Tuesday, August 23, 2011

.seattle, day 4.

This was my favorite day of the whole trip for a few reasons.  First we got to go to Vashon island, and second because I got to meet Josh one of Roy's good friends from Fl. Jon grew up on Vashon, and his parents still live there, so we lucked out and had a local showing us around.  As far as meeting up with Roy's friend Josh, it was all perfect timing.  Josh had called Roy the day before we left and told Roy that he was going to be in Washington for a wedding.  He was leaving Sunday night, so he was going to be in Seattle for the day.  We had a nice Sunday lunch while Josh and Roy talked and caught up. 
When we got to Vashon later that afternoon, Jon took us (mostly me) to go see the bike in the tree.  If you haven't read the children's book "The Red Ranger Came Calling", then you're missing out and won't have any clue what I'm talking about.  But if you have, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. 
Down to point Robinson and the light house next.  We got to go up to the top, which according to Jon and Chelsie, never happens because it is never open.  Lucky us!

Jon took us to hunt for crabs and star fish down in the tidal pools by his house.  Crabs give me the heebee jeebees, ucckk, they remind me too much of spiders.  Char feels the same way about crabs, as you can see in the picture of him and Josh.

                                                I'm such a pansy....look how small they are.

Jon risked his dry clothes to grab us a star fish while the tide was coming in. 
After the tidal pools we enjoyed an awesome dinner that Jon's mother threw together for us, and then played a few games in which Roy actually won.

We missed the first ferry back to Alki, so we had to wait an hour to the next ferry...one of the draw backs to living on an island.  Needless to say both Finn and Char fell asleep in the car on the ferry.

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