Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick and Tired

Coming out of this weekend I'm sad to report that Roy is sharing a lot of time with the bed seeing as he has been taken down by something nasty. He took his allotted run on Saturday night and felt great (all except the rolling his ankle part). I should have been suspicious when he slept in late on Sunday morning and kept saying "I have no energy". All through church he informed me that he felt "weird". To me weird means nothing and I wasn't concerned. I attribute this poor description of how he felt to the fact that Roy is rarely sick. In fact even on the rare occasion that Roy is sick I never fuss too much as that tends to make him even more irritable. I take the approach that if something is wrong....Roy will let me know. Well he let me know by sleeping all day after church and finally letting me take his temperature, which was over 100. I woke up this morning to Roy huddled within inches of me shivering but burning up to the touch. He joked that he felt like he was going though menopause with all his hot and cold flashes. No worries though, Roy went to the Dr. today who thought that maybe Roy had picked up something from me, and when Roy told him I've never had cold soars he questioned Roy's Fidelity. Nice!, we paid the Dr. who can't really figure out what he has and has been watching too much House. They swabbed his throat really good and we will see if any of the tests can tell us anything. Mostly I just hate seeing Roy laid out like he's in the 13th round of a boxing match!

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Kristen said...

Hope Roy gets feeling better soon.