Monday, March 18, 2013

.there is absolutely.

no way I should have seen this today...
Because on top of potty training, taking care of sick kids, and not sleeping well because of both, I worked out only twice last week, and pretty much ate whatever was in the house whenever I wanted...period.  I was fully prepared to see that number higher then last week, not down another pound.  But I will take it gladly after the week I had, and keep at it better this week.

As far as the potty training goes... I guess you could say Finn's potty's kind of a loose term.  He goes on the potty 97% of the time, and isn't afraid to go #2, but it's still a work in progress...especially the night training.  After a week of zero success at night, even after trying everything I was told to do, we will probably be putting the little man in pull-ups (as much as I hate to do it).  Because he's still fairly young, I'm not going to stress about it too much.

The peas did NOT get planted Saturday like we had planned.  What we thought would be a simple task of tilling the ground turned into an all day event.  But the garden is officially ready to go, and pretty much looks amazing, thanks to all the hard work that Roy has put into it.  This week we will finally get our spring plants of spinach and peas planted, and plan the rest of what we want to grow.

Here's to a better week!

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Kim said...

Woohoo--way to go on the weight loss. It's amazing how watching those numbers go down can impact your day. And don't stress about the pull ups--I always put my potty trainers in pull ups at night. Who wants to change pee sheets every morning?! By the time they were day trained, they did not really like the thought of wearing a pull up--or "baby underwear" for the long term at night and so figured out how to stay dry at night. Worked like a charm! Good luck!