Wednesday, March 7, 2012

.cabin fever.

We've been stuck in doors for a bit with all these late winter storms. 

The snow is beautiful, but a toddler (I can't believe I have a toddler!) isn't much fun for playing in snow with.  Needless to say we have been tyring to find ways to while away the indoor hours with.  For me it was a chance to finally get some indoor projects done...the main one being painting our bedroom.
Our entire place is painted with a yellowy off white neutral that makes it feel more like dirty walls.  The fact that every crevice is painted in this color, leads me to believe that the previous owners must have got a bulk discount.  Along with the neutral they painted two accent walls in a red.  The red isn't as bad as the neutral in my book, but it's still not my favorite.  Since I didn't get a good before picture of the bedroom, I'll give you a taste with our current living room wall.
So imagine that red wall down in a dark basement room with yellow neutral walls to boot.  After the paint was purchased, the furniture moved around several times (that's what one has to do when you have no other place to move the furniture to), and three days of hard work, we have a new room that I love!

I know you are probably thinking grey is a much more dark and dreary color then red...and you're probably right.  But I promise with those white walls it feels much more open and light down there now, and I like grey better then that makes me happy.
And maybe one day we will have a bedroom set like real adults do, but until then, I will enjoy all my hard work...oh and this little man with all of his long hair that moves when he walks.

My next project had something to do with that awful gold lamp you see in the background here.  Stay tuned to see what happens.


Kay said...

Nice Beth! I would never have thought to use those colors. (You know how I love my neutral walls) But it really works, and I love how it all came together. Good Job!

Chels said...

He's getting so big!! And walking? Crazy!

I LOVE your zen room. It's totally up my alley. Maybe I'll have you help decorate when we move closer!

ANG said...

Nice work Beth. I recognize the tree and the handprint/shadow box! Do you want to do any more painting? I've got a couple of bathrooms and a basement that need you.