Monday, August 8, 2011

.this & that.

I went digging through my cupboards this past week and re-discovered some wedding gifts that have been collecting dust, one of which is a very nice ice cream maker.  We made up an awesome batch of homemade chocolate chunk.  Unfortunately for me, it was delightful and made about a gallon of that deliciousness. I invited neighbors over to partake in our abundance, and we still had some left.  I had to eventually get rid of the rest, because having it in my freezer was very much a temptation.  Hopefully, when our family is more complete, it will produce the perfect amount for a family to indulge in.
Aside from making high caloric food this past week, Roy & Beth celebrated 4 years of marriage. Roy surprised me by taking half the day off, bringing me flowers, going to a movie, and dinner in which I finally got to eat REAL crab.  I told him I always wanted to eat seafood, with a hammer and a bib.  I enjoyed it thoroughly!
In other good news, we head up to Seattle at the end of this week.  Finn's first big trip, and ours with a little dude.  I'm excited, and a little apprehensive about traveling with a baby who demands structure, but I guess we will see how it all goes.

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Kay said...

happy anniversary you two :) have a good trip!