Monday, January 31, 2011

.and so it goes.

The revolving door of baby posts have begun. Mostly, I don't want to forget these precious first few weeks that all seem to pass in a daze of sleepless nights, nursing pains, countless diaper changes, and sweetness beyond believe. And for the life of me I can never remember to bring the diaper bag. Mr Finn sleeps through all of the emotional upheaval in pure ignorance. His biggest worry is making those explosive diapers!

Daddy Roy is completely enamored by his little man. We get to see Roy most days for lunch as he only works a few miles away. We love spending that hour together!

As for me I could sit and watch him all day...those newborn expressions are priceless, from the gassy grins to the sad pouty faces I love them all, and don't get me started on his noises. He has this high pitched squeal when his working himself up for a cry that I just adore, and of course the smacking lips.

The sleep issue is what we are currently learning to cope with. As with anything baby, don't get your expectations too high. We had a few blissful nights of two 4-hour long stretches where he slept in his pack-n-play. We had the rude awakening the past few nights where he won't sleep more than 10 minutes in the pack-n-play, and in an effort to get some sleep, we finally acquiesced to his request in put him in the bed with us. sleep is upon us again momentarily!

And finally in other news. we had ourselves a little outing Saturday and went and hung out with the Wards. Our favorite thing is taking pics of these two blokes together and laughing at the size discrepancy.

Here are the boys all swaddled up like pigs in a blanket having a grand ol' time!

So as you can see life has changed, but definitely for the better.

Monday, January 24, 2011

.when the whole world fits inside of your arms.

Mmmm...with both Roy and Finn in my life, I'm one happy girl! This past week has flown by with visitors, recovering, traveling, and lots of loving. We are learning how to be parents and coping with lack of sleep the best that one can. We have been very blessed to have one healthy little dude. He had his first Dr. appointment, and he is doing freak'n amazing! He had some jaundice when he was born, but his levels are right where they need to be now. He's even gained 2 ounces onto his birth weight. I can't get over how healthy and happy Finn is...even with our little nursing troubles (of which I'm happy to report have improved greatly). So yes we have been slightly distracted with Mr. Finn and taking all of it in as he continues to grow. I just love looking at his little mug, and love him more everyday.

The old man happens.

Monday, January 17, 2011

.mr Finn.

Finn P. Hoffman
6 lb 12oz
Lots of hair, deep blue eyes, and a pair of lungs!

Its all still a bit of a whirlwind around here, but we have to get some of this out before the memory starts to fade.
Saturday morning we woke to no baby and nothing happening in the way of contractions so we headed to Roy's basketball game. At the game my mom called and expressed her concern that if I did go into labor I wouldn't make it to the hospital because we were already pretty much there. She made the suggestion that perhaps the Dr. could just break my water and hope that the labor started on it's own so we wouldn't have to use potocin. The more I thought about it the better this option sounded to me. When we got home we called our Doula and talked out the new plan and decided to call the hospital. My Dr. was all over the idea and told me to come on in.
We got there just after twelve and settled into our room. As you can see I was ready to get the show on the road. That is me smiling before the labor pains hit. They broke my water around 1:45 and by 2:00 contractions started to pick up quite a bit, and by 2:30 I was hating life!
Roy and my Doula, Krista, did so great coaching me through the labor. There is no way I could have prepared myself for a natural's unlike anything I've ever felt.
Finn made a fast appearance, and was born at 3:29. Here is the Hoffman brood right as he was born. You can tell I'm completely exhausted and as happy as I was Finn was here, I just couldn't get over the fact that it was all FINALLY over. (I know 2 hours is ridiculous, but it was intense). I do love this picture because of the look Roy and I are sharing between the two of us. I'm pooped and looking at Roy as if to say, "I'm done!", but Roy is just as giddy as can be! MAKES ME HAPPY! Daddy and son getting a little one on one time. Roy has taken to his role like a natural!
We have just been chilling at the hospital and seeing lots of visitors. We are heading home in a few hours,which is good, because I think Roy might be going just a little stir crazy in one room for two days. Mr. Finn is doing stellar! The only thing he seemed to be fighting is the whole nursing concept, but slowly we are getting things figured out. I happy that we got it going a little bit before we headed home. I don't think it's really quite sunk in that we get to take him home and he gets to be all ours. I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for little Finn. He's healthy and we are happy to start our journey together as a family. Welcome to the world Finn!

Friday, January 14, 2011

.its going down this week.

*38 week update*
Thursday night contractions started around 7:30 and were about 6 minutes apart... unfortunately, they stalled out around midnight. I called the hospital just to ask what they thought about the situation and I don't think the nurse believed me when I told her I was already a 5-6. She had a real hoity toity demeanor when I told her like she thought I was crazy. My doc said she probably didn't believe me because they get women saying all kinds of things when they call in. Oh well, I stopped so no harm no foul. Here is the issue though, I'm now dilated 6-7 cm and 80% effaced. What the what kid? The Dr. offered to induce and give me the chance to have an epidural, but I figured the Mr. and I have done this much so far, we might as well go the rest of the way. I know it's going to be intense, but I can't deny what my body has done on its own already. The hitch though, if he does hang out until Wed. we will schedule an induction. Not only because I'm pretty much ready to go any second, but because Roy is going to be out of town on the 21st, and it's just too much of a risk for me. I guess what it comes down to is by this time next week the Hoffman's will be three...CRAZY!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.standing still.

