Monday, January 27, 2014


As the title implies, this post is composed of all the random bits procured over the past week or so, and just a few thoughts for the coming one.

Despite being pregnant and exhausted, I have made it through the entire winter without nary a sniffle.  The kids had a few colds, and Roy had the flu, but I seemed to dodge it all...until this past weekend. It wasn't even that bad, but I had some sort of sinus bug that sapped what little energy I had.  I laid around like a slug all weekend, and just started feeling a bit more like myself last night.  This morning I'm happy to report that I feel renewed and back to regular tired self.

This week marks the last one of watching little Gavin.  When I took on the post of child care about 7 months ago, I wasn't planning on being pregnant, and being able to do it for a bit of time.  That all changed in August when we found out #3 was on the way.  I knew I couldn't watch another child with a new baby, and emotionally I have had a rough round this time so I told my dear friend I couldn't do it any more.  Physically, it's coming at a good time because it's getting too hard to haul around two babies and get down on the floor and change diapers all day.  Add to all of that a rascally three year old who is requiring a lot of my patience, and it needs to happen.  As much as I love having happy Gavin, and I will miss that kid's smile (because it melts my heart), I'm looking forward to spending the remaining three months with just my two kids, and getting some things in order before #3 shows up.

Speaking of rascally three year olds,  I'm came to a conclusion about his recent increase in attitude.  Last week Finn started really fighting his afternoon naps (like not taking one at all, and keeping Meg from taking hers).  I had also noticed the last few weeks that he wasn't going to bed until close to 9:30.  I knew he was getting to the point of not having to nap, but I was really dreading giving up my time in the afternoon.  I finally gave in and stopped the naps on Tuesday of last week.  It suddenly occurred to me that that was when his attitude took a dive.  The obvious correlation?  The kid is getting used to the lack of sleep in the afternoon, and is usually quite tired by bed time.   Hence an ornery cuss that want's to fight about everything.  It seems so obvious now, but I didn't connect the two until Friday.
missing his nap, he fell asleep while watching a quite time show.  He has the face of a three year old who spent the afternoon playing in the makes me happy to see it!

Our routine is changing a lot around here, especially with no napping.  We no longer watch any shows in the morning, and spend our time instead with toys, reading, or playing music.  When Meg is down for her morning nap, we have quite time were he can watch a show.  Then it's lunch and more play time with the babies.  During Meg's afternoon nap, we try to get outside especially since we get some nice sun on our south side.  I try to limit more tv watching, but depending on the night, I put it on when I'm making dinner to distract the kids from fighting over toys.  I'm planning on getting a binder put together with some worksheets and such to start having some learning time in the morning with Finn.  I'm kind of lazy when it comes to that, and It's something I'm trying harder to be better at.

I've started having my pregnancy insomnia again.  This happened with Meg's pregnancy too.  I usually fall asleep just fine, but wake up around 4 wide awake and usually feeling anxiety about giving birth.  Some nights I have the worst restless legs that just crawl.  I try to remind myself it's all just temporary and that it will all be over soon, but it still feels like a never ending cycle of needing sleep, but not getting it.

Spring seems so close that I can feel it.  It's been a rather mild January for Utah, which is just making me antsy for some warmer weather.  If only the air was as mild as the temperature we would be outside so much more.

We are starting the final stage of potty training Finn.  The initial try worked to some degree, but he was so inconsistent, I was getting tired of cleaning dirty underwear, and it was becoming such a battle between us, that I just decided it wasn't worth all the aggravation.  Buying diapers for another 6 months has totally been worth it!  The last couple of weeks we have dipped our toes back into it, and it has been SO much easier.  He does all the work himself, doesn't need to be reminded all that often, and there is absolutely no battle.  The goal: be out of diapers before baby arrives!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


