Saturday, March 30, 2013

.finn goes solo.

Just a taste of our Easter Saturday...

 I worried all eight times he went.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Little're three months old.  Can you believe that?  Three whole months of being apart of our family.  Sometimes I can't even believe it.  Besides getting bigger, you are pretty much the same sweet, chubby little miss you were at two months.  You still sleep really well, generally eat really well, and sit contentedly.  I say sit, because you have decided that lying isn't really your thing.  If I sit you up in the corner nook of the couch you will quietly gaze around, but if I lie you down on the bobby or the's not too long before I hear your little cries.  You drool like nothing I've seen before.  Your brother mistook your frothy drool yesterday as boogs and quickly remedied the situation by grabbing a tissue and wiping it up.  Too funny!  Momma will probably have to go through your dresser this week and pull out all of your 0-3 month clothes...she will probably cry doing it.  How did you get so big so fast?  Keep the sweet smiles and all the cooing coming.  It makes daddy and mommy happy beyond anything to hear your sweetness and have a smile at the end of our long days!
the drool is starting to froth

love everything about little miss
brother photo bombing
Smiley Girl!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

.new week.

I sometimes feel like we are so busy, but when I sit down and try and think what is keeping us so busy I come up with nothing.  How can it be that nothing is keeping us so busy?  Well whatever the answer, we have been keeping busy.  Last week, as far as operation loose baby weight went, I worked out everyday even with a cold.  I really struggled with eating well again.  I think potty training week really derailed my good eating habits.  I usually keep most treats out of the house in general so I'm not tempted, but we've had a healthy dose of potty treats in the house from cookies, to fruit snacks, and I've indulged in a few too many.  On top of the little goodies, Roy brought home ice cream to make ice cream Sundays for our stay-at-home-date.  Ice cream is my weakness...I love it more then most any other sweet.  Needless to say I nearly broke even with all of my hard work, but still managed to loose a pound, but this week I'm focusing on eating well, and drinking a lot more water.

Finn is doing really well with going to the potty, and will tell us when he has to go.  We've even had a few times where he trys to go by himself which means accidents, but the fact that he's trying to go is fabulous.    The few accidents we have had is because I can't understand what he's saying in time (the words plane and potty sound very similar).  It's still a work in progress, but he's is getting better and it's nice to see progress.
sleeping in his big boy pants
Meg is just as cute and sweet as can be.  She's handled her feedings, and snuggle time abruptly ending while we rush Finn to the bathroom very well.  She is all smiles and coos lately, which just melts everyone's heart.  I can't believe she's almost 3 months!
sleeping on auntie J
Here are just a few more pics of our st. Patty's day party that we had with my family.  We had a good time enjoying the beautiful weather with cousins.
Meg and her Grandpa

Roy and Finn swinging

Finn learned how to climb the ladder to the slide...a little unconventional in his method, but effective

Finn insisted that daddy "sit" and ride the bike with him

These two cousins almost look like brothers
 With all the snow on Saturday, we decided to head indoors at the aquarium.  Finn LOVED the penguins, and the otters, and we couldn't pull him away from climbing around all the aquarium tunnels.  He wore us out running through all the crowds of people.
 This week will keep us busy keeping up with healthy habits, running to the bathroom, nursing, and implementing a 21 days of organizational spring cleaning.  Yay, bring on the week of busy-ness!

Monday, March 18, 2013

.there is absolutely.

no way I should have seen this today...
Because on top of potty training, taking care of sick kids, and not sleeping well because of both, I worked out only twice last week, and pretty much ate whatever was in the house whenever I wanted...period.  I was fully prepared to see that number higher then last week, not down another pound.  But I will take it gladly after the week I had, and keep at it better this week.

As far as the potty training goes... I guess you could say Finn's potty's kind of a loose term.  He goes on the potty 97% of the time, and isn't afraid to go #2, but it's still a work in progress...especially the night training.  After a week of zero success at night, even after trying everything I was told to do, we will probably be putting the little man in pull-ups (as much as I hate to do it).  Because he's still fairly young, I'm not going to stress about it too much.

The peas did NOT get planted Saturday like we had planned.  What we thought would be a simple task of tilling the ground turned into an all day event.  But the garden is officially ready to go, and pretty much looks amazing, thanks to all the hard work that Roy has put into it.  This week we will finally get our spring plants of spinach and peas planted, and plan the rest of what we want to grow.

Here's to a better week!

Friday, March 15, 2013

.it's friday, but it feels like something much worse.

