Friday, August 5, 2011

.4 on the 4th.

I remember the first time I saw the man who would become my husband...a one Roy Hoffman.  I walked into Sacrament Meeting at my first single's ward out of college.  He was wearing a ridiculously outdated suit with pure and utter disregard of what anyone else thought of him, and he was busy.  He wasn't like the other guys loafing around in the back pews, or showing up late, waiting for Sunday to commence. He was making sure it happened. Needless to say he was hard to miss, what with his loud suit, and active character.  My first judgment of him was, "what a cool kid, I like that he's different".
Now here we are some 5 and half years later, having been married for 4, and I still think, "what a cool kid, I like that he's different".  It's funny how some things never change, but how some things can change so much...4 years of life together can do that. 
Thanks for being, growing, and becoming with me sweets!


Ilean said...

we love Roy too--he was willing to fit into our crazy family. love you roy. Mom Sullivan

Kristen Brady said...

Happy Anniversary you two! We just love the both of you and think you are both pretty great! :)

Kristin said...

LOL, first of all "Happy Late Anniversary". Secondly, I had to laugh to myself when I read the part about Roy wearing the "ridiculously outdated suit". I think it was him along with the rest of "the Belleview boys" that made ugly ties cool in our stake back in the day. Everytime I see a horrible 70's tie, I still chuckle and think of "the Belleview boys"...what a cool group of kids! :)
Oh...and your little dude is stinkin' adorable!