It happened, something flipped in my little boy.  Within the last week he has become a monstrous three year old, full of tantrums and telling me what to do.  We've had two solid days of ridiculous fits over such things as parked tractors and popcorn.  Yesterday, after I totally lost it on him after one such fit, I sat on the couch and cried in guilty exhaustion, while he continued to scream in the corner.  I thought, how am I possibly going to be able to have another baby with "THIS" happening.  I feel completely overwhelmed with this new found attitude and stubborn behavior.  Add to the fact that I'm 7 months pregnant with the inability to physically control some of his temper without exerting a lot of my already depleted energy, and you can imagine that my patience is pretty much shot.  I talked to Roy about it all last night, trying to devise some strategies to help teach Finn what behavior is appropriate, and help nip some of this in the bud.  It has come down to being clear about our expectations (making those expectations realistic), and being consistent and immediate with the consequences instead of letting him drag it out over and over beating down my defenses.  I felt better and more confident after talking some of the issues out, and was ready to sleep off the days frustrations, but then Finn woke up in tantrum mode at 10.  I went in to try and console him, thinking he had a bad dream, but he just yelled and threw his ducks at me.  I threw my hands in the air and told Roy it was all his.  Roy held Finn and tried to calm him down, but nothing seemed to help.  Suddenly, he caught sight of me next to him in our bed, and came right over and snuggled down in the bed right by his momma.  My angry, tired heart melted as he settled sweetly next to me.  I know he is going to test his limits and mine as he's growing, but I hope he knows that I will always be there to love and hold him, that he will always be MY little man no matter how frustrated he makes me.  It was a tender mercy from the Lord after a very long day, to have a sweet moment like that to remind me of all the love I hold for my little boy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


My children are two very different little people.  obviously I've always known this, but as they both continue to grow into their personalities, it is becoming so much more apparent.  

When it comes to eating, Meg is much more of foodie and will eat about anything placed in front of her.  About the only thing I think she already doesn't like are hard boiled eggs.  It must be the texture, because she will devour scrambled eggs as fast as I can scoop them onto her tray.
Finn on the other hand has and continues to be rather picky.  Last night he went through all of his pasta and ate all the noodles leaving every single tiny sliced tomato.  He will eat corn on the cob likes it's going out of style, but I have to force him to finish any frozen or canned corn.  He is the opposite of Meg and will only eat hard boiled makes for lots of cooking on egg days.  I don't really cater to his eating habits (except for the eggs), and know that if he's hungry he will eat about anything I place in front of him.  I'm hoping he will grow out of some of food habits, but we will see.

I've already mentioned before how Finn doesn't really care for music.  I sing to the kids each night before bed and he will be bouncing around in his crib like and acrobat and wrestling with his animals.  The only hint that I get that he is listening is if I sing a song out of order (yes, the songs we sing have to be sung in certain order).  Meg shows more interest by dancing and clapping.  I call her my tiny dancer, because she will stop whatever she is doing when a song comes on and start moving.  She loves toys that make noise, and loves sitting on my lap playing the piano.

Our little miss LOVES attention.  She loves to have one, if not both parents in plain view, and has started crying if we leave her alone upstairs.  Even if there are toys to be played with, if I'm not paying attention to her, she comes over and clings onto me.  It's a bit of pain sometimes to have a munchkin clinging to your leg constantly.  
Finn likes his space, and the attention has to be on his terms.  He will invite you to come and play HIS way, and if you try to do something he's not in the mood for he will let you know.  He plays contentedly by himself, but has recently liked having more attention.  This is probably due to the fact that little sister demands quite a bit of what used to be all his attention.

I love the variety of life these two little ones bring, and I'm glad I get to call them mine!
 Meg explored the park for the first time last weekend.  The sun was so nice and warm even in the dead of winter.
 She also let me snuggle her a lot while brother went crazy climbing on everything.
It was such a nice day that was greatly appreciated after the long cold days we've been locked up in the house.  Just check out that blue sky, and my family enjoying it all!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It's been three years since Mr. Finn changed our lives forever.  Becoming a parent has been the hardest, but most rewarding and wonderful thing that has happened to me, and I think Roy would agree with me.  He continues to teach us so many things about life and love, and for that I'm forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who sent him to us.  As a three year old, he has really started to kick up more of his independence.  I can tell it's a frustrating age for him trying to communicate exactly what he wants and why, and not understanding mom and dad's reasoning.  He has pitched some epic tantrums (which are thankfully few and far between), that have left us trying to figure out how best to deal with them.  I think that just comes with the territory of three year olds.  However, for the most part he is a pleasantly obedient and happy boy who has my heart.  He is all boy who loves trucks, tractors, trains, and wrestling.  He loves pizza, and any vegetable that has ranch...except tomatoes.  He loves to read with momma, and sometimes shares his toys with his sister.  He doesn't like music or singing all that much, and I've been told that he only likes to sing the wheels on the bus during nursery time.  He is still very much a momma's boy, but loves fixing things with daddy and his tools.
We celebrated a day early, as it worked best with schedules and such.  To be honest it wasn't Finn's best day, in fact he was down right rotten for 85% of the day, but we did our best to make it a special day regardless.
We started the day off with birthday doughnuts... and his birthday suit (he is usually naked by the time we get into the room in the morning)
 While the babies slept in the morning, Finn helped me decorate his construction cake.  I gambled on the chocolate frosting and crushed cookies knowing Finn isn't a huge chocolate fan.

