Wednesday, June 19, 2013

.some actual footage.

I've been so behind on updating my videos, but here are just a few of sweet Meg...and a small Finn appearance thrown in.

Meg and Daddy from beth on Vimeo.
giggly Meg from beth on Vimeo.

Monday, June 17, 2013

.from the weekend.

Monday morning...we meet again.  We didn't do anything of real excitement this weekend, but I thought a little catch up never hurt anyone.
We (me and the kids) get stuck at home most of the time these days.  That's what happens when between the two of them they sleep 6 hours a day, and never at the same time.  Finn and I spend most of Meg's nap times outside fitting in as much play out of the house that we can.  Workouts get done sometime in the morning while Finn eats breakfast and Meg plays, and some days 40 minute workouts turn out closer to an hour because I'm stopping to clean and feed children.  It's not the most ideal situation, but I'm making it work with the stage of life right now.  It's seems to be working too.
 This is even after a weekend of crap eating.  I'm talking hot dogs and fries with fry sauce, ice cream, more than a few cookies.  Sunday I made Roy's favorite waffles that taste just like cake so you can imagine how healthy those are.  I had a healthier dinner of grilled fish and veggies, but then finished off strong with an Italian soda, and a few more cookies.  Like I said...crap!  I can only imagine what I would have weighed if I had actually ate decent.  Oh well, I'll just keep trying to be better and sweating hard.
I asked Roy what he wanted for Father's day, and he said he wanted to see the new Super Man movie.  So Saturday we got out for a rare date.  I say rare because Meg absolutely refuses to take any kind of bottle, and has pretty much refused cereal too.  That leaves me as the sole provider of food, and perpetually tethered to little miss.  Needless to say, it was a great gift for me too.
Father's day was spent with family and Finn being lots of boy.
He acquired this nice shiner as he was excitedly running towards the ladder for the zip line (which he refers to as a crane).  He also cut his toe, and has continued to whine in pain every time he catches a glimpse of said toe.  Aggghhh, the joys of parenthood!

Friday, June 7, 2013

.the no good, very bad day...sort of.

It's been A DAY, and it's only noon.  I wonder why some days culminate in crying child and crying mommy, while others are simply happy and fun.  Whatever the reason, this morning has been a riotous mess.  Potty accident after potty accident (thank goodness it's laundry day) the last one being on our bed.  More then a years worth of crying and whining.  Making a break for the street while I changed the laundry. *thank you to the nice neighbor who brought him back...don't worry I was still in my less then flattering workout clothes*  And tantrums of thrown toys and thrown I-pad.
As Finn was crying in his time out, I called Roy and cried it out.  This is only the second time I've done that, so you know I was at my wits end.  After crying out some of the frustration, Finn and I made up with some Curious George and a purple popsicle, and over lunch, we prayed for more patience and love this afternoon.  I'm very much looking forward to Finn and Roy going on their father's and sons camp out tonight.  I think we both need a break from each other.

Monday, June 3, 2013

.very slowly, but surely.

I'm not going to lie, loosing the "extras" is hard.  I knew it would be, but really, it's HARD.  Losing my baby weight and then some with Finn took awhile, but it seemed easier.  I suppose having two babies, makes things a little more tricky.  I didn't make that May goal of 5 pounds...which was quite lofty to begin with, but I did loose so that's something.
Today I finally hit my 10 lb mark, and it only took 4 months....blahhhh!  Now I only have 10 more to go to reach that pre-pregnancy weight.  Today is my second week of starting a more intense workout regimen.  As good as running is, and as nice as it is to get those precious 40 mins to myself, I know it's not a very effective way for me to loose weight, so I shifted my efforts.  I'll let you know how it goes.
As far as June goals,  I'm going for more consistency...meaning doing my workouts daily, and as always drinking more water (at least 75 oz.).  Maybe I'll be close to where I was by the end of summer...just in time for fall and winter...ha ha ha.

As far as life with the Hoffman's, well we've been having some good fun, even if life is just plain crazy some days.  Memorial day we went up to the train museum up in Ogden.  Finn and Roy mostly enjoyed climbing on everything, and the miniature sets.

We came home and enjoyed a nice BBQ and Finn had his first horse ride around the pasture.  We have had my Grandma in town and we spent a day with her last week.  We took her out to the small airport and watched planes and helicopters take of and land as we ate a lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play trains with Finn, and love on Meg.
Meg really loves those fingers

The weather has really warmed up nicely this past week as well.  We have spent plenty of time outside planting the rest of the garden, playing tractors out in the dirt and rocks, and rolling around whatever Roy decides to bring home from work that day.

I kind of like how much this kid likes dirt...and his hats

 Pure happiness over this spool that he pushed around all over the courtyard.

Great toys always come from Roy...he knows what this boy loves.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Miss Meg,
it's your big 5 month bench mark!  you are growing more everyday, and we can't seem to get enough of you.  I read a story in the news the other day about an abandoned new born, and my heart just ached.  I had to hold and kiss you even more that day...letting you know how much you're loved and wanted.  I hope you know that, because you are.  You're brother has been a sick ornery mess lately, and you have been the bright spot in my days during his terrible two tantrums.  You just talk, laugh, and coo at me all day, and I very much enjoy your easy going nature.  You have started grabbing everything that gets within your reach.  Changing your clothes has become a longer process because your hands are so grabby.  Dad also finds it hilarious that you seem to be just as adapt at grabbing with your toes as with your hands.
We've officially reached the stage were everything goes into your mouth.  You're particular favorites are of course your fingers, and your lower lip.  I haven't adequately captured it yet, but that lip is getting a lot of miles.
We are still waiting for the inevitable roll.  You are getting so close, like you're standing at the edge of a cliff just waiting to make that last step...but we are still waiting.  Brother was a slow roller too, he didn't do it until closer to 6 months, so we shall see when you decide to take that "last step".
You are officially sleeping in your own room now.  The pack n' play is put away, and Finn and you have become natural sleeping buddies...more natural than I had anticipated.  You had started sleeping in 3 hour sets again, and I couldn't figure out why, until I realized you were grabbing the blanket and waking yourself up thinking you were going to get some food from whatever was in your hand.  We have instigated swaddling again at night and it seems to have done the trick.  You are once again sleeping 6-7 hour stretches.  I'm kind of waiting for that magic night when you will sleep your first 10 hour night, and then I will know that you're ready to sleep through the night with out a night feeding.  But until then I'll appreciate getting as much sleep as I do.
At your 5 month mark, you had your first taste of cereal.  It wasn't much to speak of since it's mostly just to get you used to the idea of eating solids.  It kind of breaks my heart to think of you as old enough to eat solids, but I'll have to get over it.
Thanks for being a happy pleasant baby that lights up our world.  You're the perfect combination of beautiful and chub, and it makes everyone around you happy.  We love you!

I don't know if I've said it enough, but i LOVE those cheeks!

Happy girl

"I love my fingers."

She was fussing one night while I was making dinner, and when I finally got the chance to go in and check on her, she was already out.  So sweet!