Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Miss M, you have officially been with our family one month and 2 days.  I can't even believe that you are already that old.  In fact your daddy had to remind me on Sunday when I was telling everyone that your were almost one month, that you were in fact one month that day.  Wow, to say that it went fast would be an understatement!  You are an incredibly sweet baby who is very content and happy nearly all the time.  Your fussy time is usually around 4-7 at night...just like your brother, but you are still very patient with your momma while she is entertaining the crazy 2 year old running around while making dinner.  I might jinx us by saying this, but you are an AWESOME sleeper!  We've only had two long nights in our first month together where you couldn't sleep unless being held.  Other then that you have slept between 3-5 hour stretches.  Mostly I wake you up to feed you because I'm hurting, and not the other way around.  

giving you some brother love
I can't seem to catch big brother with a normal face...and yes he's wearing a necklace
We love the way you smell.  We love all the lovely rolls on your thighs and arms.  We love your chubby cheeks, and double chin (hello fat baby!).  We love your bright eyes.  We (mom) loves dressing you up.  We love your sweet fingers and toes.  Mostly, we just love you!  Thanks for making our family feel even more complete sweet little thing!

Friday, January 18, 2013

.birthday goodies.

Finn's birthday was more low key this year.  I suppose with a brand new baby, and a two year old who doesn't quite grasp the concept of birthday's just yet, it was better that way.  Earlier in the day we got out of the house (a treat in its own way), and had gone to play with cousins Sully and Abner.  My sister, Angie, was kind enough to watch Meg so that I could take Finn to the store and pick out a small gift along with his cake.  As soon as we started driving away, Finn started crying and saying baby baby baby.  Apparently, he didn't like the idea of leaving Meg behind...too cute!
When Roy got home from work, we did cake and presents.  Finn definitely enjoyed unwrapping the gifts, and is really good at throwing tissue paper out of the bags.

 Finn timidly ate just the cake without the frosting at first, but by the end he was stuffing it all in.
I don't know what this face was all about, but I LOVE it!
Meg slept through it all of course. 
trying to figure out what was underneath that paper.

getting past the tissue paper with extreme prejudice!
Dad, son, and the birthday loot.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

.our finn is 2.

Two years ago today Finn joined our family.  This morning while Finn masterfully pieced together his train tracks I told him about how that Saturday changed our lives and how I couldn't remember life without him.  Of course he seemed less then interested in what I was saying to him, but I hope he felt all the love I feel for him.  He is a sweet and happy little boy, who loves things that move, curious George, and cheese.  Daddy is his best friend and submits to his little man's demands for wrestling time, juice, and sugar cereal on a regular basis.  He is a wonderful sleeper, an ok eater, and a great little runner.  Finn is quite the talker, I only wish I understood what he was saying half the time.  I love his blond "peach fuzz" hair (a reason my sister has nicknamed him "peach"), blue eyes, and his sweet, albeit, elusive kisses...only given out on rare occasions.  He is, and always will be, our little boy even when he's bigger then me!
he went from this sweetness (one month old)
to this sweetness (2yrs with monster pjs)

he still has the best feet ever
and the longest eyelashes I've ever seen 
and blue eyes that will always distract you from his runny nose

what a content 2 year old!

Monday, January 14, 2013

.just in case there was any delusions.

Ha, I've been feeling so good post labor this time around, I've been anxious to get back into a workout routine.  I know I'm supposed to wait 6 weeks, but honestly I feel like just doing a little here and there isn't going to hurt.  So Saturday, Roy worked me through a few exercises that he does for speed skating to work my lower body (I always get wide in the buns, and thighs while prego).  It was funny, because even though in my head I'm aware that I'm out of shape, I didn't realize HOW out of shape I was until I actually tried some of the moves.  I guess it's a good thing, because now I know where I really stand on my healthy scale.  Today, I started my small steps back to being a healthier me, and they are SMaLL so please don't think I'm going nuts and rushing to loose a ton of weight or running hours at a time.  Mostly, I finished eating all my chocolate in the house (I'm still baffled at how I'm still loosing baby weight with all the sweets I've been consuming), I'm drinking more water, and doing little active things to get my body stronger and more prepared when I hit the exercise hard in a few weeks.  I'm not going to wait 6 weeks and make excuses to eat crap because I can't do anything.  I think at 6 weeks I'll do my own body check and get serious about getting my body back in shape, but I won't be sitting around waiting for that week to come is what it comes down to I guess.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

.what did I do with one.

As Roy was out doing the grocery shopping last night taking the crazy little man with him, I wondered what I did with just one baby to take care of.  Seriously, I had all this free time to clean the kitchen, get the laundry going, and sweep and vacuum the floors even with a 45 min feeding period thrown in.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed and consumed with just one sleeping baby, and now it seems like a piece of cake...isn't that strange?
There is some adjustment with having two now, like how to keep a curious and mischievous toddler occupied and out of everything he knows he's not supposed to be in while nursing little miss (right now  I've been utilizing a little too much Curious George).  Or how to keep the house functioning when all you want to do is sleep, play trains, and stare at Meg all day.  But somehow, it all feels WAY less overwhelming then it did with Finn.  I remember how hard it felt just to get ready for the day with Finn.  Or how scared I felt about everything from his sneezes, to his eating every hour sometimes.  I was a mess of hormonal fears!
I still worry about things with number two, but I'm way less stressed about how it's all supposed to be going and just trying to enjoy it more.  So in a lot of ways having little miss Meg joining our ranks has been a easier transition.  Of course I have yet to leave the house with just me and the two kiddos, but we will work up to that eventually.  Right now I'm just happy to be able to get us all dressed and make it through our days together!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 is coming in like a lion in the Hoffman house.

Finn started the year off right by dumping a chair on top of himself, giving himself a nice bruise right in the center of his nose...like a third eye, and having mom buzz of his beautiful blond locks with her new hair cutting kit.  She now knows how short 3/4" is, and is trying hard not to morn the loss of her baby boys hair.

The car decided that now was as good a time as ever to crap out.  "What?..., you just paid for a new baby, heck lets just throw in a new fly rod for fun."  So with all our hard work to stay out of debt for the coming year, we find ourselves at the mercy of life.

But having dealt with and said all that,  we are indescribably blessed with two beautiful healthy children, a house, a job, a family who loves us, friends who care for us, and the knowledge of God's plan for us.  So really, life is GOOD!

And now just because we can...pictures of little miss Meg just shy of a week old!

I love this blanket so much.  My mom made it out of the softest, mink-iest fabric imaginable...and it's giant.  I was almost tempted to use it myself, but then Meg looked so good in purple, I decided it suited her best.

Oh and I couldn't resist one of my handsome (although bald) little man!