Friday, September 26, 2014


We have been in the new place now for about three months, and have done a lot in that amount of time.  The house was nice when we moved in, but we have definately added our own touch to it, and it feels like OUR home now.

We didn't do much to the front yet (maybe in the spring), but we put in some sod on a patch, and planted some flowers.  Eventually we would like to take care of that pine tree, and plant some nicer trees.

 The backyard was nice, but had lots of pine trees and TONS of rock.  We knew we wanted to take out the pine trees because they were killing the existing grass, and we took out some flower beds.  I would rather mow then weed.  This is after we took out 4 big pine trees, and the flower beds, but before the sod.
 The pile of rock that we removed from the back yard.  They had lined all the flower beds and the perimeter of the yard with all of this stone.
The after shot with the new sod in place.  There is still a lot that we would like to do, but for now we are loving the new grass and no pine tree back yard.

Finn loves eating his popsicles up in the playhouse. 

The front room with new paint and carpet.  This room feels lighter with the new color.  As much as I try to keep this room toy free, it's one of the kids favorite rooms to play.
 Looking back towards the door from the front room.
The kitchen has been a labor of love too.  I love having the new floor in, and appreciate all the work Roy and others have done to help make it happen.

 We've since added the base board trim, and caulked everything.  It looks amazing!
Finn's room was the only room we left the brown color.  It seemed like a good color for a boys room.  I may still paint it, but for now it will stay.  Finn loves having a place he can go without Meg in his business.
 The master is smaller then our condo, especially with our huge bed, but it has it's own bathroom and that pretty much makes up for that.
The girls room

Our basement has taken a lot of work too with ripping out nasty carpet, and sealing the concrete, but it's nice to have all the extra space.  This is the storage/laundry room (notice all those lovely peaches).  It's still not really organized, but it will come a long as I get to it.

The undecorated bathroom in the basement

 The spare bedroom where my grandma is staying while she's here.

The playroom/office is the other room that is finished in the basement.  It's obviously the other room the kids like to play.  I love having a separate space for the kids toys.

The family room in the basement is still unfinished.  That will be a big project that we will have to get around to in the years to come, but we sure do love our little place.  We've put a lot of work into making it our own and appreciate all of my family who have helped with all of our projects.  We couldn't have done it without you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

.odds and ends of the summer.

Since these past few weeks have been completely busy with still more projects in the house, I have been behind on all the last of the summer happenings (and even some of the middle of summer adventures).  SO, I'm doing another catch up post and hope that I can stay on top of this blog now that we have somewhat of a routine going.

Earlier in the summer, right after we moved, Roy had the opportunity to hike the Subway with an old friend from Florida.  He had fun, and says he would love to hike it with me some day.   It may be awhile before we could go together, but someday.

Roy and I had a rare date with just the two of us.  It gets harder and harder to get out with just us with three young kids...especially a new baby.  It was nice to go to the Temple and we love to go to The Chocolate after.  They have the best Cazookies.
 My cousin Rebecaa was married, and we had a wonderful time at the reception catching up with family.  Cousin Zeke and Finn look like they could be brothers.
 Meg continues to be as busy as she can be.  On the rare occasion when she gets my undivided attention, she is in heaven.  It's the curse of the middle child I guess.
 We made our annual visit out to Payson to pick raspberries.  I went with two of my sisters and all three of my littles.  Finn and Meg ate about a pound between the two of them.  Eisley didn't make a peep the whole two hours we were there, even with Meg trying to force raspberries into her mouth.  She is amazing!  I picked 5 lbs which are packed into my freezer for winter smoothies.  Not bad with the little dudes in tow and no help.
Great Grandma Tiede is here to stay for two months, and she has been such an added help.  She is constantly reading to Meg, playing with Finn, holding Eisley, or doing dishes.  I hope she knows how much I and the kids love having her here!

