Wednesday, August 17, 2011

.7 little ones

feeling sand for the first time
and a
Another month has zoomed past, and your getting more active and interested in the world around you.  You didn't gain a single ounce at your last appointment so we are trying hard to pack on some el bees.  The dr wasn't super worried, but we are definitely going to keep track of you so you don't drop completely off.  You made your first flight this past week, and did exceptionally well.  The magazines kept you occupied for a great part of the just love paper.  At seven months you love kicking your legs like a maniac, eating yogurt, playing with my hair, and rolling.  You sit pretty good, but still fall over if there is nothing behind you.   You are also getting awesomely vocal and saying sounds like dada and clicking your tongue a much fun!  We still haven't seen any teeth around these parts, but you have started to drool like a fool, so maybe soon we will be seeing some. What fun we have around these parts watching you learn and grow. 

thickening thighs in my walker


Kay said...

They grow so fast. It's a good thing you're keeping track of all this, because it won't be long until you've forgotten just how little and dependent little Finn was. :)

ANG said...

OH Finn....oh, oh, Finn. Time is flying by.