be cutting back on meetings. Oh well, it is what it is. Finally we finished the weekend with the Lamberts. Oh it's wonderful being there. They always take great care of us and feed us to busting with the most Delicious food. I tried Ratatouille for the first time, and it was awesome. Of course it wouldn't be a true French feast without fresh baked baguettes! No Bueno for those of us trying to watch what we are eating...I think I ate my weight in bread. On top of the great food Caroline pulled out her quilt books and had us pick out the details of the blanket she is quilting for the little guy. Roy actually came up with the concept and I can't wait to see the finished product.
Unfortunately, there is no rest on the horizon for us. This week is going to be filled with stress and anxiety as we prepare for what may be the final race of the season...and it's a whopper! Biggest race so far for us,totally last minute (Roy was actually going to run it), and a whole day event for Saturday. Needless to say there will be a big sigh of relief after this weekend is over!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

.where we stand.

This past Monday the little man and I headed to our 20th week appointment.  We spent a glorious 45 min. in the ultrasound studio.  He lolled around on his tummy, and I got to see his perfect little body.  The highlight of course was that he looks just as healthy as can be with a fabulous little spine, tiny bladder (which he took the liberty of emptying), and a beautiful heart!  In fact we only had one difficulty with the little guy...he refused to turn over so the tech could see up his nose...stubborn little bugger!  We also discovered that I've been feeling him so much because my placenta is towards my back so there is nothing buffering those little kicks and jabs he has been dishing out...in fact Roy felt him just the other night.  Watching Roy's shocked face light up as he asked if that was him, was a neat experience.  It's pretty cool to be experiencing these things, and I can't get over what a miracle it all is.   Yes I'm getting girthy and getting more and more uncomfortable, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, because I get to be this little nugget's mom...how cool is that!

And one more thing,  I love my sisters!  Being the youngest has its privileges: including having a million things handed down, and all the comfort of having them there to explain that what I'm going through is completely normal.  So thanks Holly, Helen, Ang, & Kay...it is all greatly appreciated!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

.birthdays, burgers, & baby.

What a lovely week it has been!  What with a holiday, the gorgeous weather, and halfway points...it's hard to beat.  Monday was of course Labor day with a bonus of Roy's birthday.  The kid is 27 years old (which seems so old until compared to my 28)! He spent the morning helping G-ward with his car and helping me put a coat of paint on a dresser.  But than he got to enjoy the rest of the day with a fabulous lunch with the Wards, a long bike ride, and copious amounts of cookies.  All in all I think a good birthday by Roy's standard.  He even got a bonus birthday dinner on Tuesday.  It was  a special little treat that was basically a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches, but instead of a burger we went with a healthy option of a Boca Chicken patty.  I would like to take full credit for this masterpiece, but I found it on another blog and knew instantly that Roy would be a fan...and he was.
On the baby front we have hit the 20 week mark (that's 5 month's for all of those who aren't pregnant)...HALFWAY!  Wow where did the time go? Despite the fact that my middle is slowly but surely getting bigger it has not slowed me down.  I'm sleeping well still, staying active (hiked Bells canyon on Wed), and feeling over all very well and happy.  It is getting more and more difficult to bend over and pick things up, and the whole getting up from sitting is a joke, but really I can't complain.  The little man is moving around, and loves to kick at night (especially after walks).  They are getting pretty hard that I think Roy should be feeling him pretty soon...I can't wait.