Monday, August 31, 2009

Otherwise know as....

The weekend review. There were just too many good things that happened this weekend that needed to be put down somewhere. Like taking a long run with the sister up past the new Oquirrh Mt. Temple. That hill is some kinda something else, but what a great view it provides so I can't take that away. Among other events of the weekend...
-Sean coming over for dinner on Friday...not only did we get to catch up, but he also got to witness the Jordan El at it's
finest and he would concur that it is indeed the "boil on the butt of humanity".-Saturday morning family sealings in the new Oquirrh Mt. Temple.
-Watching Roy baptize the youth. Roy said he felt very nostalgic being able to do for his young men what his leaders did for him.
-Realized for the thousandth time that Roy and I are pretty much unlike anyone in our ward. I think more times than not we are seen as the young punks instead of the adult leaders that we are, but I wouldn't want it any other way. We. Are. Fun! -Irish baby blessing. Charlie is here to stay and we are stoked about that!
-"Spaniard Towers" or at least that's what John called them. Tradition in Spain in which towers are constructed out of humans...our towers were only 2 people tall, but still quite the feat.
-Competitive water sports.
-BBQ on the patio, watching the stars, and good chats in the warm darkness with old and new friends.
-Falling asleep content and happy next to sweets.

This weekend summed up....JOY!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday night and...

Harry Conick keeps me company while Roy is out riding. I'm cooking some fabulous goodness, and holding this beauty.

That's right folks: Among the "firsts" of this year...our first ever, very own business license. We are pretty stoked about this baby seeing as it's the gateway for us to progress. We have christened our new business "Elevated Racing". We started it with the intent to do race timing of all varieties, but we are also dabbling in a few other ideas. The equipment has yet to be purchased, but this seems to make this venture of ours just that more real.

Besides the obvious excitement around here. I'm also looking at this baby and getting some fun ideas to infuse it with a little more life. I think the idea will be fabulous, but we will have to see if my vision for this dull little wall is as great in real life.

Now back to the brown rice and Italian chicken.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Darkness and Personal Space

I'm sitting at work today trying to keep my eyes opened. I've determined it's going to be a long day, not a bad day...just a long day. My body is craving sleep and I haven't been giving it what it needs. So in an effort to keep myself going today I've been thinking about more important things like....

-Summer slipping away. This morning when I got up at 5:30 to run, I did so with the intention of running 4.5 miles. However, at 5:30 the sun had not yet shown itself. I didn't feel confident running in the dark without sidewalks, and seeing as the longer run twists itself though busy thorough ways lacking said sidewalks I opted for the shorter 3 miler. I like watching the first sun beams breaking their way over the Wasatch range in the morning, but today I was deprived. Even as I finished my run the sun had not crept over the peaks. Lame! What's the point of getting up and running if you can't enjoy a splendid sunrise I ask you? So for this reason I'm in mourning for the passing of summer. I love fall, but I'm going to miss seeing the sun rising before six.

-Personal space. Let me set this up for you.

This happens all too frequently at the store. I'm sitting their doing the numerous things that must be done before one can leave with ones purchased goods. Transactions must be made, pins imputed, receipts given...nothing out of the ordinary right? Than why must the person behind me insist on pushing themselves into my bubble. It's not going to make me go any faster so relax and step off!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Last night while cleaning my bread knife I accidentally sliced the tip of my finger....the middle one at that. The cut itself is not bad, it's the blasted band-aid. I struggled the whole day when I went to go write something I had to consciously think about how to place my fingers. It was like learning how to write all over again...very annoying. On the positive side though it brought me back to the reality that I take so much for granted...including holding a writing utensil. I'm very fortunate and I often forget all the intricate details my capable body can preform. When you start to think about it's pretty dang cool!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Musings

Slept restlessly last night as I'm still fighting a pinched nerve in the ol' back, but woke up warm and content next to sweets. Mornings bring such clarity and peace into the cool basement of #26 La Vista and I love it. I love taking in those moments before the day begins to unravel.

Today I'm wanting confidence. At times I sense it, at other times I struggle, but line upon line right. Ran to Cafe' Rio for lunch today an hour later I returned to work to indulge in my Salad only to find I didn't grab any utensils. Ended up eating my salad with a spoon that I had brought for my yogurt. I would say it takes confidence, as well as skill to eat a salad with a spoon. Looking forward to hanging out with some awesome girls tonight and talking about family history. Don't know what to make for dinner with little or no time, but I'm not worrying.

Mostly I'm thinking about last night while sweets and I laid in bed re-hashing the day's events which included: getting our first ever business licence, helping the scout's arduously pass off a ten mile bike ride, baking fresh bread for young women's and the such. I also shared a realization that, lets just say, motivated and inspired me in such a way that I can't describe, but which sweets picked up in the stillness of the dark room. I love that he can sense things even when they can't be said.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Goodness

It's Friday...and it's full of the goodness that should be associated with Fridays! Today I'm enjoying the fact that tonight will be the last night Roy will be gone. It hasn't been a bad week without him, but I don't relish the fact that he's gone. Everyday I keep thinking of all the hilarious and eventful moments that have transpired through the day, and than I get sad because when I get's just me. It's not as fun telling yourself everything that you already experienced that day. So that's good thing number one (and you can make fun of me all you want about that, I just don't care)!
Number two, seeing as it's been a particularly slow day I have been able to fit numerous little exercise moments into my day. I busted out my first 50 push ups this morning, all the while hoping that nobody would stumble upon me on the floor of my office.

Number three, the weather... It's perfect! I took my lunch down to the Jordan parkway and just soaked it all in. It has been sometime since I just laid back and watched the clouds morph across the sky, and I loved it immensely!

Lastly, I get to enjoy the company of the ladies tonight (the ladies being Jill and Lisa). It has been far too long and I'm looking forward to the delirious conversations that will take place.
I was the only one who didn't get the memo that this was not a silly face picture. Thanks for the heads up guys!
Friday Goodness...nothing like it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not to Shabby

Here's to another year!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sickness and other Happenings

When I was up at school I would experience occasional moments of home sickness. It would hit me as a churning emptiness in the pit of my stomach that can't quite be described. I would often find these moments just after I had got out of the shower ( I can't explain this, it's just how it went down). The moments never stayed long, but they would always appear at the most random times. I haven't felt this indescribable ache since my college days and I thought myself ridden of such pain. That remained true until this morning. I sent Roy off to scout camp and headed home to ready myself for work. Those void moments after stepping out of the shower, were suddenly filled with that dreadful emptiness. Aghhh! I hate that feeling and I'm glad it didn't linger, but I found it very odd that it happened today of all days.

Among the other happings in our life:
-we will have surpassed our 2yr mark on August 4th.

-I indulged myself in a new pair of running shoes.

-Roy left his phone at the running store

-I made homemade chowmein

-Roy has become the family's official bike mechanic

-I have to find 2 new advisers for the Mia Maid class

-We have yet to eat at Ruth's Diner...not happy about that :(

-I'm home alone for a week (not too daunting, I've done it before)

everything else is just maintaining.