*warning this is not a happy post*

It's been a long week...a really long week! I decided that this week was as good as any to potty train.  It has been incredibly intimidating to me.  And, even though Finn understands the concept fairly well, the process has been very frustrating.  We opted for the cold turkey no training pants 3 day boot camp approach.  Of course those three days fell during the nicest weather we've had in months.  So instead of being outside and enjoying the warm sunshine, we've been holed up inside wiping up accidents, changing sheets, and doing lots of laundry.  To add insult to injury, Finn got sick the first night and kept us up all night not feeling well and wetting the bed.  Meg has since picked up Finn's cold and has been a sad sight with her poor runny nose and stuffy congestion.
After our really good day yesterday of only one accident, and getting out for a walk (and a run for me), I was hoping we would be heading out on a good note.  Well, I was up most of night with sick Meg, Finn's already had 2 accidents (one of which was on the couch), and more wiped noses then I can handle...I'm ready to hang up the towel.  In Finn's defense, I think he had both accidents because I haven't had the energy to keep reminding him to tell me if he has to go...I feel like a zombie.  I'm very much looking forward to nap time today!

to sum up:  potty training=exhausting, gross, & intimidating
                   sick children=exhausting, gross, & worrying
                   this week=long!!!


I made him go on the potty before I let him play his favorite game of late...hide and go seek on the bed.

Meg giving me "the eyebrow"  such a daddy trait.

Poor snotty's a cold cruel world.

About the only thing nice about today... Meg's jeggings.

This is what a tired momma who's potty training and taking care of sick children looks like...ugghhh, not a pretty sight.

Monday, March 11, 2013

.monday morning.

oi, why does loosing an hour for daylight savings time always feel like you lost something closer to 12 hours?  Yesterday, I'm afraid to admit, I was an ornery mess.  I was snippy and short and pretty much a monster of a person to be around.  This morning, I was still resenting the fact that I had lost more sleep and that Meg was once again "whining" for food (I know...awesome mom right?).  I apologized to Roy for being an all around jerk, and decided I needed to change my attitude quick, or everyone, including me, would be absolutely miserable.  Luckily, this greeted me today, making me feel like all my work hasn't been in vain...

Two pounds down...thank the heavens!  That's even after enjoying a wonderful birthday breakfast with all my sisters, a cafe rio tostada with Angie, and some chocolate mousse last night for dessert.  Finn also enjoyed that mousse.  It became an art medium in which he indulged himself in some finger painting.

Doesn't that look like fun?  These are the times when I know it's going to take a great deal to clean it up, but that I just need to let the boy have some fun, and enjoy the simple things like finger painting with pudding.
Other things that occupied our week was taking Meg in for her 2 month appointment.  Poor little one got six shots, and broke my heart.  She slept most of the day afterwards.

And spurred on for his desire for fresh garden peas, Roy has been diligently clearing out a forgotten corner of the condos into a garden plot.  I didn't get a before picture, but just know that it took two loads to the dump to make it look this good.

This week will see us hopefully potty training Finn, losing some more weight or inches, and possibly planting some peas!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


It's a mother's lament, saying that babies grow up too fast, but it's so true.  Meg you have cycled through another month of life, and it shows.  You have been my fat baby, and have gotten even more so with the passing month.  Your cheeks draw a lot of attention from strangers and family alike, but my absolute favorite chub are you thighs.  I want to show those off to everyone...they are simply delicious!
At your check up the Dr. noted how incredibly healthy and alert you were, and I took great pride in knowing that I'm feeding you well enough to put you in the 50% range for weight (11 lbs).
You continue to be a sweet baby who sleeps so well, I almost don't want to say anything for fear of jinxing myself.  You smile a lot and have started to coo and talk, which absolutely just melts all of our hearts.
Big brother Finn takes a great interest in you, and is constantly making sure he can see you.  If momma is preoccupied while you are crying he will get down right in your face and start talking or saying "shh meg".  He also seems determined to teach you all about cars and will be interesting to see what your first words will be.
We love you little miss Meg, and can't seem to get enough of all the sweetness you bring into our home!

just a little taste of her sweet's blurry because it's hard to capture at just the right moment

those sweet thighs that I love so much
this little one loves her tongue 
you love your daddy!
cheeks, cheeks, and more cheeks

hello cheeks!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Your not crazy...that is the exact same weight as two weeks ago.  Frustrated???  I am.  Last week I could understand not much of a change, but this week I was expecting a little something extra.  I've been very active either running or doing the elliptical everyday with some strength thrown in for good measure.  I even ran 4 miles (the farthest in nearly 10 months) on Saturday.  I've watched what I ate everyday, and only indulged in a bowl of ice cream a few times.  Apparently a few too many times.  This week I can tell I'm going to have to step it up.  I'm thinking a couple 2 a days thrown in with some very clean eating.  I knew this journey was going to be hard, but to have leveled out at one pound is slightly depressing.
I really should take my measurements, because despite what the scale says I know the inches are coming off.  I can even fit into one pair of my regular jeans (although it's still a tight fit).
My goal for this month is to be able to fit into my regular jeans by the end.  Now lets get to it!