Saturday, July 16, 2011

.6, and half way there.

Finn P.  we've made it to your half year mark.  as crazy and as sad as that all seems, it also has been so fun to watch your grow from cute lump to inquisitive child.  you are soooo mello and even tempered....grandma even called you "sober" which is not really accurate, because you are smiley, gibbery, and as active as they just don't put up too much of a stink when your cranky, for which im grateful for.
you are definitely in the "everything goes in my mouth" stage.  those motor skills of yours have vastly improved and have allowed you to get most anything within your reach to end up in your mouth.  For your 6 month day of days I gave you a taste of watermelon (daddy did not appreciate my choice of fruit), and strawberry.  You gave that fruit a good going over with your especially loved the texture of the strawberry. 
Checking yourself out in the mirror is a favorite past time, and I love seeing your mind work as you see yourself.  In fact i love watching your mind figure out anything about the world around textures, new sights, new games...this really is a fun stage. you have got the rolling bit down, and we are working on your sitting, which might take a bit as you just love to lean forward way too much.
Things that WE like that YOU like to do:
 .suck on your bottom lip.
 .grab and suck on you feet.
.suck on all four fingers for soothing or just for fun.
All in all you are one happy little dude, and in our book we won the lottery with you!


Kay said...

what great pics of Finn! Love that boy.

ANG said...

We love finn-igan!

Kristen Brady said...

He's so adorable! And you're entering one of my favorite stages - from here on out it's amazing how much they learn and discover every day!