Monday, August 22, 2011

.seattle, day 3.

I know I'm dragging this out too long and just need to get all of the trip put up at once, but I find that I devote more of my time to other things like cleaning, reading, and doing Finn things.  But I'm trying to get it finished up here soon.Saturday was our random day. We started out the day with a early walk with Finn.  He had had a rough night and to our dismay woke early too.  Walking along the boardwalk he drifted off to sleep, while his tired parents enjoyed the cool quiet morning. 
We drove out towards Seattle and made our way up to Snoqualmi Falls.  We made it a quick visit since it was teaming with tourists, but we did enjoy feeling the mist rising up from the falls, and having people take pictures of Finn...people couldn't get enough of him kicking his legs in his Bjorn.
After a quick stop for some lunch at local eatery named Dicks we made a quick stop at Bruce and Brandon Lee's graves for Roy.  The headstones were made out of some of the most beautiful stones that I've ever seen!
The Fremont Troll was next up on our whirlwind stops of the day.  It's just a sculpture that the town put in under a bridge of a cement troll with a car in his hand.  The best part of the sculpture is that they used an actual VW bug.
We stopped at Gasworks park for the boys to stretch their legs and climb around for a bit.  The park was created from an old factory and a lot of the old machinery is just painted and can be played on.  It also has a great view of the city.
Our last stop of the day was to Ballard locks.  The locks allow travel from lake Washington out to the sound, it was pretty interesting to see the boats being lowered down and raised up as they went in and out.
I made chicken enchiladas for dinner and we again crashed for the night. 

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