Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Goodness

Time seems to be slipping out from under me...where did December get to? December was good to the Hoffman's; we got a lot done and we were exceptionally blessed. The following is just a few of the things we've filled December with.

- After a 2 year hiatus, I got to use my board again. Spent the day with Jess re-learning the finer points of snowboarding..Jess gearing up

-Enjoyed nieces and nephews!

Tom totally stoked about the bouncy ball the size of his head

-All things Sullivan Christmas (which always includes the live nativity).

Roy the Sheppard and his flock (Tom & Cooper)-Stressing about handmade gifts.

Picture I drew of my father roping chickens as a child...proof that if you don't use your talents you can loose them.

-Visiting old friends and remembering our yesteryear's. The sisters Child...Colette and Carla

Even without kids of our own December and Christmas were wonderful. Here's to hoping the new year brings as much progress and happiness!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

Only one week until Christmas and where do I find myself.....only half way through the list that needs to be completed. On top of the stress of the Holidays, our computer took it's last breath. Not really sad to see that thing go, but it just adds one more expense to the pile. So last night we brought home our new computer...nothing fancy, but a whole lot better than the stone age relic we were using. So the Hoffman's are for the second time this year re-connected to the world. It's a strange thing though, because last night after spending more than we should have on the new computer, I wasn't stressed about our finances. I just felt that we were ok and that we would manage to make ends meet. As silly and as insignificant as that sounds...that's just how it was. I figured we would just continue to hunker down and work like we always do. But today we received a wonderful monetary gift from Roy's work and it literally made me cry...not because I was so excited for the money, but because my peace was re-affirmed. So now I realize that it's not just us making the ends's our father. It's beautiful how some of life's seemingly insignificant events can make the impact that they do, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Snow Batman

A winter wonderland greeted us this morning. I was planning on driving this morning until Roy pulled back the blinds and said, "Maybe Jill should drive this morning."
What usually takes 5-10 minutes took 25 today, and everybody looked defeated. Jill turned up the heat and the tunes as we crept into work.
Day's like today remind me of my childhood. Those mornings when you would wake early and turn on the radio wishing beyond all hope that the snow had bought you freedom from another day of school. And when those days came it was magical; a day free of teachers, math problems, English theory, and all other school nonsense. You were free to bundle up, trudge out, and play. It was those unexpected days of freedom that brought a little extra light into the cold winter months. So now I sit watching the flakes being blown every which way, and in the back of my mind I think maybe it will snow so much that we will have to go home. We will have to go home, change into some comfy flannel Pj's, bring the water to a boil, and grab a good book. I know it's wishful thinking, but maybe just maybe....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Easy Silence

My goodness what a fabulous week its been...dare I say blissful. Turkey day was spent with friends and family and thoroughly enjoyed. We were up at 5:30 putting flags out with the scouts. This isn't the norm for Thanksgiving, but when your making up for Veterans Day you do what you can. Turkey Bowl convened at 9:00 and Roy and I returned to our ol' singles ward stomping grounds. Many a Thursday evening were spent transversing Brown's Meadow park playing ultimate Frisbee, and pick up games of soccer and football. It was fun to be back there if only for a few hours with old friends. With all the wonderful food that was indulged in, Roy and I decided that perhaps we should give a new work-out regimen a try. (Well lets be honest, I thought it would be a good idea. Roy is being a good sport and doing it with me). We are making our way through the first week of the P90X. If you can get past how annoying Tony Horton is and the fact that you can't quite do everything they are's a great workout! It's kicking my butt and I think even Roy's a little.
I don't know if this workout routine has anything to do with how wonderful this past week has been or if I'm just in sync with something deeper, but whatever it is I'm not wanting it to end.
So if I've been silent for awhile now, it's because I'm enjoying the happiness of life.