It's getting ugly around here at 37 weeks. I have really been just content to let time tick off, but as of these past few days, I'm growing very tired of all the waiting. It's just like everyone has said...the last weeks are the longest and hardest.
At our 37 week appointment the dr. asked if I wanted to be checked...I figured why not, but wasn't expecting anything monumental. The Dr. looked at me and said, "your not going to believe this, but your already dilated to a 5/6 and he is very low". I'm sure I had some kind of flabbergasted look on my face, because I pretty much have had nothing in the way of contractions to constitute that much dilation. She pretty much said that he could come anytime and to not waste too much time at home counting contractions when they start. I walked out of that appointment slightly stunned and stressed, because I hadn't really planned on anything happening until closer to the end of the month. Needless to say Roy and I have been busting our butts to get everything ready to go (i.e.bags packed, pack and play set up, clothes and bedding washed & car seat installed) in anticipation for the little Mr to show. Of course now that everything is ready he won't show until after the 28th. I joked that he knows that it's cold out here and like his dad wants nothing to do with January in Ut. We are hoping he decides to show sooner then the 21st because Roy will be out of town that weekend and we would both be a lot less stressed knowing that he's here, but I guess we will see what the little guy decides to pull on us.
Here's hoping for more good news for my next appointment of Friday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

.belly button bet.

I had to document this, as I'm fairly certain I'm about to win something great.
I have bellybutton issues...I don't like people touching that little hole in my stomach (please note that really the only person here is Roy). Obviously, this annoyance didn't manifest itself until later in my life.
Onto the point at hand though. I'm sorry to say that one of ideas that grossed me out the most about being pregnant was the fact that my button could very well become an outie *shiver* if to say, "I'm done" on the proverbial turkey. Roy and I have been debating for months if it was going to happen. He inevitably would say, "there is no chance he's going to hang in there", and I would counter back with, "oh he's going to make it". We decided to make a little wager on whether or not Mr. button would pop. There were times that I almost gave up hope, when I thought, "what is keeping that guy in?" But I'm happy to report that things are looking great for the button seeing as I'm down to the final weeks here.
In case your wondering...the wager was I would give Roy a half an hour head message if he won, and I would get a half an hour leg message if I won. Those are my favorite!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

.a recap of some sorts.

It wasn't really that long ago since I last posted, but it feels like so much has happened since my previous post. I guess we will just commence with the recap vomit as it were and hope that it all comes out making sense in the end.
First up Christmas:
Christmas Eve, Roy and I spent the day cruising around town, buying a few things including toe socks and a totally awesome diaper/everything bag made possible by Bishop AJ and his generous holiday gift to Roy. It was a perfectly lazy day where we just got to do whatever we felt like doing. Of course later that night we did my whole family nativity stuff that just seems to get better through the years.

Bundled up for the nativity

"Harking" the angles in the tree house with star for affect

The Shepard's in "wondering awe"

While one of the wise men tried to light his candle with the spotlight...Love that Tom boy!
Christmas morning brought the sheer joy that only a 5 year old and his glow worm can appreciate!

Lucas was beyond thrilled with this glow worm his granny bachand had gotten him!
But I have to say the highlight of the morning was the gift my parents received from my sister Kay and her family. A zip line! yeah Sean and Roy were on that like blue bonnet. I know it's not like zip lining through the amazon or anything, but for the Sullivan's backyard it's just about perfect.

Yeah, that's my mom taking a turn!

Christmas was grand, especially because Roy got me my Rocket Dogs...all is right with the world again. I guess I'm going to have to throw out my old pair finally.

New years Eve, Roy went to pick his brother up at the airport. Poor kid flew in from Fl. and got off the plane to a high of 18. Probably hit him like the Fl. humidity hits a brick wall. He goes into the MTC on the 5th and is serving just north of here in the Salt Lake City Mission. Yeah, what are the chances of one brother serving in the SLC, South mission, and another in the North. Coincidence??? I think not.

While Roy was picking up, I was hanging out with Colette and Carla doing this...

We painted some muggies, and bowls. We shall see what the fired product looks like...the before left a little to be desired on my little mug.

Anyways, it's always a good day when you can hang with these girls!

Finally, the big culminating event of 2010 was the purchase of this beast.

On Monday, the Landcruiser was finally sold in a miracle of sorts. Roy has had it on KSL for nearly 5 months and had lots of calls, but no takers. The week before he almost sold it for $1600 even though he wanted $2000 for it. Monday came with another interested buyer and this guy just showed up and said, "what do you want for it." And the deal was made right then and there. Apparently, old Landcruisers are very useful to the military. So Cookoo Catchoo, we had to finally bite down and buy what we had been needing for some time...a versatile truck for business and family. It only took Roy 2 days and 3 ulcers to finally commit to buying something. Of course now that he gets to drive this sucker around he LOVES it, and wouldn't go back to the no heat, no AC, and choke starter.

New years came and went without so much as a nod from the Hoffman's. We were all in bed and asleep around 9, but that's kinda of how we like it now days.

That should bring us up to date for now. We are off to the temple to get in one last session before the little dude decides to make his debut!