Thursday, July 28, 2011

.mama bendy.

that's what roy calls me
and I like it,
I like it a lot.
it is my new stage of life
I thought it would be hard to leave my "working with just husband and me" stage,
but really I look foward to my days so much more with little finnigan.
to say that its easy, would be utter rubbish (and I only have one little dude).
somehow, non of the work seems to weigh down my love for my life
in fact it seems to grow
why is that?
maybe its just the fact that im doing something hard
somewhat successfully that makes me feel so comfortable in my new shoes
im mama bendy,
and I like it


Hayley said...

sometimes i think it is easier to enjoy when your baby is super cute... wicked. and kidding.

this post made me smile, cause i feel the same way. except they don't call me mama bendy. they call me large and in charge. :)

Kasi French said...

Hooray for being not only comfortable but FANTASTIC in your new shoes!! He's getting so big!

ANG said...

heck yes you are!

Boo said...

I love you, Beth! Thanks for being you!

Boo said...

I'm Megan D, by the way. Posted under the wrong ID...

Kristen Brady said...

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and a reminder of how lucky we are to be mamas!