Monday, June 6, 2011

.dirty weekend.

We had a really good weekend. We didn't do anything particularly grand, it just felt like a good weekend. My brother Casey turned's still seems strange to me that I have a brother who is 40. I remember when my mom turned 40 and she seemed so old, but now that I have a sibling that old it doesn't seem all that ancient.
Saturday Finn and I made an impromtu trip up to Soldier Hollow to watch Roy get dirty running the dirty dash with his young men. It seems that any disruption of routine brings on this...
Finn and his crocodile tears...he slept really good when we got home though. As you can see Roy had a great time running with his boys and getting dirty in the process. That's what boys do best!
I'll spare you a leg shot of Roy, even if he does have nice legs. (his basketball shorts became too weighted with mud to stay up, so he ran most of the race in his skimpy running shorts.)
Sunday Roy didn't have any meetings to get to see we actually got to be with him all day. That always makes Sundays that much better. The Lamberts also fed us good food and loved on Finn, so like I said...really good weekend.


Kay said...

best pic is of finn. love that big fat tear :)

Hayley said...

i love that face!