Roy and Finn had a back yard camp out (can I tell you how much I love that we can do that).  Between moving and doing project after project, we haven't had a chance to go camping this summer.  Finn has been wanting to sleep out in his sleeping bag and roast something over a fire for so long, I finally made it happen.  Roy was a trooper and slept out and made a fire for Finn to enjoy.  Finn kept saying, "this is the best night ever!"
 Lawn maintenance is a joy when you're three apparently.  Finn gets his mower out every week and helps Roy keep the lawn looking nice.  I especially loved his muscle shirt and cut off jeans attire.  I told Roy he looked like he belonged in the trailer park.
 Labor day, we actually had a day off from all of our projects around the house.  So we enjoyed it with family and took Finn to Airborn for the first time.  He absolutely loved it and did not want to leave.  Meg on the other hand wanted nothing to do with it.  I figure we will give her a few years.  Finn would have been the same way even a year ago, he just needed to mature a bit.
 Finn started his first year of Preshool.  He was super stoked to go the first couple of days and couldn't be contained, but today he had a rough morning of not wanting to go.  Of course when I came to pick him up, he was super happy and said it was so fun.  I'm hoping he continues to be excited!

Roy turned 31.  He has been stressed lately with work, and so he wasn't super anxious to do anything, but I dragged him out to play miniature golf while grandma watched the kids (have I told you how wonderful my grandma is...she is heaven sent).  He ended up having a nice quite birthday, just the way he likes.

 The Last of the big projects for the year was to get the sod laid.  Though a series of events we ended up with just about the perfect amount, and we couldn't have done it without the help from my family.  My mom, dad, sister Kay and her boys we invaluable in getting it all laid.  Especially since we had to move a mountain of rock in order to get it all down.   Thanks a million times over guys!  We doubled the size of our yard, and the kids will have a lot more grass to play on, and I will have less flower beds to weed.  A win win situation.  Next year we will get to the trees and more of the landscaping back by the sandbox.  It seriously looks so different from when we moved in.

The days are slowly getting shorter, and we have started bringing out jackets and socks, so we know our summer is coming to a close, but we will enjoy the last of the warm days as much as we can.


Miss Eisley,
I've been a bit behind on your month to month business, but hopefully I will be able to keep up now that life has returned to a bit more normal routine.  This past week your great Grandma Tiede moved in to stay with us for about two months.  It has been such a blessing to have an extra pair of hands during the busy times of the day.  She especially loves holding and talking to you.  There is a special bond between you two, and I know she loves being around your sweet happy spirit.
Eisley being loved on by great Grandma Tiede
I have been blessed with happy babies, and you are no exception little one.  You sleep and eat well, and are fairly content to just hang out and let me get things done as long as you can see me.  You tried your first solid food the other day and seemed fairly interested in it, but you still prefer me over anything.

You are now officially moved into the room with Meg, and both of you have settled right in as if that is how its always been.

Besides loving to suck on your thumb you've discovered your tongue and bottom lip.  It's been fun to watch you stick it out and suck on the lip while making slurping noises.

Your smile lights up my day...especially when it gets so big that you can hardly contain it.  It's pure heaven little girl, and I hope it's always as big and bright.  You are an absolute gift to our family, and you have increased our happiness more then you will ever know!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Has it really been 4 months since your rather dramatic entrance?  You are so big and strong already that I often forget how fragile you were.  You now sleep completely through the night (thank the heavens!) with no help from did it completely on your own.  You eat like a champ, and have grown into size 2 diapers.  You are all cheek sister, in every sense of the word.  Your jowels rest right on your chest, and is usually the first thing most people comment on.  Your Aunt Holly once said, "where does all that food go that she eats."  To which I relied, "open her diaper".  It's true little one,  you have rolls upon rolls concealed within the confines of your diaper.  The pediatrition was even astounded during your check up, and had a good chuckle.

Your latest thing is your hands.  You LOVE your hands...especially your thumbs.  If you're not eating or nursing you are constantly looking for a thumb to suck.  We will see if it sticks, but for right now it is what it is.

You are such a unique soul Eisley, and you have added so much to our little family.  I constantly thank Heavenly Father for out little miracle, and feel abundantly blessed to call you ours!