Monday, June 27, 2011

.swimming, the getto, and all the other misc. things that fit in a weekend.

I didn't always feel like we lived in a ghetto,  I mean we really liked living here for awhile.  But, it seems lately like we are slowly losing the value of our place.  We've had numerous run ins with the police at our complex and it just makes me sad that a few can ruin it for everyone.  Sat. we had another episode with someone snooping around our carport.  Luckily a neighbor confronted them and they were scared off, but come to find out they live in our complex....well rent in our complex.  A bunch of young punks with nothing better to do then go around stealing other peoples things.  Roy caught them in their lies though because he found a cell phone back, and went over and talked to the kids.  They were making up a bunch of lame excuses about what had happened to their phone, but when Roy finally grabbed it and turned it over, the back was missing and the one he had found was a perfect match.  The cops couldn't charge them with anything, but hopefully it scared them a bit, and let them know that we are aware of them now.  I cannot even express how much we want to move, and this just adds to the stack of reasons why.  Enough about the rant....lets move on.
Its really warming up around these parts, which means I try to get most of my errands and exercise done before the sun crests over the mountain tops.  On those days I'm out and about in the heat, I get home and spend a good rest of the day in the basement where the heat of the day is abated.  How glorious are basements in the summer!  Other good ways to combat this heat is swimming.  We haven't really had the chance until this weekend to hit the water, but we finally did.  The Wards had us over for a swim party, and of course it was the same day that Finn decided that napping was for the birds.  So to sum up the first swim experience...mostly sad faced and crying.  He had one go at Mikey's pool float and held on for a trip around the pool, but that was it.  I held him most of the time while I dangled my feet in the water.  We'll just notch that first bad experience to lack of sleep and try again another day when he's not feeling so emotionally compromised. 
Despite Finn's tired meltdown we had a really nice time hanging with the Wards and we are happy that we got to end Saturday on a good note.
Sunday we enjoyed a lounging afternoon at my parents house.  We just got to sit out on the grass, talk with family, and eat peas.  It was a lovely summer evening.  My favorite thing of the night was hearing an original song by my niece Emory for Roy.  The main line being "Roy is so awesome" which was repeated probably 20 times.  JUST LOVELY~

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Hayley said...


in other news - i have your swim wear properly washed, dried, and folded. :)

we should swim again this week!