Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If you fit in my pants I'll kill myself

I love this scene in "While you Were Sleeping" where Bill Pulman rips his pants and then asks Sandra Bullock's character if she has an extra pair of pants... I just love her reply. It kinda of stinks that I married such a small man.

At least I still have the height thing going for me, and in my defense these were my biggest pants

That Kid's Got Moxy

Let it be known that I posses no "moxy" what so ever. I epitomize the opposite of what "moxy" is. I secretly long to have the guts to do things that are scary or confrontational, but most the time when it comes right down to it I silently sit back and watch these opportunities pass by. This past year I have had great examples of moxy shown to me. One of my all time favorites includes someone whom I would have presumed to have been as reserved as me, but is surprisingly built from tougher stuff than I gave her credit for. It involved our condo complex and a new set of speed bumps put in. These speed bumps are ridiculous in every sense of the word. There were already existing speed bumps, but apparently the original 3-4 weren't enough for some of the older neighbors in the complex. In addition, these new speed bumps are more like tiny mountains that must be taken at 5mph or less if you care for your car at all. One of the newer speed bumps was placed in an area where there is a parking strip. In fits of rebellion to these new death traps, you can often see cars swerving around said bump to avoid the imminent damage to their car. This law breaking behavior did not sit well with some of the older crowd in the complex who decided to enforce it in their own way.

(in an effort to help you understand I will illustrate ...) Here we see that one said older gentleman decided he would take it upon himself to park right beside the speed bump so that we could no longer avoid the speed bump. Needless to say I, along with quite a few others were not happy with this enforced observance. But me being me never did anything about my annoyance, I just continued to be ticked off by this man's actions.

This leads us to the actions of a closet confrontationalist (this perhaps is not a word, and in its right sounds like an oxymoron, but I like it so lets go with that). About a week following the ol' man's enforcement we drove into the complex and noticed the following.

Someone had parked their car in way that we could all pass the bump of death while at the same time stopping the ol' man from having his way with us. I was in awe! I was loving it and wishing I would have done it all at the same time. I think the best part of this whole situation is that it was Sarah Ann Nesbit who defiantly stood up to the ol' man. All I could say was, "that girl's got moxy". And so now I want to be that person that everyone thinks is reserved and in line, but when pushed will confront those who have done the pushing and those observing the situation will say..."That kid's got moxy"!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yearbook pics

Jill and I have been scanning a few websites lately during our downtime. Today we have truly found a winner. Its called Yearbook Yourself and all I can say is Hi-larious! To give you a lil' preview of what's to come I have posted some lovely pictures of myself as I would have looked through the decades (warning...its not pretty).

Let's begin with the year 1952, or as like to call it the year I looked like a boy!

Continuing on we have 1960. For some reason (possibly the glasses have something to do with it) my canine teeth are extremely prominent in this picture...just call me teen wolf.

Apparently big hair was a hit in 1966 (luckily it makes my teeth look small).
1972 the huge hair continues
1978 introduced us to the Afro and white girls trying to be black

1980 and all I can think of here is "Nobody puts baby in a corner"

1994 looks like a wig

1996 I find that the grudge look suites me

So there you go...ugliness through the ages. Makes me happy to have been born when I was.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Image post (per Jill)

Couldn't really avoid this seeing as I'm always looking for interesting things to feel the void on my blog. Enjoy!
Basically, you search for the answers to a few questions using the Google/Yahoo Image search. Then, you have to post an image from the first page of the results with your answer.
My Favorite Vacation Place: Anywhere in the mountains

Favorite Color: Blue (I had a professor in college that would correct our papers in blue ink because he said it was more soothing to see blue than red and I would have to agree)

Current Age: 26 (if someone did talk I'm not worried about it, I hit that wall at age 23. Now that was a rough year

Favorite Treat: Ice cream, specifically Chocolate!

Place I want to travel to most: As of today Fiji, but as long as I'm traveling I don't care really.

Place I grew up: South Jordan, UT

Place I live now: West Jordan (commonly known among us as the WeJo)

Last Name: Hoffman (I didn't know we had a piece of the good life)

Middle Name: Meagan (It was either this or some scanky girls...I prefer meaty pizza anyways)

First Name: Beth (This is what I look like possibly in my dreams)

Something I used to love: Vienna Sausages (It was a very brief but strong stage)

Favorite Animal: I love dogs in general and big dogs at that, but lately I have been fixated by Pugs and their mushed faces, stalky lil' bodies, and their slightly retarded looking eyes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day Drifting

Today I have been in a most anxious mood. I don't want to be at work, I want to be home painting and decorating. I can't explain this sudden impulse to journey into home improvements, seeing as I don't really have the knack for decorating and improvements rarely are an improvement. Despite these often crucial details it's been hard to fight this mood. I have found myself drifting from work all day and venturing towards "home improvement" and "how to" sights looking for ideas and advice. Unfortunately, the budget is saying no to my impulses and denying me the satisfaction of completing a vision. We will see what the future holds, I have this feeling that as soon as the budget gives us the green light I will no longer possess the desire to improve anything. Ahhh such is life!
post script:
If any of you have any clever decorating\renovating on a dime ideas, let me know!

Friday, September 12, 2008

It can't be denied

Fall is nearly upon us and I'm so stoked! It is my true opinion that autumn is the best time of year. The clean, crisp air is tinged with the smell of wood burning smoke. College hoodies are pulled from storage to be worn in full support of your favorite football teams. The leaves turn vibrant hues of orange, yellow, and red. Underfoot there is a the satisfying sound of crunching leaves. Harvest produce of apples, squash, and pumpkins begin to be seen at corner farmer markets.

There are just so many sights, sounds, and smells around this time of year that conjure up fond memories of my past. It truly is a special time of year when I feel like all the hearthy, rustic, and homey feelings seem to reach their apex. So I wait in anticipation as the next weeks creep along into full autumn splendor and I get to wear sweaters and flip flops (the best combination), carve into bulbous gourdes, cook freshly harvested goods, hike up into the fall foliage as I crunch the dried leaves on the ground. I can hardly wait!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Long Time coming

For what seems like the longest time we, the Hoffmans, have been without means of transferring our pictures from our camera to the computer (it's a long story). Consequently, there has been meager posts with very little actual visuals. As of this past weekend though we have pictures downloaded and ready for viewing....seeing as its been nearly the whole summer of no pics you'll get more of a highlight, but you still get an idea of what we have been up to. So without any further waiting lets proceed.

Starting off with the St. George Tri where we lost our precious hardware for the camera.

always windy at Sand hollow-cancelled swim again Roy running into the Finnish

Hiking around Cool red rock

hanging around
Highland games at the Utah Scottish Festival

Cookout up in the canyon
I love this shot of Garrett's innovative heat shield

The annual Demo Derby in West Jordan

The Crew: Kaitlyn, Colin, Katie, Leo, and Jill Jill doesn't share my excitement for the green tongue

Fourth of July bike parade
Roy showing his mad skills on the Unicycle

We spent our first anniversary going Mt. Biking up Rose Canyon
One year baby! Trying to show off my stuff on the single track

Lucas and Uncle "Woy" at the Zoo
That should catch you up for the summer. I want to do a separate post of our trip down the Colorado so those pics are soon to follow.