Monday, July 11, 2011

.no sleep for the weary.

I've discovered why I'm not a morning person...morning sleep is just far too good.  I mean it feels like I toss and turn all night, and then finally my body becomes completely relaxed at about 4 and then the good sleep takes over.  Consequently, waking up before 7 becomes very difficult, and its no small feat to convince myself to get up and run at 6.  At least I can count on getting in a few more hourse of sleep after I feed Finn around 4 or 5.  But not today!  My sweet little Finn who always goes right back to sleep after his morning feeding decided that today he would change it up.  I was in and out of his bedroom 5 different times between 5 & 6 trying to get him back to sleep.  I finally nursed him a little bit more and off to dream land that little lad went, and he's still there now at 8:30.  I'm feeling a bit robbed of my extra 2 hours of morning sleep that I so's a good thing that little man is so cute!
Asleep in the tent while camping.

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