 It took the pregnant momma a bit of effort and time, but I did throw up some decorations.
 Nap time was a disaster when Finn pitched one of many fits during the day, and throw everything out of the crib, and then proceeded to rip the plastic cover on his mattress off.  I was so mad and threatened to take his presents was a lack luster threat obviously.

We had a nice quite meal with just the four of us, and then we dug into the cake and presents.  Finn was thoroughly pleased with his tractors, Lego's, clothes, and sleeping bag.  Meg was more excited about indulging in the chocolaty goodness.
 Bed time was another fight, and ended in more thrown bedding and not going to sleep until 10.   I'm thinking I might have to start cutting back on that afternoon nap, which I'm not looking forward to.
All in all it was a long day with a cranky toddler (that's the honest truth), but I'm so happy that he is OUR toddler!  Happy three years to OUR Mr. Finn!

Friday, January 10, 2014

.garbage thief.

Today after I had put Finn down for his nap, I was working on making up the menu for the upcoming week.    As I was sitting at the computer, Meg busily walked back and forth between the kitchen and living room grabbing books, and other loose toys.  I noticed after awhile that the soft patter of her feet had been replaced by a quiet slurping sound.  I turned around to see that she had procured from the contents of the garbage can, an apple core that had been discarded after lunch.  I had failed to put the garbage out of her reach, and the ever opportunistic Meg, had taken advantage of my lapse.
 She lies like this all the time.  It's especially helpful when changing diapers.

As a first time mother I would have quickly returned the apple core to the garbage, but seeing as Meg is a second child, I in fact let her chew for a bit while I snapped a few photos.  I figure I'm just helping build that immune system of hers.

In other Meg news, she just popped out her first top tooth...nearly 6 months after the first two appeared.  That explains why she's been a royal pain this past week, and chews on anything she can get her hands on apparently.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


2014 is well underway, and so far it's been a mix of all the things that life can bring...good and bad.   Our house has been on the market now for a few months with not a single bite.  I wasn't really expecting to see a lot of action during the holidays, but it's still a bit disheartening waiting in limbo with something out of our control.  I think in some ways I've been relieved not to have had to go through any more stress during the Christmas season, but now that I see a baby deadline looming on the horizon, I'm starting to want something to happen before April/May.  The whole idea of having a new baby and worrying about keeping a house up for showings terrifies me.  So that is one of our biggest adventures waiting to unfold in 2014, that and of course our #3 addition.  I still haven't talked much about it on here, mostly because just when I feel like I'm emotionally excited or happy about it, something happens that makes me feel like I did at the beginning.  It's been a full on roller coaster of emotions.  Despite all the ups and downs, we are excited to welcome #3, and know that it will be a happy adventure for our upcoming year.

In more recent happenings:
Roy was called as a nursery leader at church.  When the calling was announced in Sacrament meeting, an audible laugh echoed through the crowd.  We were both a little shocked by that, but the calling has definitely been a new phase for Roy.  It's never a quiet Sunday, and he is usually pretty tired by the end of our block.
Apparently, I was supposed to be released from the primary about a month ago, but the message never got relayed.  Last Sunday, I taught my last lesson to the 4 & 5 year olds.  I can't say that I'm not relieved a little.  It's been a fun a calling, but having a young baby that doesn't sit still anymore has been hard to juggle these last few months.  So we will see what new calling awaits me...especially when I will have a walking toddler and newborn together in about 4 months.

As far as the wee ones adventures...well we will see.  Finn will be starting preschool this year, miss Meg will continue to discover the world around her, and both will have to adjust to a new sibling competing for their attention.  We will all be learning more and more this year, and know we be pushed out of our comfort zone in more ways then one, but we know the Lord will be directing our paths.