Monday, January 26, 2009

Glutton for punishment

I don't know why I repeat things hoping that maybe...just maybe it will be different this time. Whatever the reason though I find myself continually going through the motions of something that will inevitably bring me pain. This morning was no exception. I had the hankering for a refreshing smoothie and as I pulled out my ingredients I had the idea of throwing the chocolate protein powder into the mix. Now I've made a chocolate morning smoothie before, actually several times before, and it never turns out well. I always talk myself into "the chocolate" by rationalizing that if I just add such and such or don't as much of this or that it will be the perfect chocolate smoothie that I have envisioned...but yes folks each time I'm disappointed. And as you may have guessed, this morning brought more disappointment to the table. Memo to self: stick with the never lets you down.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

G-Ward and the Special Sauce

The deal is sealed, and Garret and Hailey are officially wed. It was such a great day to witness it all. The sealer did an amazing job and said so many great things. He was the first of all the sealings I've seen to say something new and different. He related the wedding covenant to the endowment covenants we make. I especially loved the part about sacrifice. I heard recently that the number one cause of divorce is selfishness. I truly believe that the law of sacrifice is so important to a healthy marriage. We learn to forget ourselves and focus on the other. It's great! Anyways, we are so stoked for our friends and the happy adventure they are starting out on. Congrats you guys!

Of course Roy had to keep himself entertained with the candle holders, and I of course joined in.

It also gave Roy a chance to show of his "huge" hair and his middle finger. (check out katie's face!)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Go Gators!

I love football...always have. I remember, as a child, watching with my dad and learning the intricacies of the game. I grew up with a fond devotion for John Elway and the Broncos as well as the BYU blue and white. I have to admit I lost a little of my football frenzy (who can blame me when I was an Aggie for 4 years).
However, recently I have entered a new football era of my life. Roy being the Florida boy that he is, it was inevitable that I would be indoctrinated into mainstream gatorhood. Every time I have been back to Florida with Roy, we have experienced some kind of gator fanaticism. The first time we went there was a girl on the side of the road waving us down. We pulled over to find out the women had ran out of gas. Roy gave her money for gas and she started rambling her thanks...most of which I couldn't understand because she was just jumping jabbering. About the only thing I did understand was when she yelled "Go gators" at the end of her ramblings! I thought it was strange, but she must have just been really stoked about the gas money. This last November my suspicions were confirmed when we walked into a sea of orange and blue when we went to lunch. Not a person in that restaurant, besides Roy and me, was not sporting their Gator pride. I told Roy that I will have to be armed with a gator t-shirt the next time we venture back to Florida because I'm tired of sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus I have to admit that I love that their stadium's name is the swamp...I really can't resist.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Random = Fabulous

Work has been fabulous since Christmas, but not for the usual reasons. Ever since the start of my tenure at the ol' Fitzpatrick Sales, Jill and I have constantly struggled to motivate ourselves....musically. Between the two of us we own a large library of music. With such a variety of music we ran into unperceived obstacles. First, there is no way you can bring all of it into work, nor would you want to. Second, having picked a selection from the previous mentioned library rarely do you find yourself in the mood for those cd's longer than one day. Third, laziness and boredom kick in, i.e CD ends, get up, change it, CD ends, get up, get stumped trying to figure out what you want to listen to, change get the idea. Needless to say after half the day we sit in silence. Now comes the fabulous part!
Jill has had herself an ipod for some time...not just a shuffle like mine, I'm talking 80 gb...big enough to hold her entire 5000 song music collection with PLENTY of room to grow. Unfortunately, we have been living in the I-pod void: all the music at our fingertips, but no way to listen to it until now. Finally, preset the random play and we are ready to rock all day while at the same time facilitating our laziness. Love it!