Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's been one of those really crazy weeks and it's not even over yet. I took on the challenge of painting our bed room finally after months of saving my pennies to buy paint. On top of that under taking I've got a sick baby boy, who passed on some germs to his mamma. Being sick and trying to get a room painted has led me to neglect pretty much every other space in my home. So here we sit in house that is in total disarray and smelling of paint fumes with runny noses and coughs...I'm exhausted and I haven't even undertaken anything big. Last night as Roy and I were pushing furniture to one side of our bedroom to make room for painting, I acknowledged that I couldnt remember when I had last showered. I laughed as I realized I must have looked like a greasy disheveled mess when I had ran to the store earlier. Oh well, what is one to do when you've got sick babies and paint on the mind. I'm pushing for a finished room by this afternoon so that I can hopefully start putting my house back together. Oh and don't worry I'm showered and quite a bit less greasy then there's an improvement.

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Hayley said...

i'm sorry you guys are sick! that's no fun.

painting is always fun! and a lot of work. and fumey. :) i kinda like the fumes though.

let me know if i can do anything to help!